Melanie McGuire says she had a fight with her husband before he went missing: Part 4

McGuire was having an affair and said her marriage was in dire straits. On the night Bill McGuire went missing, she says he hit her and said he was leaving for good. She never reported him missing.
7:28 | 09/26/20

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Transcript for Melanie McGuire says she had a fight with her husband before he went missing: Part 4
Melanie is loving, caring, funny, considerate. We just clicked right away. To the point that I asked her to be in my wedding when I got married. Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people's sins but delights in the truth. In June 2001, the mcguires were already married for a few years. And even though there was some friction in the marriage, Melanie Mcguire decided to have another child. Little does her husband know just how ill-timed this pregnancy is. Not only is Melanie about to have their second child, she's also having an affair. Dr. Bradley Miller was a partner in rma associates, and Melanie was working as one of his nurses. He was so kind. I'd come back to my desk after a long meeting with a patient, and there'd be lunch sitting on my desk, waiting for me. You know, there was always a little bit of flirtation banter going back and forth. Melanie was about 38 weeks pregnant and things changed between her and Dr. Miller. I was about to go out on maternity leave, and I was sitting actually in his office, at his desk. I just mentioned that I have a pinched nerve in my neck, and he just, he put his hands on my shoulders and started to -- to rub my back. And I tried to, I really tried to fight it because I -- this was not going to be good. This was not going to be good for anybody, but I couldn't. I couldn't fight it. After Melanie came back from maternity leave, she and Dr. Miller started a full-blown affair, and it seemed like they were falling in love with each other, although they were both married with young children. Shortly after my second son was born, that's when things began to -- the final descent downhill, if you will. Melanie and bill moved to the Woodbridge apartment. This is a townhome. They don't own it, they're renting it. He was constantly looking, looking, looking at homes. He wanted to end up buying a house before he turned 40. He did want to move down here to Virginia Beach. We took pictures ouses in our neighborhood, but he Melanie just could not hear of it. They ended up putting a really sizeable deposit down on a very nice home in New Jersey. It was a very nice house. It had quite a bit of land. It was half a million dollar home. It was very contradictory. She's becoming closer to Dr. Miller, but she's going along with bill's idea of buying a house. The marriage wasn't going well at all. So why were you buying this $500,000 house together then? The idea for me was we had a chunk of money, cash, that we were putting down on this house. In the past, we'd come to points where we had been in similar situations and he would ultimately something would happen and he would go and gamble the money away. I figured this at least was an investment. On April 28th, they're due to close on the house at 2:00 in the afternoon, and she's in constant touch with Dr. Miller, who's pleading with her not to buy the house, because he wants to be the Melanie and sees a future life with her. And Melanie told him not to worry about it, it's going to be I'll take care of it. After they close on the house, they go back to their rented townhouse. Bill is so excited, he calls Jon rice. Jon said that bill had never been happier. The last person Melanie speaks to that night is Dr. Miller. She tells him, look, we've closed on the house bills had some red wine. He's asleep on the couch, but when he wakes up, we're going to sort this out and I'm going to tell him I want a divorce. Melanie described the events that would happen later on as a big fight. You and bill had a horrible fight, yes? Correct. We fell asleep on the couch, woke up early morning hours, and it was never a bad time for an argument. I'm talking probably 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. And it starts on the house. I settled for that house. What the hell are you talking about? It's a $500,000 house. That's not what I wanted. Melanie says that bill turned around and said, what I really wanted was a house in Virginia for cheaper. But you refused to let us do that. And so I have to settle. And she says this turns into a very heated argument. From there things became even more physical. How physical, in what way? He shoved a dryer sheet in my mouth. He had a thing about dryer sheets. The story that Melanie tells about a fight that seems to escalate over a drier sheet is the same story she told us back when we first spoke with her. We're still arguing and there's the laundry basket and there's a dryer sheet just hanging out of one of the baby's sleeves. He hated them. He thought it was lazy that I wouldn't stand there and put in the liquid fabric softener. And, um, yeah. And it went out of control. This is the type of mother that I was, that I would leave this sheet in there for my baby to possibly choke on. Before I know it, I'm up against the wall and the dryer sheet is being shoved into my throat. And then he just smacked me. In the face. Yeah, open hand. Because he probably would have broken my cheek if it had been a closed fist. And I looked down and there's my 2-year-old. I grabbed the baby and went to the bathroom right behind me and shut the door. I just wanted away from him at that point. He said he was leaving and he wasn't coming back and I could tell my children why they didn't have a father. Did he say this to you through the bathroom door? Yeah, through the bathroom door the entire time. I imagined he was packing things and leaving, he was up and down the stairs a lot. But every trip back and forth, berating me. What's the last thing you remember saying to him? Stop. Stop. Melanie said he'd driven off, and she presumed he was in Atlantic City. He would have been back. He would have been back. I knew it. And this isn't just a few days that bill Mcguire is gone. We're talking weeks. What bothered me is that Melanie never reached out and said, hey, bill is missing. She never reported her husband missing, and it's almost 30 days. The fact that we never heard anything from her was deeply suspicious to me. Love is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes. Love does not come to an end. This is the word of the lord.

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{"duration":"7:28","description":"McGuire was having an affair and said her marriage was in dire straits. On the night Bill McGuire went missing, she says he hit her and said he was leaving for good. She never reported him missing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"73252281","title":"Melanie McGuire says she had a fight with her husband before he went missing: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/melanie-mcguire-fight-husband-missing-part-73252281"}