Printing Money Live From the Bureau of Engraving and Printing

ABC News' Meghan Hughes takes a tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Cleveland.
23:11 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Printing Money Live From the Bureau of Engraving and Printing
I'm begging you for the ABC news them at the bureau at the great pain and printing. Government agencies that actually produces something and that money. And joining us now is the director of this agency landed. Only our lending he's so much for. Thank you Megan it's great to welcome you to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. I an average day we make about 300 million dollars worth currency face value. A year here in our factory in Washington DC that we also have a manufacturing facility. And Fort Worth, Texas. What we're X does about 60% of our manufacturing program and about 40% and here and here in one of our newest area as we recently made a conversion company currently on. 32 subjects with 32 I'm 5250. Notes on that he did not have an example to show you the size of the sheet that we went from. And what we went to. Notice the few dollars. Thirty teams that day. A much larger. And you started this. That is needed this the way but right now you're only doing one dollar bill knows his way. We're going to. When he heard Harriet Tubman it's going to be the news 5 lead and morning. The process redesign. And it is primarily being done for. Five. Data security free it's better security reason behind that that would be less likely. Right counter fit a 100. There's really no different. Marine life. But for us. You know I could. Behind bed. Toward the colorful thing. We thought of one dollar. Learn the classes we're gonna graduate up. More complex hired him. Car wreck most people don't benefits of one dollar note. We're gonna happen it's. Going after the morning. You mentioned how much you guys making a day. If we do about 300. Dollars face value that day and 90% of the per. Just goes from. I expect we'll. Going away. That night bad. But over the past five years the M. Hurry here. Probably overly complex. But having. You know how much. Beckham underwear on any given day I know that that you're correct your directive given by the federal prisoner haven't they know I'm his. He got even lean ground here one here that you're here than another hearing actually demand for currency is very season. Well I'm. I believe this. Already we think that order down by month by week that manufactures and packages are production. And the world. Actually a significant. I am going to flip camera around and went. Little bit of a tour of the building and we'll. Look up not relent in the Lincoln walked through how exactly elephants were. This building. Here he wrapped around them. We keep them. Safe while there dried he's one of these backs have 5000. You're probably not happen. In dollar purse back. The say that one more time for the Atlanta. How much in one of the neck. He's talking about a half 500. And dollar have a. Billion dollars. 1000000500. Million and how much money early. I'm. Thirty. Turns me. Look engineered LCD. Can hear a lot. When they are cut. I'm into left. The doctor. Here's a study. Cut and who can strike supplied dollar notes. First I'd note. Under out of my tools anymore. And that his hideouts were never told me hey got canceled they know right away if there's a full messing. I'm going. This is inspecting. Cap and it happened in second notice any. Is replaced with a different strap and the serial numbers. And are different samples are member after them to show them that to replace him. Her letter originally was there. And and the original Stratton is destroyed. You'll notice everything about a made it these days. Used to be a machine today there are highly technical sophisticated. Computer. Word salad. They make you. He 1000 notes in a strap. And they go here to the no calendar. AFLAC. And that's a very technical terms it got to make sure that there's 1008. It's back. Side. They'll have to remedy. They have fun though going. They're coming. Here they go. You never. The next. That's no great. Final ring. You for the quarter. Atlanta. We're now my. Nowadays it. Certainly made our job and the veterans of the issuing authority. A lot easier by having that flexibility. And as somebody go to Atlanta but some of it goes around the world. Batteries that are kids currency to a number of different countries and they've got storage locations internationally. Picture that we meet demand. Because the United States currency. We get a tremendous benefit I'd certainly the international. Last year the Federal Reserve returned over seventy billion dollars of the United States treachery from the currency business there's over 38. Billion notes in circulation. One point four trillion dollars. And growing as I noted earlier. And Linda let you go just to recap what we're looking at today that this is fifty subject printing. The started about two years ago. We're still doing just one dollar bills. Things. What's the future what excites you about this time it's. Other exciting part of this technology expert that we combine cream manufacturing processes. Into one so we get much more efficiency by doing that reviews later in addition and you go from thirty to fifty. You're talking about a 50% productivity. Increase destined to prove what alone in manufacturing. So this is the future for us Harriet Tubman note. Definitely going to be printed on these machines. We're redesigning. The five attend and that warning us tremendously exciting here we're bringing. New technology. We're going to be looking for a new manufacturing facility in the Washington. In DC area were redesign currency and as my wife and two daughters as saying you finally putting a woman on the nation's apparently. So I've had made them happy and a lot of other people in the accurately about kind of we recognize that. Her with us. We're at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. An exciting time to be here and making music BC news.

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{"duration":"23:11","description":"ABC News' Meghan Hughes takes a tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Cleveland.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"40708664","title":"Printing Money Live From the Bureau of Engraving and Printing","url":"/Business/video/printing-money-live-bureau-engraving-printing-40708664"}