Kevin Fox’s star defense attorney tries to poke holes in his confession: Part 5

Kathleen Zellner has built a career out of exonerating clients. After she was retained, she reenacted his confession to try to corroborate the details of his confession.
7:15 | 05/08/21

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Transcript for Kevin Fox’s star defense attorney tries to poke holes in his confession: Part 5
Young girls' father now accused of a brutal crime that stunned this rural community. The second he's arrested Chad causey and the only brother and retains. Kathleen tone as his attorney. Kathleen Taylor is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the kind. We will see them in court she is. And I say bed at. Night seeing a big gently but it is very powerful. And I liked mastery. She is help exonerate quantity of innocent people today he walked out of Joliet prison a free man. Kathleen tell there's violence filled with the names from cases all over the country that it made national headlines. Interpreted Stephen Avery. Who who famously has been portrayed in making a murderer. I have one goal and that's to vacate the conviction of Steven Avery. Part of sellers great success comes from her ability to work with DNA evidence. So Kevin Fox News Sherlock. When she took this. Kathleen goes in opinion or views count. You can check. He looked completely. Totally in shock like someone had seen a car crash. I netter at the jail he said we needed her help because. Obviously you do believe didn't Evans who listens 100%. Cavagnoud Tuesday and it says there's no way to. Kevin fox in a written statement to the media denies killing his three year old daughter he says. I tried to cooperate and answer their questions however they became very abusive yelling and screaming at me that my right shoulder. Was there ever. Quiet dark moment when you. He's my husband capable in this and Epsilon. I know can't wait till I'm question the apparent to our children every game. The Stanley believes 100%. And cabins in essence. It wasn't just them pat response that a white kids when a husband's accused of doing something horrible you know he's innocent knowing that she believed that. Did she do that. What was life like for you. Channel. And couldn't sleep I couldn't even I was zoo animals to people despondent to deceiving and myself. It's anything. Child molester baby killer. What I was and therefore it is the worst possible. Thing you could be in jail for. The worst. Everyone hated me. You kept this diary fearful. Thank you might not survive the ordeal saloon with all the people that were threatening me. You know that my my family. If I was killed. November 15. What a restless night. Jason here go by so slow to your mind starts thinking about things that I do not need to be thinking about this I'm going to make it through this. To lose my daughter and I until there is my entire family five months later. There was it was very hard. November 26. When I get out I will definitely appreciate life more than I ever have. Love is a powerful thing and the lord sees my love for my family so he will reunite us and I know few. We'll I thought about. Kill myself because a couple times. But I knew I'd get out what day and be worth examining him. Riley fox murder shocked this small town of Wilmington. The united residence together. Now Kevin Fox's arrest is divided Wilmington and some residents feeling betrayed. There were definitely a lot of people who turn on the fabric imported. I know all the stuff or even finding out. That's tariff. How can somebody can do their. Best to downtown. We went from being victims of the kind. And having everybody ascendancy. To all of a sudden we were banned people. We're at a location in bad convinced me that heaven's confession was. I'm truth that it was false. The first thing seller did was begin to reenact the crime to see if it comported with the way detectives were describing it. They got out bag weighed forty pounds the same writing me kind. Police reportedly say Kevin fox confessed to leaving his daughter's body just under a bridge but Fox's attorneys say that's impossible. Because the currents here isn't strong enough to have carried the girl. Quarter mile downstream to where she was found. Then Zoller and her investigators. Went to the house. Looking at the bathroom door the bathroom door was a hollow core door. Which would number of cost any kind of serious damage even if he has struck her while she was sitting on the toward. The states it's. And issued checked all of that out. The kids a confession has to be corroborated. You don't explain long list of courtroom victories Kathleen sellers really concerned at this. Fashion from Kevin fox we'll be enough to convince a jury to convict him. How is extremely worried about when I got myself into it. No matter how good at turning him and I actually think I'm glad to get and turning he was going to being convicted. So as you're sitting there with your client. What are you thinking arms transfers. But. I feel like I was looking intending. Still there is convinced that the only week Kevin fox can avoiding guilty verdict. And can we could death penalty now. Being and it. While sellers team continued to try to poke holes in the story offered by investigators. Zoeller discovered that there actually was DNA evidence. His saliva found in the rape kit DNA samples collected from the body of Fox's daughter three year old Riley. DNA evidence was available in the murder of Riley fox last June but it required sophisticated testing. It was the type of DNA that you couldn't absolutely a 100% say it's Natchez person or persons. That you could use it to eliminate people. In court today his attorney in an unusual agreement with prosecutors. Moved to allow an outside lab to do sophisticated DNA testing. That could either implicate or exonerate fox do you remember the day. She came continues. She said that there is. We've got test results but I for the Vietnam. I just I just collapsed.

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{"duration":"7:15","description":"Kathleen Zellner has built a career out of exonerating clients. After she was retained, she reenacted his confession to try to corroborate the details of his confession.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"77566683","title":"Kevin Fox’s star defense attorney tries to poke holes in his confession: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/kevin-foxs-star-defense-attorney-poke-holes-confession-77566683"}