Delta Unveils New 5-Star Dishes; Find Out No. 1 Destination in the Caribbean

Rebecca Jarvis gives you a behind-the-scenes look at new trends in travel.
15:34 | 10/29/14

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Transcript for Delta Unveils New 5-Star Dishes; Find Out No. 1 Destination in the Caribbean
Hello and welcome to real bands I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's on our radar. The busiest travel time here it's right around the corner and if you spent entire afternoons at your desk researching that dream vacation. It's OK we've all done it. Well we've got some more eye candy for you take a look at this resort named number one in the Caribbean Bermuda and the Bahamas for its stunning news that architecture. Plus how at a five star meal on the plane chair dream destination top chef Michael here LO is here to tell us what's on the menu. And what's the last thing he bought on line seriously the answer no one expected it's all coming up in the real his rapid fire. But first we want to get right to it from lobster or mind there you see it. Grilled salmon on emirates as fairness and appreciate of one Singapore Airlines and delta is delicious short ribs. These are five star meals. But there on an airplane and there is Boortz eating on an airplane and then just that bag of peanuts and pretzels. In fact it food at 30000 feet has done very high class and to get a taste of the best food in the friendly skies. I sat down with award winning chef Michael hero oh he's been named ask where magazines chef of the year a James Beard finalist for best new restaurant plus. He's all over TV got him on Iron Chef America top chef masters. And of course his Annie award winning show easy entertaining. And now if you're flying delta you can enjoy his food way up in the air because might think you're aloe is now consulting chef for Delta Airlines business elite. Take a look. So. It is a food at 30000. Different. And it's crazy if commit. It's such a joke an iconic Joker really good food 30000 feet and and I want it is impossible you know would he could be in the air. And it is possible you have to you have to brake on the dog mob and a little bit of them is everyone its fleet that is the worst that you could possibly its. Yes under. What it had been that there there's two ways to do with the either they try to halo. OK and that's what they're doing with somebody else's name and we want to do that. And too much work and hands not happy doing the business and see people you couldn't just just take account. So yeah take that out educate here's that this is a kind of food is served at. Exactly how to. Obtained. And translated. To hear well this is actually whom much easier so things that cook longer they get better. Are better from an airplane that makes sense right. So this is this is a very short ribs it's smoke brine smoked and then cook forever ethical forever for the longer can cook some things grew up and goes longer it's okay only get better. In the same thing I'm just thought that way up boxes process of the meat into the braised meats Paula does good because it can stay warm in the Renaissance is they have they have a really well. It's it's trying to break past the B you don't really wanted to flaming on its not a great piece of meat to start with. And and cook wants perfectly it's okay it has every Ethier re heated. The second time so really look at technology to help us out there. Story if there a lesson in this for at oak. Who it you know it doesn't necessarily tapped it in to watch over something. Let me eat what you're doing right now in the sky and the kind of statements that would contain it and I'll make a lot of sense. No absolutely not think things through that they can be re heated later on things he'd on the kitchen between those are great entertaining tips anyway I could sure of that coming out of the oven. Punters made sauces time you get that you have a chance we get to your own party the difference between 30000 feet and here is here is a case for the very very different that high up. And see that comes. He had with punch some flavor you need acid. He needs some spicy need to really kind of cut through. The compression of the Aaron Sears your taste buds your pressurized as well the kind of construct. That's got kind of punch through that a little at the same food on the ground war case on the ground. There is a bit much about time you get up there so want to understand kind of intricacies of that by Taylor of the big airlines. Delta really roll the sleeves up. You pushed to get the premium ingredients keep pushing and the same ingredients that I was 890%. Of ingredients they use my restaurants they're they're vying for learning the person is unbelievable really is unbelievable. You seem like you like to challenge you why you've got books yours yet your restaurant tour. What have you not done at this point that you still wanted to know. Lofton and recount making products and you know as a as a sustainable farmer from winery and really looking organics and and and and and the guy in the war care of the planet. My wife want to companies are compartment that's really taken the fight to the front lines to the front lines where where it needs to be attacked. At the crowd plumbing company for the sustainable for its banks we let us kick starter likely to valuable. But up but also community not to supposed to fund to place but a community of like minded people who use force looks at you have kids on garden project and organic garden at the school and wanna raise some money for that gauntlet thousand dollars to put this in. We get help you do it. But we have Darby farms is a farm stand ice cream company with Jersey house right sellers aren't set pastry what does that mean that means that they they they have the cows and milk the cows and make the ice you're right there like arms that she is sick cal. QD expect account or credit. I'm good to have a right back embarked. Want to buy if we having inmates has has confused. She can eat nuts or nothing Kenny. Most processed all processed foods goes most of the plant that has some not to go through it and has a real high allergy Vickerson and two teenage. Rewarding Iran wants us some of the week we'll just go nuts in the creating a future production kitchen. For companies like mine that want to be a 100% not three things to look at this just on the on the health side but also on the on the chemical free them on GM oh. We're not gonna beat them. I had we're going to be there by setting all these grass fires oppose all Marcos small companies are. Opportunities for this to happen. And you're hoping that they ate rat. A dream funded write this and helped save a plan. And that's my friends to him he Beers who shipments which is here is huge I love and hope there's a whole new role August producer that he's doing it. Yeah I love it because she's much smarter than me what's your piece at its focus. Pick something you do only think about that don't let anybody tell you can't pressure. But don't worry about what what is three years from war and if I like him now working on cocktails around the clock. I'm vote from looking immediate comment on think about this tonic and go as deep as you can be an expert in right as much as you cannot really tell you that you can't. And stuff get quiet and focus that an average you can hopes other. So did Michael here say to those people who told him you can't now and then and an athlete. Wise words from Michael your well we know what Michael T around likes to cook. But at least favorite ingredient and you won't believe what he just ordered on Amazon you heard it here first only in the real ms. rapid fire. I would play a little game with you it's called the real as rapid fire your goat cheese snack after goats you drink. You know this time of the year congress were injured during an on a great use your last meal what would it be I would have. All my family is alive and ethnic cook the family heirloom recipes can submit my hard releasing first familiar member cooking. Nokia my mom the way to my mom mom's arm over my shoulder holding my thumb. One by one count how much you love me how how much cooking mean to hurt announcements every day eight years old. Least favorite ingredient a one note Chile company goes up to here. The station amount forever and I grow as the rest of that they can't even list any kind of music while you're cooking while it I think tend to listen to instrumental. I'm mark -- it was a laughed at he'd Atlantic. I did I did a photo merge that like 7000 photos. And while I was on the plane that was compressing moment last thing you bottom line about from the Cox of the vote tomorrow make my own party. You but red button remote. Online I Amazon. Q data ever treated Hillary it's it's a great tolerant computer confused about but I want to bomb parts themselves on the color. So if anyone's drinking your drinks they don't know what's in bulges. And no I. Designed to capture the lab mission is of Earth's fresh air crystal blue waters is the only resort in Saint Lucia with iconic views of the PD and grow. The rooms at this hotel are tech free there's no phone no television. Forcing him unwind and be at one with nature this year travel and leisure named jade mountain the top resort in the Caribbean Bermuda and the Bahamas. And I sat down with jade mountain co owner and executive director killing Carolyn picture bats going. Welcome Caroline. Kindness to be here so you your husband are really the ultimate entrepreneur hours and you took a huge risk early on tell me about that. Well I think not only entrepreneurs that probably pioneers having discovered a spot in the Caribbean. Over thirty years ago when that nick my husband found. Little place called on shots and in so for us in Kenosha. And without having any knowledge of how hotel should be run decided to. Become a mortality after having in fact been an architect followed. His previous years I think this is a dream actually a lot of people they visit a beautiful place. And they see it and they think what just gave up that life the one that I live every day. And I moved to paradise and I start a hotel. Absolutely thankful for those for the actually have. Take notes that. You never really plan that it's sort of paid fines fuel I think when they came to seduce in the early seventies it did not expect that he would stay infants Lusa. But. The island this is so amazing to landscape and done. I mean as a listen thinks the ritual when this year alone WP tall mountains and really young poked in fab. And he decided to invest with two apartments at that point in in this moment talents harassment and mated to into a world renowned hotel in a few years and then used his architecture background. To build out jade mountain indeed. And that happened a bit late and be opened shaped mountain and the ending of 2006. And which it mountain that had reached the station is not what he really wanted to give some new show not only a new hotel but. Almost like a landmark and since that lung markets facing LP told mountains dug blunt mark hacked to really be goods. It has been so beautiful as the solution special exotic the hotel and resort has been named the top talent resort in the entire Caribbean including the Bahamas. What is that the reason for that what what are some of the great things about what you have to offer. It is in my opinion that logical culmination of an amazing location. Great architecture an amazing suite where you just don't want to ever step aunt again you want to be in your sweet admire the few B one and one without. And of course last but not least to the great was sort team there that really makes every guest Phoenix especially I think that it's a great part of this well. And you also don't do something that I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate you you keep it pretty much tech free. They keep the bristle at tech for a absolutely. I must submit Wi-Fi slipped and and cell phones still work of not guess really insist that cell phones but it is. We would like elegance to coincidentally or not labored on his gadgets and just be un plucked truly and not. And enjoy what is in front of them which is an amazing few that makes you perhaps rethink. What your you know harp is a life should be a rethink your reality absolutely. And held about that you're somewhere where you don't get self retain eight I'm sure it can happen but at the so you you're now offering if it's scoop attacking. Yes that's part of shots and they should mountain sister property and on behalf off let's give a diving since the early eighties we actually in away April at scuba diving to the island of sin Jewish. It was not known then that the island was so fortunate in having fantastic coral reefs. And so we started a small diving operation and apple went diving ever since. When it comes to choosing a location in paradise I think for a lot of people. They see the pictures on the Internet they looked beautiful but people are always skeptical because sometimes you you show up at it it doesn't. Look the way that it looks and the pictures. What's your number one piece of advice to people who are booking vacations over the Internet. It's an interesting question. I mean for us I'm always happy when a client says to us you know you gave us more than we expected to the pictures do not do it justice which is allowed to say when UCL pictures they're not ugly. Yet and I've been there and I CNN and the pictures are beautiful but it it's very different to be looking out on the photos may be it's a good thing to check them out because that truly beautiful place looks beautifully even when Condit shots are taken. Right so go to those at sites like have determined by their count and that kind of thing yet how does that change your business knowing that there is an online world of online reviews. And keep seeking comment saying anything. You know it's it's a challenge Fuller tells I think because sometimes we feel perhaps put on the spot. In not always a fan way right bets on the other side if you do run. A professional hotel. And if you strive everyday to to give you guess the best possible customer experience than kitty you have this under control and your number one piece of advice to people who are looking Q book vacations honeymoons in paradise when's the best time here to book. The Karen didn't in my opinion it's a place that you can miss it here around. I feel that sound. The bad rap with sometimes get about hurricanes in the summer season and that's mainly access plus that live in the Caribbean I was actually thinking this morning that New York seem to happen but at six both of the Caribbean. So you don't say to visitors and that come to New York stay away from the organism as isn't and I would get the same applies to travelers. For the Caribbean it's a great place full of them. We'll avoid a year we don't have you know trump that don't not to keep changing temperatures. Generally of course the winter season is the that the Hyde a month season because it's cold every wells but come any time. Coming here are your only other candidate yeah and how do you get the best deal. You know nowadays it is really make sense to look around on the Internet but there's also nothing wrong insists fighting to a hotel and asked him directly what's bout you know the best deal you can also put this period and usually we would in fact tell. Such a person what what is available thank you so much for joining us on campus really but it was a place thank you. Right the hotel directly who knew what they so much for joining us some real biz like us tweet us at Rebecca Jarvis. And comment below and from the ABC news headquarters here in New York City am Rebecca Jarvis have a great day.

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