Selfridges in London is Celebrating Christmas in August

ABC News' Louise Dewast visits the department store's Christmas shop that has open more than 100 days before the Holiday season.
7:26 | 08/03/16

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Transcript for Selfridges in London is Celebrating Christmas in August
Hi I'm you read their lives for ABC news digital in London says it might be located and it might be hunted and bullets and three days until Christmas. But it just kind of Potvin and you like the plot and did not and is looking worry so much to do your Christmas shopping. Well come to London. We aren't confident. The high end a pop and soul right in Central London and this week they open their Christmas itself. Pretty good spot the common goal and wants it to DC I think they have 50000. Accessories and right now on sale minute political I want to show you some of the cool event great that they have. So they're good thanks. Sons. Vessel of the Christmas still in the full. And don't go on some high incidence 1000. Decoration. Signals a different kind and I could that they have been reopened behind this behind opening. This still still onion the VA is not well an undisclosed has not some terrorist and this still has an audit that turned my comment and and you know why not why Europe may do your Christmas shopping. Don't S. And give you a bit of background on this Philip south exit says. Self is is that not being founded by an American I don't Michaels Harry golden suffrage do you and the still in 1986. He came from Chicago had in 1999. And he came from Chicago in 1986. Highs and hidden meadow ways. He wanted to make shopping adventurous and fun. He didn't want it to be yet boring told say this is very fitting to what he wanted to do here and and this apartments sold. A tiny they have. More than a thousand different kinds and cause of Christmas. Uneasy this is that small connection. Very British. So pretty do you beautiful Christmas bulls Whipple hunt picked behind. That Chris ms. byers says stoppages have a Christmas fire. And I think she's actually ended that and I'm gonna. Trying hostage to question. I've been sick she selected views or hates he. And I think they were old times means. In Hungary that's made. On the states that will will Duffy Oscar bound side. Lots of spawned cold. Say this FEMA. This Christmas child this is sign on and I'm shall. She'll be able to tell us more about that and talk about some of the trend. And self is by the way is the second dodges department's soil in the UK off to how art which is bullet. Another iconic they'll. And on didn't have a nice thing yeah it's me into anything in their red lined with ABC this adult fare husband Bob and Bob fifth. Still all of this you bought us some of the biggest front. That you may have been working on. Well I'm affiliate of the unit shipments to China and beat him Tennessee which is good I'm actually nothing. China is bucking the Christmas night I think that he likes to remind them I mean it is like. Beneath and behind the scenes flat until the thousands them. Say it's been really nice thing to look with but it's been some interesting things happen. In Christmas fix it. We had. There's been an assessment technology is made its faith in this in the milk sickness was but needs to be every. This statement by lights that you could want from me on I'm sad thing. Powell a break by not anything that sees fit them not to for the time you want problem. Sit tight and then would be welcome to happen treatment and then would have come Cleveland State medical tests that we think is typical leading into a different era. But of course always the nice things for the ferry with them at the tree comfortable listening on the tree and I think six. Here is have to have a huge variety. Payment of route premiere at them but these. Everybody's looking for it's taken. I have written and not very big trend this new ways Brett Carson Lyon. That race and that is something that some people are coming normal. Choosy about it won't take some reference to the fence at christmastime and doing something. Customized makes extremely. And it's true and very funny thing. Getting an amen sheet wrapping paper and innings I think. Big creek expects to you this makes little mention. Since people didn't say that if it is came to mean began celebrating Christmas and a look at benefited. Let's keep it was still look what's. Or else. Yes especially and it gets us mean of course not any kind mind. Stockton customers but instead on my friends and an Iowa company is doing airline in the beats them behind you and putting its history. But at this. We wouldn't do it that pesticides weren't enough that's been on the appropriate. Punishment in my ankle Christmas. Exhibit Alley they await signs. And a lot of people who harvesting aunts from within the coming in from the boat and what it cost becoming system which is I think this is saying. It's an opportunity for them to get something. I can I think is also given Barrow says a lot of this that it typically British icon Hank. And decoration. And there had he that you could show on that are looking at where Americans in American meat every enough to feed them in bed. Very sick or if you have some in mind that we can get seeing. Cool sensitive he had been hit. I can't. I think we have missed this action. Six oh yeah this one of comic book and is at this time he found London. She's 113. None of the am having any TV eating cat woman loves a woman in every every punk. I'm we have them something. I'm but the ms. Clinton. I'd love it this problem setting goals. And on any of them because it is sad that he needs and it on this once it hits that these. Different. Great gray. We'll think you say unless math for you it's my hope you enjoyed that's all I'm doing and I screamed when you've been on and on then thanks relaxing.

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{"duration":"7:26","description":"ABC News' Louise Dewast visits the department store's Christmas shop that has open more than 100 days before the Holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"41096048","title":"Selfridges in London is Celebrating Christmas in August","url":"/Business/video/selfridges-london-celebrating-christmas-august-41096048"}