The Inna Budnytska investigation expands to New Orleans: Part 6

The private investigator reached out to an old friend - a police captain - for help in identifying the person of interest who worked at the catering company.
5:48 | 04/06/19

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Transcript for The Inna Budnytska investigation expands to New Orleans: Part 6
gras. It is one of the biggest parties of the year. But mardi gras also can have a dark side. The wildness of mardi gras can be a problem for the police because people who are drinking that much in crowded situations, sometimes they're out of control. And it can be, it can cause real law enforcement problems. It was here in 2000 that captain Ernest Demma found himself in the middle of all this mayhem, trying to arrest a rowdy college kid, and it did not go well. This is 10:00, 11:00 at night, I was in the process of affecting arrest and during the course of the arrest a young college kid was able to get out of my grasp and start running down royal street and for all practical purposes once he gets in the crowd it's over. And out of nowhere, out of nowhere from the crowd comes this dark imposing figure just like you'd see in the Batman comic book. I mean, he swooped down on this kid before the kid even knew what was going on. I happen to have been on vacation with my two boys and we were at mardi gras. There was a tussle and the guy broke away from him and started running through the crowd. And I witnessed it, and I ran the guy down. And boom. Batman comes, swoops down on him, tackles him in the street, pins him down and by the time we got there it was over. I gave him the nickname Batman just because of how the incident unfolded. Yeah, he called me Batman, because I had a black turtleneck -- And you swooped in -- -- Black jeans on, so when I went and grabbed the guy, he said I looked like Batman coming through the crowd. So -- It was almost like we bonded together immediately. So, we end up becoming friends because of that incident and he says, listen, you ever need any help in New Orleans, give me a call. Well, I needed help in New Orleans. So that time is now. Brennan reaches out to captain Demma of the New Orleans police department for help. He called me and he said Ernie, this is Ken Brennan. I said who? He said Batman and then I knew who he was. I call him up, and I say, listen, you know, I need help. Well, like I said if he would've called me and asked me for anything, especially criminal activity, I would've found it. So he calls him and he tells him about this big investigation, about the guy with the suitcase. How he's trying to track down who this guy is and having a tough time doing it. And he tells him about this company, centerplate, that had employed a guy from Louisiana who fits the description of the suspect he is looking for. Ken knows that the man he's looking for was doing food concessions. And he needs somebody in new Orleans to help him find out who this person was. Centerplate handles a venue outside of New Orleans at a semi pro baseball stadium. So I said listen, you know, I know it's not even in your city but do you mind sending a guy out and seeing if you can find a guy, a big 6'4" black guy wearing glasses? That kind of information wouldn't even really be in the computer because we're looking for someone who only fit the description of a large African American and we really didn't have any information on him per say that I know of. It was just talking with the other officers who worked at the zephyr field and see if they knew anybody that fit that description. This is a big deal for Brennan because he at least now has the power and authority of the New Orleans police to follow up on leads in that jurisdiction, which he wouldn't have had otherwise. So he's good enough to send the sergeant out to that locality. And, from the contacts at zephyr field, from the information we received, we were able to come up with a hard description on the person that he was looking for. Trying to find somebody in New Orleans is kind of like finding a needle in a haystack because since that attack had happened hurricane Katrina has devastated the area. Officialing estimate that 80% of New Orleans is under water. All these levies had started to breach and that water was coming into the city, and there was no way to stop it. The community there had literally been scattered to the four winds. So, I said well, who knows if this guy is even -- if he's alive. Who know if he's living there anymore, what he's doing, what's going on. I said I have no idea. I said, "I came this far, I'm not gonna give up yet." Ken Brennan's friend in New Orleans actually helped him enormously by tracking down the person he looking for. It's a big city. There's a lot that they don't know, and yet somehow they're able to figure out that he worked at the Superdome when Katrina hit. And they get a name. It has been months and months. Brennan trying to just get a name to this video image on tape and when he finally hears the name -- I go, you gotta be kidding me. Unfortunately, it's a name we've all heard before.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"The private investigator reached out to an old friend - a police captain - for help in identifying the person of interest who worked at the catering company.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"62208254","title":"The Inna Budnytska investigation expands to New Orleans: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/inna-budnytska-investigation-expands-orleans-part-62208254"}