Google Planning Wireless Offering?

Google strikes deals with T-Mobile and Sprint to offer wireless service, according to reports.
3:00 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for Google Planning Wireless Offering?
Okay. It's Thursday January 22 the markets in New York are open in the big number this morning 196 billion. The value of the in tires US wireless industry. And now Google wants these of that action. First reported by the website information Google will sell wireless service directly to customers. What they're going to be doing is utilizing some reselling agreements with carriers sprint T-Mobile. Now according to sources there when I'm Dan Cutler in New York hear the tales and Google's latest ambition Jeff MacKey from Yahoo! finance mr. MacKey. My question is this it's a little unclear about how brought these offerings are going to be about why is cool looking and yes. Google Qaeda wants to be part of your on ramp to the Internet and no matter what form you choose to get there. It's all about the ad dollars added they're not to registering nice people but they signed this deal with sprint and T-Mobile again it terms is really unclear but the basic idea. Is that Google would go into the business of getting people online and I am gonna go on a limb here and suggest. That there will be certain preferences and and pre selections in those online plans that leave you lead you to Google properties. And that is really what Google's laughter because all of that whether it's if there's money in and kind of tracking where you go online and there's money and advertising Google wants. A big chunk of that pod as in all of it. Our. From bluntly said there what exactly that we resell a mobile service I mean it's a bit of a headache is a non. Yeah it is you know there's a lot of much smaller companies that are in this is not the same thing is building out a huge network. But I can't remember that that there have started from scratch is not Jeff in damp selling it mobile service and back actually years ago I got sent a company that did just that. It's actually just repackaging of existing wireless plans from made the source themselves. It allows Google or will allow Google to chop it up however they want they can get different kind of offerings. Taylor there's offerings and and it would be a headache if you didn't have access to analysts. Databases and ways that you can sliced and chopped and dice up this data so you know it's not really going to be Google. It but the play here is not for them to make an extra twenty cents on your wireless bill the play as much larger map it's all about aggregating your data. So what exhibit is sprint and T-Mobile have to gain business. Well Google is is that got the guts of the android operating system mr. and T-Mobile. Obviously they're just in the market share game and so Google has a huge chunk of just about every market that are part of so what they gain from it is the marketing clout of Google. And so that presumably will drive more people onto their services rather than say Verizon or the other alternatives now Google presumably will get in to bad. With Verizon is well. But it never hurts to have more marketing muscle behind you especially you don't have to pay for and if your T-Mobile. Specifically trying to make it much easier for folks to to understand their bill for to be more transparent. You kinda like those those extra cost they are giving up of the revenues are getting out. To be subsidized somehow in Google's apparently willing to do with the deep pockets oh he's the what does it mean for consumers may raise its going to be a better service pop possibly out there for four providers. May be you know eight kids we don't have great Internet service the United States and so more competition the better. We've added some consolidation in the industry but basically we're ham strung by kind of limited technology technological capabilities. So if go look it's it is business and meaningful way hopefully what they'll have is that the Everett operating system interface of the Internet and more elegant way. But it also will be a driver of tapping into the Google acts programs which are a lot of ever always a lot ever fancier kind of more ambitious technology endeavors that Google's getting into. That would eventually lead to faster and gotten better service more competition the better in this age right now this whole model of a fifty page cellphone bill that is absolutely impenetrable. Thirteen of accountants just is it so antiquated it's almost a bears as a nation that we do this. Dividend makes fun afternoon reading this Sunday so a with a gun when it how the dot I hadn't told meter reader of the mice cell phone bill I would tell you issue. That book about it. So I would as well as speak more broadly take a look at this that your peers at the bank is making this huge bond buying program public there how the markets reacting to the markets liked it at. First you know this isn't nice British showbiz ought to out of your they'd leaked. To a aid and other reliable news source that are is going to be fifty billion Euro amount came hours sixty billion Euro amount. Essentially for ever at least until September 2016. Trying dig create inflation which you and I talk around whenever we get want to eat the idea that you jet give goods or at any price. Europe has a deflation issue and so they're gonna print money chuck money out at all of the United States. It's good amount about one point two trillion by the time they get done with this plan and hopefully by van it'll be a little more expensive to buy European goods. Fingers crossed keep going mr. MacKey at a Thursday morning have a good days they're huge they're. Of course you keep up latest headlines here and You know watching the big number I'm Dan where New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Google strikes deals with T-Mobile and Sprint to offer wireless service, according to reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"28398776","title":"Google Planning Wireless Offering?","url":"/Business/video/google-planning-wireless-offering-28398776"}