Woman's sudden death raises family's suspicions: Part 1

Michelle O'Connell's death was ruled a suicide but her family's grief turned to frustration when they learned police spent just a few hours at the scene before calling it a suicide
6:16 | 06/02/18

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Transcript for Woman's sudden death raises family's suspicions: Part 1
We were meeting for coffee at a local gas station. The call came over the radio for shots fired. Immediatel jumped upft the gas N, in our cars. Wa sure what to expect when we got one. Reporter: St.ustine, fla, in 2010. Debra Maynard was a sheriff's deputy assigned to the southeastpart of town. She's remembers racing to the sc response this 911 call. 911. Hey. Please get someone to my house. It's 4700 Sherlock place Jeremy banks. What's going on? Plesend -- my girlfriend, I she just shot herself. There's ood everywhere. Please! Reporter: When help arrives, ties find scene every bit as grisly as the caller describes. Alked in aroune bar in thtc and I sawome feet of a fe on the Flo there. Reporter:ictim is Jeremy banks' girlfriend, 24-year-old Michelle O'Connell. She's got a gunshod to the head, and dozens of prescription killers in her pt. And ikess the roo and thpun question Jeremy ban CD at the bathroom door, just squatting there, holdinghohis hand. Reporter: A deputy is instructed to snap thesetos to document the scene before emts B life saving MRE the weapon sits to L the tac light on the gun is in the "On" position. The pictures also reveal a separate shot fired into the carpet. Despite the efforts of first responders at then Michelle O'Connell is pronounced:48 P.M. Outside the home, some deputies and detectives begin to reach a sion. This a woman who took her own life. Some O were later interviewed as part of the investion. I didn't have any suspicions that it was anything other than suicide. I thinat's what we were all kind of discus, but just making sure that we covered ou bases. It appeared she had committed suicide. Reporter: Fellow deputies take time to console a co-worker,end, in his time of need. I wup to Jeremy, just, you know, asm if he was okay, and I, you know, advised Jeremy that, you know, I'm here for him, anything heads Reporter: A squad car is used as a makeshift interoom to quonyear-old banks. Thaterview is reed by a detective. All right, this is detective S. It is officially September 3rd at 1:23 in thing you were outside in the yard, ew My motorcycle's in the ra I was sitting on it, and I heard a pop, I knew exactly it was, and I inside. I started screaming her name. The bedroom door was locked, and I am her name again. I heard it go ofaicond time Reporter: A sad story for sure, butot a headlibbing one in Augustine. No, I mean, it wasn't really a St it hadn't been reported anywhere ever. Reporter: All that's left to sherriff's deputies to do inform theonnell family of the tragedy. They justaithat she committed suicide, your daughter led herself. She committed suicide. I S this is [ bleep there's no way that Michelle would ever her life Reporter: Michelle O'Connell, to support a 4-year-old daughter Alex Michee had Alexis, and her ole life cnged. She just lived for Alexis. Some people are just meant T mother Michelle was meant to be a mother. She was devoted. There's no way. Would take cof Alexis? Reporter: Michelle's life was looking up after San dream job at a day care center. Teresa Woodward was the director whveer the job I tr to the VI president's of to get her key. It's a very prestigious thing to be honored, to be respected, to be tru to have a key to a ole build, and Michelle was so excited. Reporter: It was rally and ratively the key to her future. She was so elated that had a job that was a career. E said, I'm Goin T doctor and I'm not even sick, I have insurance once in my life. Reporter: But on the very day Michelle was sstart her life changing position -- I got a phone that said that Michelle had died. I said, no. Reporter: O'connell'sther anster say the family's grief turno frustration once they realize the sherriff's department spent just a fe hours at the scene before calling Michelle's death a suicide. I mean, the word suicide was th around righf the bat without any investigation. Nd I screamed and yelled at the top of my lungs, we want an outsinvestigatio Reporter: But two later, the medical examiner, Dr. Frederick hobin,forms an autopsy, and officially S her death a suicide, and sheriff says no to an outs investigate vid shoar is powerful, political, and protective he men anmen on his force. This is just a sheriff that's ou control, ansituation that was mishandled, and then at th O family th offers becausgos and power. Reporr: Shoar is a career lawman. And and official. He's so wellnected, he oft runs and wins unopposed. But now he finimself facing stiff opposition from the victim's family and friends. Ink Jeremy killed her. Reporter: Even more stunning, Debra Maynard, was at th scene that night, agrees. And foyou, that's murder? It is mur

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"Michelle O'Connell's death was ruled a suicide but her family's grief turned to frustration when they learned police spent just a few hours at the scene before calling it a suicide","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"55599444","title":"Woman's sudden death raises family's suspicions: Part 1","url":"/2020/video/womans-sudden-death-raises-familys-suspicions-part-55599444"}