Actress Jamie Chung on How She Turned Unemployment Into Opportunity

Episode 106: Actress and style blogger Jamie Chung talks about her work, upcoming projects, and how reality television shaped her career.
3:00 | 09/08/16

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Transcript for Actress Jamie Chung on How She Turned Unemployment Into Opportunity
Well I certainly a freak out moments really yeah as a last freaked out con man I mean you know as an actor Heath England. This job is unchanged. My career it's gonna really connect going to be weren't gonna government. And you don't get it or you get a and it doesn't do anything and so it's just different. Perception of your working your goals and link what's real and what should matter you know. Or. Breaking in to you Hollywood what was the biggest surprise when you've got there. This is heart this is hard work and there's a hundred other girls that let me ask me and you're just as talented. So mentally when you're going that initially to keep yourself from thinking. Don't take yourself out and you mean it's it's it's easy to come into a room with other girls waiting night and son. At Somerset and she's on firing three shows. She's pretty anxious sent its physical well I mean African eminently it's it's hard not to compare yourself but. Ultimately you just don't know what they're looking sport doesn't complain and you need to enjoy yourself when you have. People who were seen reality T at 80 this isn't stepping stone is a guarantee it's definitely not stepping stone keynote speech I play it just makes things a little bit harder. Ray because it casting directors CU and I'll see them as a man. She's not she's one of exactly. I did the real world during my sophomore year of college it was a life experience it didn't think that it was innocently and this. You know successful film career I'm not saying I have one but. You know it's not the best segue into film and TV. So how did you get past that yeah you first. Full disclosure I did watcher c.s and highly this Smart girl. Even dig you came across as this marker. And I think that that people will come across the Smart ones. Are there wasn't due tend to do it like a little bit about a little chatter so how did you get past that I'm sure that inside. You were worried about how people would perceive you casting directors but even low on sat you know you don't want them to think and you own the girl from reality no absolutely not hanging you you putting your hard. Working you putting your dues into the hours spent in bunch of actuaries just to get. And comfortable on sat and just to see how things work the best place to start either PA action assistant. Or i.'s action because you really see how things work on and then from there registered booking. One liners deepening rolls weekly playing roles. And two a re occurring just the role of Scott Baker so it's it was a learning experience particulars and it's still an uphill. I don't look at the rules. So did you want been hurt you why I gravitated towards. Performing. So yes and middle school I was in a theater club. And high school at played sports in college I constantly score and then went graduated colleges like OK let's let's get real would you really. So I have two or three years kind of master around and not to my parents went exactly my plans are what it says if you told that your game would've worry so much like it would of age than tremendously because their authority except warriors. I really want unity and one and EA acting thing going me. To teaching university. Or work and huge firm released that they wanted ways for me she's at college which you did as an economics as the between economics and business and you know coming from an incorrect immigrant and lean mean. My parents and graduate college the highest level of education is so it was really important. To them that I got angry. And senior out of college you have a degree in economics what we doing as originally years. I was working part time me. Clothing store at sinking a rally on her it's. In Los Angeles so what was your mindset and did you did you feel like it was going to happen for you how it was an uphill battle sometimes you'll get. Crazy dry spells. I had two years was where when I was an important concern provide. He hangs you come so close to getting something and the disappointment he just can't put all your eggs in one basket. Each is going to your thing to the best and actually do and chests and linking to act like that's. The biggest lesson in not so much that one's better than the other chest at different went there I mean it's apples and it's actually went into people actually. So that's how you keep your your your sanity. Any of your life likely can't meet your work does not define. It's what I hard way. Hanging with the wrong travel. Decision book something like at trip a vacation a book which cities have to continue to live your life you finally. Yeah I think graduate and I came here lately was their home. Where you felt like I'd meet all of these dreams that I had little girl and too scared to talk about parents. Some question I feel. It's not so much career based it's always nice to be working in currently we're both working. We need that a little and we adopted Darby Mariane eat lack look at fifty. And it's a feeling that in this is the must complete at never now what's your number when he's been nice to people who. It's persistence and it is absolutely hard work on. I think you have to know. Exactly what you want and you have to know. Everything that comes with it it's that good and the bad because nothing's ever perfect spots sixteen. To eighteen hour days it's. And the bitter cold or in the heat of some really it's not as glamorous as everyone. Thanks being different and money traveling it's keeping her and uprisings. Continuing. You have to make looking for yourself so it's important it. To diversify. Your hobbies. And your career by. It's been important to enjoy what you do obviously your very active as an actor and are working with IRS. Tell me about that so I found EY at a shelter and fortunately the shelter was not on pet finder. But it would have saved me so much trouble. I. I is this guy. This sprained knee highs reaching a little Terry Max sees me intently but at different option and confined there on pet. I'm very dot com or call and tell me and us and tell ago Toyota is a little boy recently pats pats had it right. But there appeared here. But in college and I volunteered. Her. Oh and don't mind that over here is celebrating. Pet miners twentieth anniversary. Of the organization started listening six and it's the largest. Network of adoptive. So far they. They found 25 million. Hats. And meaning and other area pain came up. And down and even a minor dot com and I you'll find a little video and click on the video because once it hits and millions there and into 2000 dollars. Different shelters he.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Episode 106: Actress and style blogger Jamie Chung talks about her work, upcoming projects, and how reality television shaped her career.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"41946885","title":"Actress Jamie Chung on How She Turned Unemployment Into Opportunity","url":"/Business/video/jamie-chung-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-41946885"}