Students Compete to Sell the Most Cupcakes in a Jar

Part 2: Using 'Shark Tank' shark Kevin O'Leary's tips, three college students try to sell the most cupcakes.
9:11 | 10/03/15

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Transcript for Students Compete to Sell the Most Cupcakes in a Jar
Reporter: Union square in new York City is in full bloom when our cupcake truck rolls in. We've tricked it out with the wicked good cupcakes logo and set up our hidden cameras. The truck is stocked with five flavors of cupcakes. Our mother-daughter owners are manning the truck. This is where the rubber meets the road. Reporter: It's time to start selling. The rules are simple -- 30 minutes each, whoever sells the most cupcakes wins. But with a twist. I'm throwing in a little bit of a wrinkle. This is a yam flavor. You know what a yam is? It's a potato, basically. Reporter: Our shark dislikes the idea of the sweetie pie cupcake so much, as their It's from daddy. Sfx: Dad's voice lo Ve youaby girl. Duracell Quantum lasts longer in 99% of devices so ys be tre.he ? Th he , E thtibloang, diarrhea; I've D L Alyou can think about is where is the Clos embarrassing myself?old me that my symptoms were Irritable bowesyndrome with D ibs-d. It may be caused by cnges in gut. And that I can do something about it. It was the greatest news. Reporter: She's already going for the sweet potato? I love it. Reporter: Immediately Ashley goes for those double yam points. Actual sea salt. Starting to invest a lot of time in this guy. It's good, I promise you. Reporter: It's Ashley's first test -- "Sticky, not gummy"? -- Stay or move on? He's going for it. Oh yeah, he's going for his credit card. Reporter: Ashley's first sale. She makes it stick. They're $5 a jar. Reporter: But the clock is still ticking. The company was on "Shark tank." And Kevin o'leary invested in them. I remember. Reporter: Then Ashley runs into "The balker." $5 a jar -- but no, no, no, no, wait. Reporter: A customer put off by the price tag. Undeterred by the scoff. I'm telling you, once you get hooked -- Reporter: She lures back in the wallet conscious consumer. She closed it. Reporter: She did it. But just when she's hit her stride, a dry spell. Hi, would you like to buy a cupcake today? No? Cupcakes for sale! She's not commanding her space. She's hanging out near the truck. I'm seeing people go by her not even knowing she's there. That's a big problem. Wait, wait, she's got something going. Sweetie pie is awesome. Whoo! She just bought three. Are you guys trying to buy any cupcakes? Outstanding! Good job, girlfriend! Reporter: But despite her cupcake hat trick, Ashley's about to commit one of the biggest sins of sales. I can go in, and come back. Reporter: Remember Kevin's words of wisdom -- When they walk away from you, they're gone forever. Reporter: Then, the sales equivalent of seeing a unicorn. Awesome, yay! You're back! Oh, my gosh. That never happens. Now she's killing it. She's closing every 60 seconds. She's gonna be the one to beat, I think. Three, two one. Ashley, it's over. Reporter: Yay, Ashley! I'm pumped, I'm ready. Reporter: Next up, tommy. Tommy, you ready? I'm ready. Cupcake in a "Jaa." Reporter: Tommy's off to a rough start. It's only five bucks for today too. Normally they're $7.25. Reporter: New yorkers not buying the Boston accent. Cupcakes in a "Jaa." Bad body language. He's not really walking the walk right now. Maybe he's not being dogged enough. Tommy, when you see somebody with a dog, tell 'em dogs love them. Hey man, I actually have that same exact dog. Clearly he hasn't learned "Stay." Reporter: Customer and canine exit, Sans cupcake. Okay, start barking at these guys. Selling cupcakes in a jar. Wicked good cupcakes, two cupcakes per jar. $5 only today. All of a sudden he's got a little momentum back. She's buying! Look at this, he's got a monster line appearing. Reporter: But tommy's biggest investor, he actually tried to kill it off several times without even trying it. Who wants to eat a sweet potato cupcake? Reporter: Have you ever tried one? It's so foreign a concept I wouldn sweet potato? I mean, th Reporter: But today, potato extra sweet. If llu YOS tseeainhi all the other flavors, you get double points. Ashley, you go first, all right? Yes repter:orame g.on sideinis plugged into a through an earpiece, giving her realtime direc.tion Ee thro,, tw. One Ar sting, Ashley. Are you interested in Akes? Sweetie pie one if you really into sweet potatoes. So many flavors. We're bringing some Boston to New York. Its cupcake in a "Jaa." She's tall, she stands out. Reporter: She's got some swagger. Use all the weaponry you've got. Reporter: But despite the weaponry, Natasha is missing her targets. Hi, would you like a cupcake in a "Jaa"? Reporter: Whoa, that was a blow off right there. That's New York City. Reporter: Until the dapper dude. Natasha takes "Feel the love" to a whole new level. I would get one for you and your sweetie as well. You and your girl. She's a killer! This one wants sweetie pie and wicked good. Him and his girl, he's good news tonight. Reporter: She sold it! Sweetie pie. It's made with yam so it's more on the healthier side. Reporter: Still searching for that perfect pitch, Natasha turns to health? Most popular is the sweetie pie, it's like very guilt free. Guilt free, that's a new line. Guilt free. Sure, there's no calories in it. Reporter: Who's gonna fall for that? You only have 11 minutes. Keep the energy up. Reporter: I feel like she's running a little out of steam. The once busy sidewalk, now barren. She's gotta switch it up. You know what, Natasha, grab one of the jars and hold it in your hand. Reporter: Using the shiny jars to direct traffic. Love your dress, by the way. We don't give samples because they're so good. Reporter: As the clock runs down, her line builds up. And she's reaching into her pocket. Whoo! Natasha, one minute left. You want a cupcake? Straight from "Shark tank." Leaving in one minute. I think you need a cupcake in your life. Three, two, one. Natasha, it's over for you. Reporter: And that's a wrap. Give yourself a hand. Okay, so here's what we're gonna do. Kevin's gone. We're gonna go tally everything up. We're gonna meet up again. We'll announce the winner. Will the winner be Ashley, tommy, or Natasha? Hey. How are you? Good. It's really a time to celebrate. I think all three of you did some unique things -- good and bad. All right, Ashley. All the energy you had, you would just jump out there and get going. And that's exactly what happened. On the negative, you didn't go to the middle of the sidewalk and use the advantage of commanding that space. Are you looking at cupcakes today? Tommy, your laid-back attitude was very honest, open. You were barking it out there. You had that thing going. "Jah by the cah," the whole Boston thing. Natasha, you commanded the sidewalk and you were good at the whole sticky versus gummy. So somebody won and two lost. Hannah? Kind not nice. And when you're done with eating it, you can wash it out and use the ma something, you know? Repbeing nice. Yeah, but why? He's wasting his time. They are already gonna buy. You know what's even better than an umbrella? A cupcake, I know. Oh, really? He's reeling N! He's reeling them in. Unbelievable! Three, two, one. Tommy, shut it down. Peace. Back to Boston. Got it in the bag. Reporter: Time for our final Ng to walk the Are you ready to see what I've g?ot Okay, Natasha, you ready? Ready. You're on. W Reporter: So you'll -- you'll concede that maybe -- I was wrong about this one. Pretty good. Cheers. Number one rule. Great salesmen and women understand that it's their destiny to be a salesperson and to be great.

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{"duration":"9:11","description":"Part 2: Using 'Shark Tank' shark Kevin O'Leary's tips, three college students try to sell the most cupcakes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"34216399","title":"Students Compete to Sell the Most Cupcakes in a Jar","url":"/2020/video/students-compete-sell-cupcakes-jar-34216399"}