Searching for Noah's Ark: Treasure Hunters Scale Mount Ararat

Part 5: Former Playmate and 'Baywatch' star Donna D'Errico is a climber on a Biblical mission.
7:03 | 12/22/12

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Transcript for Searching for Noah's Ark: Treasure Hunters Scale Mount Ararat
The bible tells us that when the great flood finally began to rece recede, the ark holding noah and the earth's only other survivors came to rest on the mountains of ararat and today a mountain by that very name can be found towering 16,000 feet over the badlands of eastern turkey. From the history of the bible, it's really the place that can be located with any degree of certainty. Are we sure it's there? You noi what, all I can say is ararat is the tallest mountain in the middle east, if theres way flood and if there was a noah and if there was a boat, this would have been the first piece of land to merge. Pinpointing mount ararat on a map has inspired true believers and treasure hunters from all over the world to climb the mountain's jagged peaks in search of the biblical boat. Among them some unlikely pilgrims like donna a former playmate and "baywatch" star. I'm here on mount ararat, one of the areas we're interested in that we think two pieces of the ark are. I know it sounds lewd rouse and I know most people out there don't think noah's ark really happened and they don't believe in that stuff. But that's not how it is for me. For me, I'm looking for something that is there. I wasn't there on vacation, i was there to fulfill my dreams. It was very frightening climbing up there. Whoa. Exhaustion and a couple of close calls took their toll. She risked life and limb scaling these heights, driven on by her renewed catholic faith. We were all raised in the church and I fell away for a while. And I did some things that today I would never do. But I've returned to the church and I'm living my life more like I used to. And she's recording this experience to spread the message of a story that so deeply affected her. The entire human civilization was wiped out except for eight from them, I believe the bible and that it landed on ararat. She also made videos to send to her children at home. I miss you guys and I love you. Going up to the davis site. I can't tell you exactly where we are because keeping that a see create. Ed davis was an american world war ii soldier who had also braved this rugged terrain. Her strategy is to retrace his steps to the top. I found, I think, one of davis' caves that he stayed in. He's one of the witnesses of the ark. Davis claimed to have seen the ark while on a mission to deliver supplies to the russian front. The artist alfred lee later made this drawing based on davis' description. You see the rock slide? Shifting rocks under foot were a constant danger and just days into the ascent she nearly fell to her death from 10,000 feet. I stepped on a rock that wasn't secure and the rock gave way and all of them started moving with me on top. I was headed towards the edge of a cliff. My feet were dangling. I would have been a goner. A fellow climber pulled her to safety and despite her injuries, she pressed on. My injuries, much better. You can see. Here is the view from inside my tent. Yesterday we climbed up here. It was railly tough climb. It just so happens that right here the turkish army and kurdish separatist guerrillas are always fighting and a flare-up of tensions between them ultimately forced her off the mountain the danger is about to be too great on the mountain. Really happy and excited to be going home. With ararat's mystery still shrouded in snow and ice she left empty-handed, badly injured, but undeterred. I'm so drawn to there and i feel like I didn't finish what i set out do because I had to cut it short. I always said I would do it before I die. I'm going to go wback. Over the years there have been many claims of success but archaeologists think the discovers have more to do with faith or fraud than actual fact. You have to think scientifically. There is probably not going to be anything left. The ark is made out of wood, disintegrated, the story frist the early part of genesis where we're not sure it actually happened. If nothing's ever been found, what keeps drawing people back year after year? So, this man decided to climb the mountain himself. And he brought along a film crew to capture what, if anything, was hidden beneath the snows of mt. Ararat and he spoke to a man whose family lived on the mountain for generations and he has no doubt the ark is there. He was this kurdish man and claimed to have fallen in this hole on top of the glacier and found this piece. I asked him to show to it me. You believe it indicates the ark came to rest on this mountain? Yes. Will you take me there? No. I said my mother is dying, which is a lie and if you show me my mother can live in peace. He wouldn't show it to me. Why wouldn't he show it to you? He didn't have it? You can tell your mother in all of the world there is one person that saw noah's ark and the story is real. Even if you got a piece of wood and even a sign that says "noah built me," there is still not going to be evidence that god called noah to do this. We're not going to find some lost voice of god like some lost beatles song we can digitally remaster and put on the internet. So, instead, he believes, people will continue to search for the ark and anything else from the bible stories that they might be able to see or touch or feel. There is this desire to reconnect with the story. And that continues today. To think, if you can prove that one screw existed, you can prove that the whole machine existed.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Part 5: Former Playmate and 'Baywatch' star Donna D'Errico is a climber on a Biblical mission.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"18042040","title":"Searching for Noah's Ark: Treasure Hunters Scale Mount Ararat","url":"/2020/video/searching-noahs-ark-treasure-hunters-scale-mount-ararat-18042040"}