Columbine High School principal speaks in wake of 1999 shooting

Frank DeAngelis spoke to ABC News days after the school shooting that claimed 13 lives.
2:39 | 04/18/18

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Transcript for Columbine High School principal speaks in wake of 1999 shooting
Were you Wear of any signals that there were individuals in your school who were capable of doing it's never. I have been a member of this school for twenty years in this community. Not in my wildest dreams do you have any warnings that there was if a group of people who. At the very least had violent fantasies that play acted these kinds of things now. If we would have known anything. I mean we would have dealt with some of the issues. We were unaware we're caught by surprise even the kids who knew them. Could not believe that they would commit an act it's when that they committed on Tuesday morning. You've been an education for twenty years what could be the cause of this I think they felt isolated I fail. I think they felt they were not part of any group and I think they felt that there was no future for them they were. By all accounts. Usually I'm usually dressed. With a black trench coats where they ever brought to your attention do you have any dealings with these young man we didn't see. I mean I may be run I did not see airy cares weren't current and I mean that we raised red exactly I mean a kid wears a black coat well. Am I gonna bring all kids in that Wear black coats I think the national media is trying to make it sound like here's this group we have all these this mafia. Trench or whatever they're calling it walking down the halls. It's not happen and people need to come to Columbine it's the do you feel confident in telling. The parents of the students who are attending a school now that they're safe. Yes. I struggle with this. I had this conversation. With several of my colleagues in my wife and I said fully believe me. Because up until Tuesday. I could stand up there and tell them that it would. Be responsible for providing a safe environment for your sons and daughters and I can promise you that is approved. And I'm thinking will they believe me. But I truly believe. That I can do that you can happen anywhere. No one ever believed it would happen column lionized going to cholera. But hopefully people across the nation people across the state or realized. It can happen in their school it could happen in any school in this Stater any school in the nation no one is immune from a disaster like this happening. I hope we all learn from.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Frank DeAngelis spoke to ABC News days after the school shooting that claimed 13 lives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"54554729","title":"Columbine High School principal speaks in wake of 1999 shooting","url":"/Archives/video/columbine-principal-speaks-wake-1999-school-shooting-54554729"}