After 20 Years? The Counting Crows Still Got It

Adam Duritz reveals how the industry has evolved and the art of touring.
2:42 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for After 20 Years? The Counting Crows Still Got It
If you see that. It's been twenty years since their debut album and in that time -- Counting Crows have sold more than twenty million albums. And other out with some live cuts on the latest album echoes of the outlaw road show and they're taking that road show on the road kicking off the US summer tour with their friends the wall flowers and we got front man the crows. At under -- here with us -- we appreciate you stopping by. Thinking I gotta get out there on a huge fan right now because the fact matter was this is my senior high school level I'm dating myself Daytona Beach and it was mr. Jones the entire time itself. I'm a big thank you for those memories. -- so and the twenty years' time how much as the industry changed to mean it's you guys have definitely seen a lot of things -- ago. Reminds me a lot of when -- starting out because college radio and in the labels are bigger than. And they're kind of back can now knowing because of the Internet. But not a record industry disappeared. What I mean what's it like doing taking a show internationally mean when you're playing to different audiences -- mean gene you design -- set around hearings on your playlist around them depending on what. You know this popular what's playing with that artist whatever you guys are feeling now exams I was trying to Serena it's easier than -- we just would change it every night the panel wanna play. On the tour you forget that moment where you're either up onstage and you are you playing for yourself your playing for the crowd. I'm playing with the guys on stage most generally think of banking announced the -- I know I guys who really do. Seem to like. He kind depended on the crowd but that can be a North American crowd that I just I think it's best play in. I don't know -- I've always kind of like it's out there. And I'm really glad -- But. You can't really involved and we are -- it is the change in nineteen where's the -- -- was up there together. And also they're not gonna give you anything. But then that the pajamas and these are gonna be that -- you sings in the differently threat and that's good to listen for relatives are out there mean. I think you're just you're cheating them if you go into much tension -- plane. We're also looking forward in the torso enough -- and so and -- -- -- thank you stopped by the best luck continues thanks very much.

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{"id":19386206,"title":"After 20 Years? The Counting Crows Still Got It","duration":"2:42","description":"Adam Duritz reveals how the industry has evolved and the art of touring.","url":"/Entertainment/video/20-years-counting-crows-19386206","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}