Facebook Facelift: Social Media Puts Pressure on People to Get Plastic Surgery

NYC's top cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir reveals how new technology makes noninvasive medical makeovers more affordable to Main street.
5:02 | 06/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Facebook Facelift: Social Media Puts Pressure on People to Get Plastic Surgery
It really our next guest is a plastic surgeon and he says that the cosmetic surgery industry. Is exploding as social media users aim for perfect for of because a lot going on on -- right now. Literally thanks -- -- right next to me. Believe what a welcome our next guest is doctor rob think this year and he is -- triple board certified basal facial plastic surgeon in New York. And it's so nice to have you with us doctor thank your record you made it through all of the chaos that was going on behind the scenes here as he walked -- the sentence spices were being thrown every which way. -- -- -- -- I think it. -- I'll get well we will talk to you about oh hello what do you bringing out with you. -- glasses so Google glasses tell me about that how are you using the. So we decided to use these as a little rid of advanced technology into. Better video and electronically document are patient encounters -- to do a lot of teaching and when. Other positions. Medical students are watching surgeries they can be in another room watching -- on live TV when I'm have these on and actually doing the service. This is the incredible promise of Google -- when when they first came out everybody was wondering how is the consumer gonna use these but one of the big things was that the medical community. Would be using this. But when you think about the world of 2.0 and what the medical community is looking into we're hearing about some pretty crazy surgeries people are going through -- -- -- of pressure really pressure from social -- you hear that from patients. We hear that -- thank god for -- fees because that's increased. The patient. Self inspection and they come in and -- rates of not just our rates and our office for national rates. Surgeries. Injectable procedures cosmetic procedures has gone through the -- Good for business. But does it concern you at all that somebody would walk in and say I just I'm not liking myself -- I want to change myself. Well -- I think the -- he's just bring attention to things that have already exists in America. Our job is to filters through gotten decide what's -- -- and what's not. We -- hearing about some pretty crazy surgeries. Beat the snake tongue. What is best. You know god just recently heard about myself that it's something of you know I would have to say -- -- That's that. Tomorrow the pictures up of some of the wild things that -- plastic surgery years seeing these days and then you would say no evidence. I absolutely with singer that anything that's not reversible from. So what other crazy things of people asking for people ask him about. You know it's doing rejuvenation to the hand because their engagement rings or show off their hands they want to show off their arms. If they've. Had massive weight loss and they have. Harm -- skin hanging that's doable but just because someone wants to -- congressional mama doesn't mean they're gonna get a scar from their elbow to that are. Armpit what's most common procedure you're -- So the most common procedures were seeing and over all age groups are noninvasive non surgical procedures. That involve no down time no recovery. No garments no needles so those are cool sculpting. Involve freezing -- they can be done during the summer you know have to Wear compression garment. You can do injectable -- -- their tools like puma and you can do energy devices -- America about our. Sound waves -- radio waves that tighten your skin inside out. They tighten your skin inside they tighten your skin inside -- there's no downtime they work. On the right patient they're not surgical face -- but for somebody in their thirties and forties are really beneficial. Your -- doctor in New York yes things are a little bit different New York -- they are in other parts of the country absolutely. What is the average patient expecting to -- see you. It depends for nonsurgical things anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars and surgical procedures like face -- and run a positive several thousand homes. Several thousand dollars yes and there's people who are doing this more than one time in their life ethically. They are again this is not Hollywood we don't. We -- the Hollywood over Donald. So we are proponents for something natural we even had processors fashion -- last year reports approved. That proper -- done in the right patients. Surgical procedures were there cosmetic procedures -- -- surgical and nonsurgical can be just right and actually help people have better self esteem and for the better life. You do think as -- better self esteem after the fact. You have to be around when we take -- -- -- noses are faceless and look look at the patient's eyes and then -- answer my question. Doctor -- tickets here thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it thank you for having me appreciate it. And after you get your medical make over to look like a celebrity.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"NYC's top cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir reveals how new technology makes noninvasive medical makeovers more affordable to Main street.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"24322726","title":"Facebook Facelift: Social Media Puts Pressure on People to Get Plastic Surgery ","url":"/Business/video/facebook-facelift-social-media-puts-pressure-people-plastic-24322726"}