'Divine Province' Leader Says He Hasn't Paid Income Tax in 26 Years

Ohio ex-con James McBride uses his own "Divine Province" driver's license and license plates.
3:00 | 04/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Divine Province' Leader Says He Hasn't Paid Income Tax in 26 Years
So this is this seals -- the -- you by the -- correct. And what what can you do with this it it is. He authorizes me to operate from the -- -- people. This makes me the primary trustee of the world. When the rubber hits the road what does that really mean. It means I can now give orders or issue decrees. That the Vatican and the Roman curia. We must follow. And must trickle down will trickle down throughout the courts throughout the UV the entire governments. -- the world. Meet James McBride ease the leader of a group called divine Providence. McBride is an ex con who's done time for cocaine importation. And run ins with the IRS. He claims he hasn't paid federal income taxes in 26 years. He also says he simply does not deal with the government and -- teach other people how to do the same right. How to operate in the private and in peace as part of operating in peace -- bride encourages followers to fly a white flag. Of course the white flag is white flag of peace and that's what we we promote the use of that and a lot of people think it's flag of surrender. But we see it as a flag a -- because there's no markings on there's no contracts. Every flag every strike -- -- star and he -- -- do you put on on a flag. Means you have some kind of -- to -- or citizenship to something. This means you have no contracts you gotta clean sheet. There are other symbols of divine Providence. -- McBride SUV on the street and you'll instantly notice he is distinctive license plate. -- private country code issued by -- and through the Universal Postal Union which is that DVM. BP 999 that is -- provinces three letters. Does Nader -- DP is you know and then 999 as the economic designator for our country. McBride also shows as his divine Providence driver's license that was it that you. -- driver's licenses don't have a license plates don't -- hearing from Texas and you're not in jail. Because -- lawful. Because I'm not involved in Kabul when the cops pull you over and you don't have a license plate that they don't they don't I don't stop five or six times and every time they send -- -- my driver's license back and they say. Have a good day please slow down. Really that's how -- again -- the stuff. I've studied this forum from my entire life I came here this is my mission in life that's why I'm here. Where's this going to your view of what's what's the end point of of this whole movement -- parent for world peace. That's my only objective but apparently signs have been -- -- to your agenda here. The current. Power structures. Would not. -- -- -- -- In place and wouldn't that be a wonderful world.

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{"id":18942052,"title":"'Divine Province' Leader Says He Hasn't Paid Income Tax in 26 Years","duration":"3:00","description":"Ohio ex-con James McBride uses his own \"Divine Province\" driver's license and license plates.","url":"/2020/video/divine-province-leader-paid-taxes-26-years-18942052","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}