Wedding Confidential: Groomzillas

Forget Bridezillas - nowadays, guys are often the one with the attitude and Excel spreadsheets.
5:17 | 01/19/13

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Transcript for Wedding Confidential: Groomzillas
in every little bottle. Continues with groomzillas. Here is nick watt. ♪ Reporter: For centuries in the wedding kingdom -- the bride -- queen of her jungle -- a loyal pack bowing to every bridal whim. The groom -- a minor player, a mere drone confused by the flatware and flowers, often bumbling his way through, well, everything. But times, they are a changing. There's a new groom in town. Proud of his pastel palette and pinterest board -- versed in the difference between fondant and frosting. French vanilla with coconut custard. Who thinks of that? That is genius. Reporter: He is celebrated by hollywood. The new groom is unafraid to perform in front of hundreds of wedding guests. And millions more online. But new groom can go rogue. You get your here right now! Reporter: That is charlie balducci on his wedding day, one of the more famous episodes of mtv's "true life." When you have so much riding on one day, and then when that whole day is going to set the tone for your marriage, yes, it's stressful. Reporter: And that stress, charlie warns, can turn new groom into something far more frightening. That is not my candle. I am not getting married with that. Reporter: We've all heard of bridezilla, but experts say groomzilla is just as real. I've seen grooms that want exclusivity in picking out the bridesmaids dresses. I think they go overboard. Maybe the whole power thing. They're actually worse than a bridezilla. Reporter: But you don't have to scream, or threaten bodily harm, to get your way. Meet evan. Evan had opinions. I was thinking you would wear a grey suit. And evan was like, "yep, I was thinking I'd wear a tux." She was originally thinking 50 people at the wedding, relatively small and everything. And -- evan shut it down. I didn't necessarily shut it down. It was just that -- evan shut it down. Reporter: There's no question. Wedding planning can be a battleground for the sexes. A minefield. Chris easter has been there. Yeah, this is a safe zone. Reporter: When chris got married five years ago he was jealous. His wife was leafing through a plethora of bridal glossies. But nothing for him. So he set up a website, themanregistry.Com, to give grooms advice, helping them get involved. If the past, guys were afraid to ask what colors are strong this year for men? Reporter: But not too involved. What are the real no go zones? The top of the no go list is gonna be her wedding dress. Reporter: Okay, food? Food's a split deal to me. Reporter: Venue? 50/50. There are definitely some areas where grooms can have a positive input. Entertainment is one. Transportation, great area for a guy to take control of. Reporter: But charlie balducci proves even transport is not a safe zone. His limo driver was over an hour late. I will hunt you down like cattle and I will gut you! Do you understand! Reporter: Charlie says he doesn't regret those choice words. In fact, he says the world needs to know. Grooms feel the heat too. Because I was so involved with the planning and most of it was on my back, a lot of the hiccups and the situations that happened were things that I had to react to. Reporter: Evan had a reaction too, to the idea that gift registries are girls-only. He wanted his own registry! With man stuff. You know, have a new hedge trimmer to trim the bushes would be great. Reporter: So he went to sears and scanned his way to wedding bliss. Like many grooms of today, evan is chipping in for the big event. And if you're paying, you deserve to have your cake, and eat it too. Erin was very against cake. She hates cake. And I love cake. Reporter: A lot of guys do. So many, in fact, that weddings now come with two cakes, hers and his. In this category, evan won. They got a cake. In fact, he won a lot of things. Like the tux and the big wedding. And a bouquet toss, which erin didn't really want, either. There's been only a tiny bit of drama, only, I think at the very beginning when I still thought this was like, the erin show. Reporter: The takeaway? Wedding planning has become the first challenge in marital compromise. If you guys can't plan a wedding together, you know what I mean, then, you know, you gotta start to look at the marriage. Reporter: In the end, our friend charlie did calm down, and the limo driver's life was spared. It still was an awesome day. Yeah. You know, it really, it

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"Forget Bridezillas - nowadays, guys are often the one with the attitude and Excel spreadsheets.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"18255203","title":"Wedding Confidential: Groomzillas","url":"/2020/video/wedding-confidential-groomzillas-18255203"}