JonBenet Ramsey is buried in Georgia as case garners global media attention: Part 4

The child's death came on the heels of the O.J. Simpson trial. Police were unable to secure a formal interrogation with John and Patsy Ramsey, who appeared on CNN the day after her funeral.
7:36 | 01/16/21

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Transcript for JonBenet Ramsey is buried in Georgia as case garners global media attention: Part 4
They brought jonbenet's body out past the candy canes that were decorating the front of the house, and there were only like two reporters outside to capture that, and then, the storm happened. Jonbenet Ramsey, the little girl in Colorado, was murdered. Beauty queen, jonbenet -- Jonbenet's murder has frightened residents of Boulder. News outlets from around the world had descended upon Boulder and were just hiding in trees and bushes and digging through our trash. Following me around town. I mean, it was, uh, it was war. The jonbenet Ramsey case was completely out of control. You also have to remember, the O.J. Simpson case had wrapped up. The 24 hour news cycle, their content, had dried up. And so along came the Ramsey family, and we fit right into that slot. Jonbenet was a precocious 6-year-old. Strangled in the basement of her own home. You have the shock, this incredibly horrendous crime. And then you have these videos that surface. I want to be a cowboy's sweetheart I want to lea to rope and to ride Of this beautiful, young girl. Jonbenet Ramsey. Has blond hair and green Dancing in her costumes. And those were the first viral videos. She wants to be an olympic ice skater. And that's part of what turned it into a international circus. Now we have Instagram and we have Snapchat, but back then, this was one of the first moments in time where something truly went viral. This little girl's image was everywhere overnight. The biggest negative factor about John and Patsy Ramsey was that they had allowed their daughter to be in child beauty pageant contests, and people did not like them. As our grandpa stated, this was a brutal, premeditated murder, not just a little doink on the head covered up by perverted staging. It seems unimaginable to most parents out there that any parent could do something this brutal, this heinous to their own child. And yet police found evidence from the beginning that in their minds pointed directly to the Ramseys. Particularly, Amy, when you start with children of this age when they die tend to die at the hands of their parents. So the focus is naturally going to be on the parents to begin with. Now, in the house, the ransom note is written on a pad that belonged to Patsy. So, this is the notepad. This location right here is where the note was physically found by Patsy. The pen that was used was in the house. So this is the garrote that was used in the murder of jonbenet and it's of a special significance because of what it was made from. Yes. It basically is an artist's paintbrush that's broken. And what's important is that it actually came from Patsy's art supply. And there were even fibers on the backside of the duct tape that had been on jonbenet's mouth, from Patsy's clothing. And that was very, very important. But there are problems, because Patsy lived in that house. Would those fibers have been there anyway? The police started thinking, well, maybe this is just a coverup, that the Ramseys harmed their child some way, then panicked and tried to create basically a kidnapping scenario. Patsy and John should have been taken to the police station immediately for separate interviews, for examination of their body for defensive wounds, for collection of their clothing. That never happened. At this point, they haven't interviewed the mother or father. Um, not surprisingly, they're still very grief-stricken. They have not been in any kind of condition to be interviewed. A couple of days after he finds his daughter's body in the basement, police speak with John Ramsey, but this is not a formal interrogation. My father, myself, we all marched into that police station, gave blood. We gave hair, we gave fingerprints. The thing that really stuck with me is two detectives hand me their business cards and one says narcotics officer and the other says auto theft, and I bury my head into my hands. Because I knew at that point we were in a bad spot. Boulder police didn't have the resources to solve a complex homicide. John interviewed with Boulder police. Patsy's doctor said she was too medicated and unable to get out of bed. The police were faced with lawyers and wealthy friends, people in the community who told police, please, give them room. They're grieving. What's the matter with you? Though the police had spoken to the Ramseys, what they really wanted to do was formally interrogate them. The police are thinking we gotta talk to those parents, and we gotta talk to them right now before they start getting their story straight together. Your lawyers advised you then not to submit to police questions. Why no not? People say. Wouldn't you have wanted to tell them everything? Well, I don't recall that our lawyers told us that at the time. We said, you know, "Yeah, we want to keep working with you, but can't you come here? We can't go out. Patsy was in bed. Patsy was barely able to move. We were perfectly willing and anxious to work with the police to find the killer. We had a higher priority at that point, and that was to bury our daughter. The family is flying the body back to Atlanta for burial. On new year's eve, jonbenet was laid to rest just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. This service is in loving memory of jonbenet Patricia Ramsey. We flew back to Atlanta to bury jonbenet. Atlanta being our home. Atlanta being where my oldest sister Beth is buried. We give thanks today for jonbenet, for the love she had for her parents. I want to go back to the funeral. Whatever we do, we're going to go through it together. We may not get far, but sure as the star, wherever we are. It's together. Wherever we are it's together We sang that. She and I sang it together. We sang it driving in the car. And we just knew that we would always be together in everything. I wanted my children to know that I was with them through thick and thin, regardless of what happened in life. Unconditional love. What have you got? You can go places now. Every murder case that I've ever done, the parents are so grief-stricken. But they sometimes make a nuisance out of themselves at the police department. The Ramseys, literally the day after jonbenet's funeral, sit down for a television interview. The next thing the police knew, they were on CNN. If you have obstructive sleep apnea and you're often tired during the day, you could be missing out on amazing things.

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{"duration":"7:36","description":"The child's death came on the heels of the O.J. Simpson trial. Police were unable to secure a formal interrogation with John and Patsy Ramsey, who appeared on CNN the day after her funeral.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"75287888","title":"JonBenet Ramsey is buried in Georgia as case garners global media attention: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/jonbenet-ramsey-buried-georgia-case-garners-global-media-75287888"}