Texas Nun Norma Pimentel in Her Own Words

Pope Francis called on Sister Pimentel during a virtual audience hosted exclusively by ABC News.
4:26 | 09/04/15

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Transcript for Texas Nun Norma Pimentel in Her Own Words
And and the Pope singled out and says wait a moment and let us think we and then that Nat. And yet there was sister there from a religious order. I want to see. Section. To it now that she was hidden there among all the people. And and that's he's and up. I feel like dealing with child you know. Call for. My very dear father had things come here in a very loving ways. And finally sister. You. I want to thank you and the rule you laden I want this thing goal atlas sisters. Of religious orders in the US. For the work they don't you. Have gone and that you do in the united news. Gates parade. I'll tell you one other thing is it and yeah. Means that there won't show up. In the space so beautiful it. Loving expression. Connie flowing to he wanted to meet me plan to talk to me in this one. And. We're hearing sacred heart in McAllen Texas which isn't welcome center that we started last year in June. Do we open because it was a time when we saw some spamming summarized here too art. CD and they were being released from the Border Patrol to travel team United States. The fact is that come and walk to the store and calling him a very sad state they aren't. Dirty money in most cases sometimes have been with them having custody there. They haven't eaten president for a wild. You see that there they're scared they're frightened the cardinal what if it is going to be like. So when he walked to his door and you see them Lockheed and thinks they're welcome. We all I'm clap my hands is easily and they Neil because. We want to show them that it. I hear the stories of how they suffer along the way. How the traffickers will kidnap them rape them. And torture them and on the coast and that kind of on our minds is what the stories that we hear hold or adultery and the meat they walked to his July NBC news wall caught. Do you transform. Maybe he'd just. Become human tears just aren't nine and July they'd I'm believe that. There are people here nice days essays I can't you how you doing and and I want to help. They are helped with about tears to select their clothing to get a nice warm soup. To get a shower. But the best aren't invited to use that shower to clean themselves up just days. Get on that dirty and muddy and everything just it's almost seen anything just toss away. On that horrible journey that they went through he's just falls off you know. Indeed new again. You know it's beautiful to know him can be there's something that needed us any just reinforces the fact that I need to pray. For all of those they're hurting them making sure that they stop doing that and and put answer that they have a safe journey and have them. And it's my job an officer from the CD came in asking what do you do Houston. And I said. Restoring human dignity you know that's what we doing here. Next year won't soon.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Pope Francis called on Sister Pimentel during a virtual audience hosted exclusively by ABC News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"33547897","title":"Texas Nun Norma Pimentel in Her Own Words","url":"/2020/video/texas-nun-norma-pimentel-words-33547897"}