The Must-Have Makeup Kit for the Traveling Working Woman

Rebecca Jarvis goes one-on-one with Stowaway Cosmetics Founder Julie Fredrickson on Real Biz.
4:01 | 05/15/15

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Transcript for The Must-Have Makeup Kit for the Traveling Working Woman
Yeah right now 98 Frederick things you CEO and founder of snow we cosmetics it's all snow. Happens to be telling you received patent threats that evening that was that we. When this thing is that I didn't come true now. Tell me more about Stanley cosmetics giving the 32 elevator banks. There's so it's you love and I didn't carry it so I Outkast put and he finished in the state. The public. Is designs in plus size and I never pitch there. Carry with you and let's means that women aren't barring any more were on the go work constantly mobile. Six science. Actually our lifestyles. When he didn't act expire as you're supposed to throw paint. Really makes sense doesn't explain to us into women's lines typically it's the current standards are not so. Still leans right I think that beauty and cosmetics is going to be different Eagles. More than Apple's industry that's heavily consolidated. It's very large eaten any industry 70% of the cosmetics industry knowledge and practice and US opponents to sixty billion dollar industry. So it's sickening to be very intriguing to detect. How different from the Xbox yeah. So. Now it's very difficult to remind me arts and sciences them more lights Allen isn't actually. Yeah. And can either box plugs aren't gifts that's what three product actually won't. And so I didn't look like it passed tillage these things that are reasonable signs but it's not products like its formula you like. Reliable products to speak you loved ice packs she carried. It has been no option aren't quite so he wanted to find something else think you there at this could cost. Your company lives. Only a few months ago and slight. If at all I think at. That. That must sit ups have learned is just. How I didn't hand as women are really excited about the project tonight. New into would've eaten would be true but actual reality hoping that getting all of the products out instantly having all of them. Isn't around it really works we're learning. But of course problems every startup wants to outrage because that didn't show it is quite. First. But if you don't get the product when they want it ain't gone think Mike and again. And that's always liked the challenges can't write his thing that might have us sick and we're going to get him most. You're direct to consumer can't start out your time right. Now we're trying to sport at the beach you can't find products like this some more. Stand up the plot structures of excellent. Experience. Isn't the only through the markets up not only themselves but they're retail partners explore Nordstrom. That's plots seem to manufacture smaller height of the large write offs in the packaging. Actually prosecute these brands to sell him park which is why can't reliably. Smaller sign. Act like you and your fault and in 75 dollars yet so full fitness and we can't speak all of the little black dress you can just reliable count on throwing your bags don't want to six items. And it retails for Sammy and it always by the individual products as well there's nothing more lenient and getting a product that you don't want that an off. We're going to be quite you can find snowing its toll cosmetics act. You think you're like yeah yeah.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Rebecca Jarvis goes one-on-one with Stowaway Cosmetics Founder Julie Fredrickson on Real Biz. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"31078111","title":"The Must-Have Makeup Kit for the Traveling Working Woman","url":"/Business/video/makeup-kit-traveling-working-woman-31078111"}