Raul Rodriguez Case: 'I'm in Fear for My Life'

Part 2: Watch Rodriguez's video and decide: Was it self-defense, or did he want to pull the trigger?
7:46 | 07/13/13

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Transcript for Raul Rodriguez Case: 'I'm in Fear for My Life'
Reporter: Four months after george zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin in florida in self-defense, he says, raul rodriguez going on trial in texas for murder, saying he, too, feared for his life. This man is guilty of murder. Not one thing he did out there that night was self-defense. Reporter: His lawyers also claiming self-defense. I guess the state's theory is that somehow raul rodriguez went next door because he wanted to kill somebody. Reporter: Rodriguez may have had good reason to believe the law would be on his side. Like florida, texas law allows you to stand your ground and does not require citizens to reeat the from trouble before using deadly force. Anybody that knows the law would have thought that they had a right under those circumstances to stand their ground. Reporter: Rodriguez says he followed the law, but what he and his lawyers call justified prosecutors call murder. This was not a case where raul rodriguez was standing his ground, but where a neighborhood bully was approaching unarmed individuals and looking for a reason and a circumstance where he could shoot his gun. It wasn't murder. I mean, I had to defend myself. Reporter: Rodriguez says he simply went to the end of the danaher's driveway at midnight because their karaoke singing was too loud. ♪ and that the next thing he knew as he told that police dispatcher was that a drunken mob was threatening his life. Look, I'm in fear for my life right now. I'm in very -- that's why I drew my weapon. I'm in fear for my life. Please help me now. I brought my video camera because I really believed that, that if I had documentation of this, that we could take this to court. Reporter: He also brought that hand gun and 28 rounds of ammunition. Yes, I had a concealed handgun license. And it was perfectly legal for me to carry that weapon. I've carried a firearm everywhere I went. Reporter: Rodriguez says he first pulled his gun on kelly danaher and the other men at the birthday party, only after danaher came toward him. I'm telling you, I'm telling you to stop. I said stop right now, or I will shoot you! I says, if you don't stop right now, I'll shoot. And so he whoa, whoa, hey, hey, whoa. And so, he backs up. Reporter: Rodriguez put his gun away, but drew it a second time when he says when of danaher's friends, ricky johnson, came toward him. And I thought to myself, this guy's going to kill me. And I seen the look in his eyes and just hatred, and I seen him pull a weapon, and just as he was doing that, he started to cackle. And I brought it to bear like this, and that's when I grabbed my weapon and fired. Reporter: Rodriguez shoots ricky johnson and then he says kelly danaher, the father throwing that birthday party, rushed him, along with others. He shot them too. And kelly danaher, he comes running at me with everything he's got. And I've seen an object in his hand too, it looked like a knife. And he's just like this, running at me, look what you did , , I'm going to kill you. And I was no, no, no, stop, stop, pow pow. Reporter: He claimed he was in danger that night. Was he in danger? No. None of those guys are fighters. They were telling him to go home. Reporter: In court, prosecutors argue this is hardly a man who was reluctant to shoot. On that particular day, he didn't have glasses on. He wasn't wearing a suit. He had guns strapped on him like "gunsmoke." I am the law in these here parts, this is my neighborhood. Reporter: And then neighbors from that street take the stand, one by one, describing the man who they say tried to rule their neighborhood. I label him like the schoolyard bully. He always had a problem with somebody. Oh, he thought he ran this neighborhood. The neighbors would actually alter their lifestyle to appease this man. Reporter: But no testimony, no evidence, speaks louder to the jury, than the 22-minute video raul rodriguez took himself. There's kelly danaher, his hand on his heart in the final moments of his life. The video, a first-hand view of what unfolded that night. Unlike the zimmerman case, where jurors must not imagine it for themselves. In the rodriguez case, he thought his video would clear him. Look, I'm not losing to these people any more. I'm just going to tell them to stay back. They're drunk. They're swearing. Who on earth in the history of the world takes a video camera to tape themselves when they think they're going to murder somebody? Reporter: His attorneys argue rodriguez was afraid of kelly danaher that night. He has the right to pull a weapon if he feels like he's in fear of his life. This guy was not goin' up to raul to shake his hand or pat him on the back. In raul's mind, he was going up there to whip his ass. Reporter: Rodriguez had a concealed handgun license and knew all about the texas stand your grand law, allowing for deadly force in you're in fear. I am in fear for my life. Reporter: But those words, "i'm in fear for my life," would be the most damning part of the video, prosecutors would say, because rodriguez keeps repeating them. They believe not because he's truly scared but to cover himself. Look, I'm in fear for my life right now. I'm in fear for my life. I'm in fear for my life. Reporter: When you hear that video and you hear him saying he fears for his life, is that rehearsed or is that real? Very much rehearsed. Reporter: You think he knew that that law would protect him if he just said that? Yeah, oh yes. Most definitely. Reporter: Part of his plan? Part of his plan. He was going to do it to somebody. He thought those buzz words, the parroting of the statute, would save him. What we have to know about this case, ladies and gentlemen, is that this man, those words are rhetoric. Those words are rehearsed. And those words are fiction. Reporter: Then neighbor terri hackathorn tells the court rodriguez actually told her once to use those very se words. That they would protect her if needed. He has instructed me before on what to say if I ever had to drop somebody, to ensure that i wouldn't get in trouble or go to jail, to tell authorities that i was in fear for my life. If somebody messes with you, all you have to say is, you're if fear for your life and you can kill that son of a bitch. Would try to convince anyone he came in contact with, hey, listen, if anyone sets foot in your property, you can blow them away. Look, I'm in fear for my life right now. That's why I drew my weapon. I'm in fear for my life. All rise. Reporter: The jury doesn't buy it. We the jury find the defendant guilty of murder. Reporter: Rodriguez is found guilty of murder. And while mindy says she's satisfied rodriguez got what she deserves, she believes both cases, hers and the zimmerman case, reveal the need to re-examine in this country when picking the trigger is truly justified. Because she learned in that moment, everything can be lost. Mindy has watched her daughter celebrate three more birthdays without a dad. That's her being a goof ball. Reporter: So many milestones missed. And she's missing a tooth. Yeah, she had just lost her tooth, too, her very first tooth. Reporter: Do you know her wish? She said she was going to stay up all night and wait for the tooth fairy. Unicorns and caddy. Reporter: Her wish was "unicorns and daddy." And as a mom, who just wants to make wishes come true. Oh my gosh. I might even be able to pull off the unicorns. But the daddy one, oh, it just kills me. It just breaks m

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{"id":19655619,"title":"Raul Rodriguez Case: 'I'm in Fear for My Life'","duration":"7:46","description":"Part 2: Watch Rodriguez's video and decide: Was it self-defense, or did he want to pull the trigger?","url":"/2020/video/raul-rodriguez-case-im-fear-life-19655619","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}