Epic Tech Flops of 2013

From Facebook Home to Twitter music, there's a reason you've never heard of these
3:00 | 12/19/13

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Transcript for Epic Tech Flops of 2013
And ABC news technology editor Joanna stern is here with the epic tech sales of 2013 if you haven't heard of them. There is a reason for that -- you love to follow the epic -- now. -- she do you like -- do you -- the the failed stories or the big stories of success I think. Good partisan don't know if it's going to be -- now and you kind of get that feeling that they know like maybe he's gonna pull through 200 -- for someone to pay of course not I -- you feel it felt like. You look at these things is you you -- so much technology I -- are there any signs that something is going to be fail ahead of time that you just know in your gut it's not gonna work out. I mean. There's definitely reviews -- I I'd definitely. When you get a product in your hand and you see that the user experience isn't great you kind of get the feeling -- maybe this is going to be great. And then when you see it sort of not resonate with users then you're really sure that. I had a -- in this wasn't for this company so what what -- the hijacker or the thing that turned out to really be -- this year -- the first one I've been talking about -- -- become this was Facebook's effort to sort of get into the phone space they increase their own -- decreed this shall for android sort of Mac user experience that put FaceBook to front -- -- I'm on your. Android Smartphone. The thing -- that it really just only gave you FaceBook and you would turn on your phone and you just see photos of your FaceBook news feed could -- its control what you are seeing. Some odd things used. I think what I weirdest thing you sides -- at a actually say it was a treated it was like a photo that someone had coming through Twitter a it was a semi naked guy you and -- sort of opening your -- like YE is this man is one of those -- like had to look closer and it wasn't naked guy it was like some sort of either being you know -- -- -- yeah here yeah yeah I'll leave it there so basically you're honest -- I I wanted to be and -- -- be as honest about -- thought this was that was -- out for -- -- was had to do with naked men pulled out of Samsung galaxy year yes digits. Together -- stamping -- -- -- was another -- it -- and similar to FaceBook it just didn't have a great user experience the whole point of Smart watches was supposed to be that you don't -- -- -- -- all the -- right but why is it better to be looking down your -- all the time in navigating through menus so I think Smart watches are going to be a huge thing in 2014. I think that there early -- -- from Samsung was sort of like let's just get something out let's be ahead of the curve here we haven't always been ahead of the curve. And that didn't work out the best and they just wanted to -- work hard hats -- any part of the threat who you think will be the big names for that. Portion of the next -- I think I think it's going to be a battle between on the big companies and where we're obviously hearing Apple's gonna be in the race Google as well on Microsoft rumors have. There -- rumors about Microsoft as well so I think it's going to be a space to watch. Thank you can't watch it. Yes related. I -- watching Blackberry for so many years now it is sad story because I actually I still use the Blackberry for work I know I'm because I can eat it because I like to type on the screen and -- -- Aikman and -- they're new they're turning to Z ten. He didn't have the screen that everybody loved and rely on rates and have a keyboard that's when everybody needs it and and then -- came. Out with one with a Q ten it had the keyboard but the whole story of Blackberry was too little too late even if it was a great product and solace with Microsoft this year to with the surface. Even if it was a great product. Other products had just become so much better in the years that they took to catch up. And -- this story it's a sad story about not innovating past night not. Not keeping ahead of the trends so yeah I'm I am with you there excess I think many of my fans now I'm a huge Blackberry fan IE. Love the keyboard back. I just don't know how much longer will be using them. Well -- minister. We always appreciate hearing from you and I want to congratulate you because you'll be moving on from ABC news right now as are lots it is the Wall Street -- game but in the new year everybody could college administered -- be heading over to the Wall Street -- we always love talking with you and -- hope to they'll be here on -- up of course I'm very always welcome here on -- I would not talk about naked man -- -- Comments and that's very actually I can't OK well mobile will hold you to write for as much we've -- -- my epic -- -- -- Join ministered never fail -- -- ministered thank you so why is your best wishes with everything in the street journal genuinely happy new here.

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{"id":21277427,"title":"Epic Tech Flops of 2013 ","duration":"3:00","description":"From Facebook Home to Twitter music, there's a reason you've never heard of these ","url":"/Business/video/epic-tech-flops-2013-21277427","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}