3/21/1990: Julia Roberts Dishes on 'Pretty Woman' Sex Scenes

The actress talks about her severe nerves before filming romantic scenes with co-star Richard Gere in the 1990 film.
4:20 | 03/23/15

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Transcript for 3/21/1990: Julia Roberts Dishes on 'Pretty Woman' Sex Scenes
May have seen her shining performance in the role of the sweet southern Belle and steel magnolias she was nominated for an Academy Award. Actress Julia Roberts talks with Chantal this morning about the challenges she faces now in her latest movie pretty woman. She plays opposite Richard Gere in a dramatically different role. After a chance meeting with the corporate mogul played by Richard Gere. Judy Roberts character a prostitute. Is lured off the streets of Los Angeles. And into a new way of life. Who were going. Brooke. I think it calculator. Had a really good. Warren's board of ma. I'm now. Not to really mean bowl but she's got some kind of hero element to our whereas she's kind of over by the end of the movie she's overcome so much. And he's not really a hard nosed hooker to begin when she just can't got caught up Bennett. And I think that's home. You appreciate her triumph over her own kind of life the romantic and sexy scenes and pretty woman are very romantic and Mary sexy. The clear a set when you do those kind of scenes. Well. As I've never done this kind of stuff before so and I was really nervous and I get hot they say kids and I get a high. And but the funny thing as is that. We become such a family this particular crew we became so close to another that by the time a scene like this came up. Everyone knowing the way that I felt and and you know my my. Kind of value ideas if about it and then my own personal ideas about it and my problems were that are what have you. That by the time we got down to anything that really was a bit kind of scary everybody was mourners some Iowa. Julie is most recent movie was steel magnolias. Co starred with Sally Field Julia was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role as Shelby and she's already won a Golden Globe. Congratulations on your Golden Globe for best supporting actress and steel magnolias. When you're sitting there knowing you're competing with all those other fabulous. People and you her juror name announced what happened in Sidon did you. Kinds. Adding get hives but I couldn't get out of my chair I got really him. I got. Well I think individual and up on mount the campaign but his big I couldn't I was really stunned and I. And I started to get up and I couldn't get up and sat back down and cast again in the and then act by and then Sally came up and if she kissed me and he said I'm really happy if you're telling him go NAFTA go on mount. And it taught me what it's like to be real winners better than me really nervous before until. You are of course speaking of Sally Field one of your co stars who by the way says about you she's hotter than a burning tree you. You know. Sally. Is it to me he's like that and now. Now she's as a friend minutes and it's fellow actor she's given me everything. That I could ever need and she's really amazed and she's always there for me I mean even. Even now you know a couple weeks ago it's going through some stuff sounds there boom Mike moms not listen. She's really tremendous all of the people who have worked with you. And people who live talk to say one thing about you never changes and that's a sense of purity you have. About you had to you do. I just. Well I mean I guess is why you do this will be you know if you do this because you don't. Have if it's your identity. Now. If I was own Julia Roberts the actors who. Without that money anything but that's not doing them I'd rather be you know Julia Roberts. Somebody's friend Julia Roberts now somebody's. Buddy you know some daughter you know and just. Because Julie Roberts actor that's a thousand in the only.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"The actress talks about her severe nerves before filming romantic scenes with co-star Richard Gere in the 1990 film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"29847598","title":"3/21/1990: Julia Roberts Dishes on 'Pretty Woman' Sex Scenes","url":"/Entertainment/video/3211990-julia-roberts-dishes-pretty-woman-sex-scenes-29847598"}