Bye-Bye Book Deal: Twitter Stops Juror B37

Fusion's Alicia Menendez interviews Twitter activist, Genie Lauren.
4:58 | 07/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bye-Bye Book Deal: Twitter Stops Juror B37
By now you've heard a lot about Zimmerman juror be 37 the woman who appeared last night on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360. An ounce less than 48 hours after the trial ended that she inked a book deal. But you've probably heard the last about -- -- -- who use social media to help take down the book project Jeanie joins us now from New York City Jeannie. You sought out the publishing company that signed the door -- you spread the publishers information across Twitter. And greeted -- change dot org petition collecting hundreds of signatures and a matter of hours. Why did you decide to get involved. Well well I can -- -- one moment it was actually the literary agent she didn't have a publisher yet. I am but I have to get involved because it -- disposal passionate about it. And I was -- it was just really angry that. She seems to me to be very opportunistic -- take this time to try to make money off this really. Just -- moment gave it. I had to do something are so angry so somebody that you know we can stop this book and -- -- was -- -- haven't stopped its. And you really felt that that was possible simply using the power of Twitter. Definitely I've seen that. -- -- before act -- mean so much has happened months -- Protests are you know. Protests are organized and it other. Celebrities have had endorsements. Snatched away because tweaks so yeah I definitely believe in the power of -- You know the book project was announced Monday morning and by Monday evening both Charlene Martin literary agent. And your -- 37 said they were walking away from the deal Charley Martin told fusion. I decided to rescind my offer our representation after watching -- be 37 on Anderson Cooper 360. I believe I made a grave error in judgment in wanting to represent the story shortly after the show aired I reached out to be 37 and suggested we terminate our book representation agreement. You know you contacted -- you were contacted personally by -- to -- she was dropping offer what did she say. There are few things are said to me the first it was that I'm she understand. That I was morning chat line and she was running Chevron is and to -- back for a statement. And then the next thing that I received from -- -- next message that Aristide from her was the statement that you just read. And I actually got that statement in the mound before I received this statement. The juror -- through -- -- now. Yeah and -- you know minutes apart -- do you expect -- all happened so quickly. Not at all because you know a lot of times. I've seen change petitions to get 200000. Sign signatures. And then you get a response that's kind of -- arm and you know it really care. Or you you get responses kind of looking -- -- -- -- restaurant looking for I was expecting -- -- that change decision go to sleep wake up in the morning and then just ask -- more people to sign it I was expecting to get. Over a thousand signatures in in 1950 and I definitely wasn't expecting -- our response. From -- -- and within an hour starting the petition so I'm just I'm -- really about the whole thing. And there has been response beyond that I know that we are not the only media outlet that has reached out to -- what is the response meant for you personally. Personally. I just I'm glad that people. Didn't. Brush it off and say oh this is just went there and you know -- will -- of this. My -- My biggest take away from this is that we got the books -- and I know that the literary agent is saying that it wasn't. It wasn't sweater wasn't the sweets but I really kind of that she would release a statement at 1 o'clock in the morning -- they were really going to but separate ways so. I you know. I'm just taking this as a victory that applicants not going to happen -- and -- as much of this is about the book it is about this case and what this case means for America and what it means for individuals. I'm curious what does it mean to you. It's -- really small victory in the grand scheme of things -- it it just feel like finally something -- has happened. I was very disappointed and really upset and hurt when the verdict came down. And there was nothing I could do you know. -- the -- make that decision and therein is a free man and there's nothing -- can do but I could stop the stock. All right and get myself and -- leaders we finally felt like we had the power to do something and we got to stop the book Harry -- Lauren thanks so much for joining us.

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{"id":19684312,"title":"Bye-Bye Book Deal: Twitter Stops Juror B37","duration":"4:58","description":"Fusion's Alicia Menendez interviews Twitter activist, Genie Lauren.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/twitter-user-genie-lauren-stops-book-deal-juror-19684312","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}