Reporter uncovers startling facts in 'Killer Clown' murder case: Part 4

Barbara Marshall was tasked with taking another look at the case 27 years after Marlene Warren's murder.
5:28 | 10/21/17

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Transcript for Reporter uncovers startling facts in 'Killer Clown' murder case: Part 4
Reporter: Our story now shifts in time and location, 14 years later far from the palm trees, sunny beaches and luxury yachts of palm beach, Florida, 835 miles to be exact, to the lovely, quaint town of abingdon, Virginia nestled in the majestic blue ridge mountains. We kind of combine the best of both worlds, we have that small town charm. People come here to stay, and enjoy the culture, and then they go enjoy the great outdoors as well. Reporter: And it's here in this leafy, rural area that two out of towners buy a prime piece of property in 2004, building this 4100 square foot home in an exclusive subdivision, and the house looks even better from the back. It's right on the lake where you can see the owners' private dock and watercraft. They're very friendly, outgoing, nice. Reporter: Neighbors brook and rocky blevins become close friends with the newcomers known to them as "Debbie" and "Mike." He was a happy, affectionate type person. They would hug you when you'd go see them. If you needed something, you'd call them and they'd be there. Reporter: To the blevins it's clear that Mike and Debbie are head over heels in love with each other. They were very close and it was a connection of, their smile at each other, the twinkle of their eye. They were very much in love, very close. In fact Mike and Debbie even work together running their business just acro the state border in kingsport, Tennessee. The two operate the purple cow, a quirky and popular drive-through fast food joint known for its signature steak bomb, dancing hot dogs, and cows that greet you at the curb. Here's Mike on the purple cow's yelp page, boasting, I have been in the food industry since I was 15 years old. My love for food is great. He prided himself in that, Mike. He is a terrific cook, but they had a tremendous business. They both were the ones that prepped the food. They worked long hours. Reporter: But it turns out that sociable, hard-working couple has a dark past. Mike, the friendly burger flipping owner of the purple cow is none other than Michael Warren whose wife Marlene was gunned down 14 years earlier by that killer dressed as a clown. As for Debbie, she's actually Sheila keen, the person police suspected of being that killer clown, who despite circumstantial evidence pointing her way was never charged with the crime. Even some of the investigators in the case were surprised that there was no indictment, because everything sort of lined up, pointing to Sheila keen being the clown, and Michael Warren somehow being involved, but it was all circumstantial. Reporter: Still, there's something astonishing authorities in Florida may not have known. When Mike Warren gets out of prison after serving more than three years on that odometer fraud conviction, he and keen hook up in the marriage capital of the world. That's right -- Vegas! In a tait -- tasteful and understated ceremony at the little white wedding chapel in 2002, Michael marries Sheila, his former alleged mistress, and the prime suspect in his wife's death. The weird thing is that they would hang together that long,start a business, get married as if nothing ever happened. It takes a certain amount of nerve to do it that way. Reporter: And for 15 years, the two love birds make their quiet nest in abingdon, just last year, selling the purple cow, and retiring to enjoy life at their lakefront home. They finally started living their lives instead of working. They seemed very open. He just seemed to be a happy laid back kind of guy. Reporter: But other neighbors say they see a different side of that rough around the edges former used car dealer. Vicki and John Chittester say they have a nasty run in with Michael Warren after he suddenly shows up at their lakeside property, trying to haul away rocks with his tractor. I told him to put down the rocks and get off our property. He said, can't we be neighborly about this? I told, I said, the neighborly thing would be to call over and ask if you can come over here and do that. He said, You. He's like, what are you going to do, you scrawny -- I said, I'll tell you what I'm going to do you fat ass, but he wouldn't get off the tractor. So he unloaded the rock. He was a bully. Somebody who thinks he's going to get what he wants. Yes, uh, exactly. Reporter: Mike and Debbie may want nothing more than to continue their mundane, low-key suburban existence, but sometimes you just can't bury the past, especially when it involves a bizarre and notorious crime involving a killer clown that's still alive in the minds of some people back in Florida. It was like an urban legend. The fact that it was never solved it just went on, and on, and on. In may, which was the 27th anniversary of the killing, my editor said, well, let's, let's re-look at this. Reporter: While Marshall's writing that anniversary article for the palm beach post, a breakthrough, her researcher uncovers those startling facts on Michael and Sheila, make that Debbie's new lives. She found that Michael Warren and Sheila keen had gotten married. She also found that they were living in abingdon, Virginia in the blue ridge mountains. Reporter: The Warren's new private life is now public, out there for all to see. Will they be able to enjoy that quiet retirement much longer before someone comes knocking on the door?

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{"id":50623812,"title":"Reporter uncovers startling facts in 'Killer Clown' murder case: Part 4","duration":"5:28","description":"Barbara Marshall was tasked with taking another look at the case 27 years after Marlene Warren's murder.","url":"/2020/video/reporter-uncovers-startling-facts-killer-clown-murder-case-50623812","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}