Police find horrific 'keepsake' photo from Cari Farver's killer: Part 10

When investigator Anthony Kava went through a horde of digital photos Liz Golyar had deleted, he discovered a photo of a human foot with a tattoo on it that matched Cari Farver's foot tattoo.
6:31 | 12/05/20

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Transcript for Police find horrific 'keepsake' photo from Cari Farver's killer: Part 10
After they arrested Liz golyar, of course, the next step is the actual preparation of the trial. Douglas county prosecutor Brenda beadle took on the case. This was by far the most difficult case I've ever tried. Most homicides are dark. This one was bizarre to the point where it would take some convincing to make somebody believe that it actually happened. There's no way that someone would let their dog die in a fire that they started. There's no way that someone would shoot themselves in the femur. Liz golyar's defense attorney is James martin Davis. James martin Davis is somewhat of a legend in Omaha, Nebraska. A very, very well-known defense attorney. Davis saw huge flaws in the case against Liz golyar. Not only was there no body, there was no crime scene, there was no murder weapon, there was no proof that she even died. We waived the jury trial to move it up so I could try this case hopefully before they'd find a body. In waiving the jury trial, Davis is requesting that the trial be presided over by a judge as the fact-finder instead of a jury. And we want to get it over with. They're scrambling now still to find the body, and they don't have a body. A few months before the trial, Ryan Avis and Tony kava paid a visit to Dave Kroupa, just as they had many times before. And they turn around to leave, and kava kind of as a afterthought, said, hey, is there anything we missed? Anything at all? The last few times we talked to him, he always said, no, he couldn't think of anything. For some reason, Dave remembered he had a tablet that was in storage for the past couple years. It had been in a box for I don't know how long, a year and a half, probably. And I don't even know why I thought about it. When I examined the tablet, it had a micro sd card in it. And that memory card, it looked blank. If you plugged it into your computer it would look like there was nothing there, but there was deleted information. That sd card, it turns out it had been in Liz's phone. And it had thousands and thousands of deleted images that she thought were gone. But we were able to retrieve them. There were selfies that Liz had taken. There was everything that you would normally have on your cell phone. But then I came to a photo T no one had seen before. It was reddish, and I wasn't sure what I was looking at first, but it turned out to be a human foot. A human foot with a tattoo. And the foot was decomposing, so this person was dead. So, you have to wonder, whose tattoo is this? What we discovered is that Cari Farver had that tattoo on her foot. We were able to figure out that Chinese tattoo was the symbol for mother. Mother. It was a role she loved, and of course she loved her own mother. How perfectly fitting that the symbol of the thing most sacred to her would be the single most powerful evidence to emerge. This photo, it was shocking. It made me realize that Liz golyar killed Cari Farver and she's taking photos of her body. It's really disturbing, almost like a keepsake or a trophy. I felt like our case was not the strongest before this, but once we had this, I felt confident. Armed with this powerful new piece of evidence, prosecutors head to trial. This is a bizarre and twisted case of a fatal attraction. It's about an obsessive woman that would stop at nothing to that would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. And you're going to not hear a single eyewitness saying yeah, we saw her kill her. We saw her stab her. Not a single eyewitness even saw my client with the victim in this case. The prosecution truly did a masterful job laying out everything they had. Of course, key to the prosecution, those messages sent over years and years of Liz impersonating Cari and pretending Cari was alive to her mother and her son. Those messages led Cari's son, max, to reach out to his mom three years after she disappeared. He wrote, if this is really you, please come back. I want you to be at my graduation. It's so evil. It's so harsh for this family to see these and get hope. She's just diabolical and just cruel. It's mind blowing that someone was capable of doing all of these things over the time period that she did them, years. Even Liz's own attorney is struck by his client's cruelty. I would think to myself to the client, I thought, "Holy Christ. This is despicable." But it doesn't mean that they're first-degree, cold-blooded murderers. As for Liz, she remained unfazed, even through the most graphic, damning testimony. She was an ice woman. Never displayed any emotion. As for the motive, the prosecution doesn't have to prove that. But in this case, it seemed pretty obvious. Liz golyar's motive was a man, and that man was David Kroupa. I try to show, wait a minute, this guy's a nice guy, but he's not somebody that somebody would kill for. Why would she kill Cari Farver? In her mind, she felt Dave Kroupa was worth all of this. So it wasn't necessarily just about Dave. It's about the guy and about winning. Despite the overwhelming evidence presented by the prosecution, there was no guarantee there was going to be a guilty verdict. The question was, would Nancy and her family get justice? How could this person do this to my daughter? And for what reason? For what earthly reason can you do this to anybody? And what is Liz golyar's response to the accusations against her? I wrote to Liz and asked if sh

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"When investigator Anthony Kava went through a horde of digital photos Liz Golyar had deleted, he discovered a photo of a human foot with a tattoo on it that matched Cari Farver's foot tattoo.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"74549315","title":"Police find horrific 'keepsake' photo from Cari Farver's killer: Part 10","url":"/2020/video/police-find-horrific-keepsake-photo-cari-farvers-killer-74549315"}