Multiple women describe alleged encounters with Harvey Weinstein: Part 1

Paula Williams says she was a 20-year-old model hoping to break into acting when she first met Weinstein.
7:44 | 10/14/17

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Transcript for Multiple women describe alleged encounters with Harvey Weinstein: Part 1
Fade in to a Los Angeles skyline. 1989 and our telling of the Weinstein scandal saga begins with the premier of a film called "Sex, lies and video." Did you make one of these damn videotapes? It marks the arrival of Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein who heads up upstart studio called miramax. It trance forled the American film industry. Made them the player and Harvey was the man at miramax. Cut to one year later. "Sex lies and videotape" is up for best screen play. At a party before the big man. 20-year-old Paula Williams meets the rising mogul. She's a model looking to break into the business. I was very excited to meet him. He said he was having a dinner party. With a lot of people that I should probably meet. Reporter: Now the scene shifts and so does the mood. Paula says a week later Weinstein sends her a car to bring her to that supposed dinner at his home in the Hollywood hills. I walk in. And it's just Harvey. And he immediately starts massaging my neck. I heard him open a bottle of champagne and I don't even think I had a sip, and he exposed himself. This was outrageous and I wanted it to be okay if I saw him again, and I didn't want him to say anything bad about me. Reporter: Paula says she escapes before anything happens. Hopping over fences and running in high heels through neighbors yards. She ends up quitting the business, but the Harvey Weinstein story is still in its opening act. The next twenty five years will see him generate a remarkable string of hits. Check the numbers. Over $8 billion dollar at the U.S. Box office, nearly 350 Oscar nominations for his company's films, 80 wins. ??? All that jazz ??? and countless classic movie lines. And now a new metric, at least 35 women accusing Weinstein of sexual misconduct. Harvey Weinstein is one of the most influential and powerful studio chiefs of recent vantage in Hollywood, who turned out to be the worst sleazebag we could possibly have imagined, he apparently is reaping his just desserts. Reporter: If Weinstein ends up in handcuffs, it will be in large part due to the work of Ronan farrow. His expose in this week's new Yorker magazine includes statements from a stunning 13 different women, many of them famous actresses who tell different variations of the same harrowing tale. The accusers include two actresses who appeared in miramax films in the mid 90s. Rosanna Arquette, seen here in pulp fiction. And Mira sorvino, who an Oscar for her role in "Mighty aphrodite." Hi. Are you my 3:00? Yeah, that's right. In Mira's story to you she was in Toronto film festival promoting mighty aphrodite. She had an encounter with Harvey Weinstein what happened? Mira sorvino told me that Harvey Weinstein began to try to message her shoulders, that she was very uncomfortable. He began to try to get physical in other ways. This culminated in her running away from him and in her words him chasing her around a room. A few weeks later when she's back home in New York she says Weinstein calls her after midnight -- And then showing up at her doorstep. And she talked about not being able to breathe because she was so terrified of his physical presence, of his power to affect her career. She called a friend and said come quick to pose as a boyfriend. She was very, very scared. Both Rosanna Arquette and Mira sorvino, they do say the feel that their rejection of Harvey Weinstein led to difficulties in their career paths in Hollywood. Yes. They also felt confident that they were being bad mouthed after they had rejected him. That people were being told not to hire them. They felt in the words of Mira sorvino, frozen out. I remember him saying welcome to the miramax family. The part of brother. Reporter: Up and coming actresses Katherine kendll starred in the 1996 gen-x comedy swingers. She has her own story of a promising meeting with Weinstein at the miramax offices in new York, all a pretext, she says, for her to go over to Weinstein's apartment. He goes to the bathroom or something, and then he comes back out and he's fully naked. And that's when I just thought, what is happening? How is this happening and what is he gonna do to me? Reporter: Kendall says when she tried to run away Weinstein blocked the door. And says, well, at least just pick up your shirt and let me see your breasts. I'm like no. You know, at this point, I'm just shaking and I'm infuriated and terrified and insulted -- it was the first time I really saw that there are people in positions of power in Hollywood, that can make or break things. If you're not willing to play the game, then you're not, maybe you know, you're not gonna go very far. Reporter: She rejected his requests and managed to get away from him. Slow dissolve, it's now January of 1997. Hollywood descends on park city Utah for the annual sundance film festival. Naturally Weinstein is there in his element. And so is actress rose Mcgowan, who previously starred in Weinstein's blockbuster "Scream." I want to go to bed with you. All right. Reporter: She's promoting her new movie "Going all the way" with her co- star Ben Affleck whose career was launched by Weinstein films. I found the class. Elementary. Elementary. "Harvey Weinstein, who believed in us, and made this movie." Reporter: Mcgowan claims she found herself alone with Weinstein in a hotel room where something awful happened. According to the New York Times -- Harvey Weinstein paid rose Mcgowan $100,000 settlement because of something that happened in Harvey Weinstein's hotel room. The settlement says that it is not to be construed as an admission that something untoward happened. Reporter: That would be one of eight reported settlements Weinstein would pay out over the years. But there's money to burn in the late 90s miramax is cranking out hits. It's Tom Ripley. Tom Ripley? We were at princeton together. Reporter: And Harvey Weinstein bestrides the Earth like a collossus. His ambitions and appetites seem limitless. But as his power grows, so too does his alleged aggression. Did he cross the line from sexual harassment to sexual assault?

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{"duration":"7:44","description":"Paula Williams says she was a 20-year-old model hoping to break into acting when she first met Weinstein.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"50474354","title":"Multiple women describe alleged encounters with Harvey Weinstein: Part 1","url":"/2020/video/multiple-women-describe-alleged-encounters-harvey-weinstein-part-50474354"}