Suspect in murder-for-hire plot commits suicide after being released on bail: Part 4

Valerie McDaniel's friends blame Leon Jacob for manipulating her into planning murder-for-hire and driving her to commit suicide.
5:19 | 03/31/18

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Transcript for Suspect in murder-for-hire plot commits suicide after being released on bail: Part 4
wear scrubs. But not these two. At least not today. Led into court wearing Orange jumpsuits, charged with allegedly hiring a hitman to kill both their exes. Thank you. Reporter: Four days after the arrest, Valerie was released on a $50,000 bond. After a couple days in the cooler, she says she needs to chill out and goes to see her friends. Why would you want your husband killed? She really did not talk about it -- at all. I think she knew that -- it was an uncomfortable situation for everyone. We were all trying to be upbeat and positive and, like, "It's going to be fine. We can work through this. We -- you know, we'll -- we'll help you out." We'll support you. But she seemed a little -- Resigned. Maybe a little defeated. There was a look in her eyes that I hadn't quite ever seen before. Reporter: A haunting look that becomes a final moment between friends. In hindsight, I immediately realized she came there to say good-bye. Reporter: Just two days later, in a move that stuns those friends and the community, Valerie leaps to her death from her seventh floor balcony. The death of a murder for hire suspect who jumped from her own condo balcony today. People fell to their knees, crying. It was completely -- just lately shocking. I don't want to say it. I got a call, and I didn't want to believe it. Reporter: In one final, loving gesture to her friend Maggie, she pens this letter just before jumping to her death. Can you read it? Dear Maggie, I'm so very sorry for what I have done. But I am just not strong enough to fight all the battles ahead. I'm tired and so scared and so weak. Be well and say -- stay safe. All my love, Valerie. Losing her career. And -- her reputation. And I just think she wasn't going to -- she just didn't want to live like that anymore. Mostly losing her daughter -- Absolutely. It was just as much a shock to me as it was to everybody else around her. Reporter: Did you hold yourself responsible for her suicide? No. That was a decision she made on her own. Reporter: So you never thought for a minute that maybe you'd put her in a position that she just couldn't handle, and that it drove her to commit suicide? No. She had so much pressure on her, and I wasn't there to help support her. Reporter: Leon, who was never released on bond, asked a judge to allow him to attend Valerie's funeral. But his request was denied. Valerie Mcdaniel left a note detailing her final wishes before apparently jumping to her death from that condo. Reporter: She also left behind that audio diary she recorded. A suicide note in her own voice read from beyond the grave. I didn't wake up one day and just say, "Hey, I want to kill my ex-husband." Things just gradually happened. Reporter: However it happened, prosecutors say there is no question Valerie wanted her ex-husband dead, and actually confessed to it -- after her arrest -- on that video outside her apartment. They keep having to tell her to speak up, and she says things, like, you know, you wanted to have your husband killed? You know, you can't nod. You have to say yes. And shd be like, "Yes, that's what I wanted." Valerie Mcdaniel, no matter how educated she was, no matter how brilliant or loving she was, seemingly fell under the spell of Leon Jacob. Reporter: Val's friends blame Leon. Do you think he's responsible for her death? Yeah. She wouldn't be where she is now if it wasn't for him. How does Valerie get from well-respected vet, to hiring a hitman, to suicide? I think that you're going find this lynchpin of that is Leon Jacob. I do want people to understand that this was not something that she wanted to happen. It's something that happened to her. I truly believe that. This was not something that she would've ever done. Reporter: Maggie points out in the short eight-week period Leon and Valerie were together, she saw her friend only once. She wouldn't hang out with her friends anymore, which is all classic stalker method of operation. You cut 'em off from their friends. You seclude them. Reporter: Leon denies keeping Valerie from her friends. You know when you're first in a -- new relationship you kind of isolate yourselves with, you know, with each other. Reporter: But despite everything that's happened, in her recorded suicide note, Valerie never turns on Leon. I know it's going to upset a lot of people, but I love him. Reporter: She may have loved him, but she also left him to stand trial alone. Leon says prosecutors nave got him all wrong. I am innocent of these charges. I still maintain that throughout. I find them to be atrocious in manner because I'm not some monster that wanted my ex-girlfriend killed and her ex-husband. I'm a healer by nature.

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{"id":54138595,"title":"Suspect in murder-for-hire plot commits suicide after being released on bail: Part 4","duration":"5:19","description":"Valerie McDaniel's friends blame Leon Jacob for manipulating her into planning murder-for-hire and driving her to commit suicide. ","url":"/2020/video/suspect-murder-hire-plot-commits-suicide-released-bail-54138595","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}