Armie Hammer on the making of 'Call Me by Your Name'

Hammer appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about the new film "Call Me by Your Name."
19:47 | 01/17/18

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Transcript for Armie Hammer on the making of 'Call Me by Your Name'
Thrown. Moment to confuse him because it if it's what couldn't get all of me in the front. Coping. All burners and other union. Students and arrow. Though this. It was equivalent of these. And you all are you think you're. Let's meet. It must be exhausted. Movement. Come come come. Now that you if you room usher in a room. Follow him. You're very welcome here see. Our home is your. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and of course I've been telling you about caught me by your name. If it I thought one year ago at the Sundance Film Festival so I'm happy to have as a guest today Golden Globe nominee. I'm him who year. Yeah but be nice to see your time have to be festooned with awards well. Time to ride the group what do you know and to be shall ms. Coke is how I look at I don't think so it's like. This is a two hander that's gone on here between the two you really difficult thing to pull off. And you guys did. And when I see you all the time say well we would like their for a day in half or. Yep we really didn't have a lot of time to do it. So explain at the top of things that those people who haven't despite me screaming at them to see it right haven't done. But what's in store today. You will see a love story. And that's the easiest and most simplest way to put it Lou Gordon knowing his genius was able to. Sort of boiled down and distill all of that elemental human emotions of what it fuels like to be infatuated with somebody and what it feels like fall in love was somebody. And for what if you like to really make yourself vulnerable enough to say to somebody. This is how I feel about you this is why am I open myself up and I percent to two U. And then to have that sort of received. And then reciprocated in a beautiful way between two human beings. It's it's one of those things that regardless of your orientation or identification you can walk out and will need. Needn't be taken back the first time you felt all of the same. It is it that's the thing about it to me its first blah. It it's you know maybe not for all of our. You know yep he's had some experience he's the graduate student sure but Timothy shall remain in and playing it and Leo is. This is the first time that I've felt this kind that I think there's also an. Norman two good is the first time for all of her that he really allows himself to access these parts of himself to these sort of tucked away for hidden away he allows himself to go somewhere and go some place with someone because there is such an organic. Feelings and inexperienced to be had been. And I think it scares balloon open to. Well yeah because he felt that he's being I mean we hear that we keep seeing right now now whenever I'm feeling sorry for YouTube because you know you are. Doing this this is difficult thing and he didn't know each of the united create chemistry. But look at Gordon hit two key to his home but yet yet. Now we we we were in his hometown we're in the little town of Crennel which is a beautiful idyllic Italian countryside town. And we would shoot because Italy you shoot about eight or nine hours a day which is much more supplies and sort of like the American twelve or fourteen hour day camp for. So we be done every day by 6:7 o'clock at night. And then we would all go back to Lucas apartment and he would cook a beautiful meal for us and we would eat and we would talk about the day we'd have some wine. And then he put on a movie and say okay now you know because he's really sort of like a film it's Jordan and and you started out as a film critic. So he would say it. This film is important because of this that the does not watch this scene because this is the first time editors have ever been. Attempted before and so it was like I was always showing you yeah letting you educating he and he took a lot of jewel in educating and sort of showing sharing his accumulated all but fell. I don't know that would be intimidating you know after well okay look at this it is classic theme yet that nobody has ever been able to match but do that. I just want that feeling but not the same other there was definitely elements that recent look at it look at this look that she gives in this one frame. I've never seen anyone be able to do this before this is most beautiful thing and that's what we diplomacy group. Would that these are not like that no she did that you to do your own version ago. Without me how to apply but just as good yeah. Well I was talking Q earlier. Not earlier today but before when we were first talking about this wonderful movie gets to me it's. It's just one of the peak experiences anybody to inhabit the movies. If you just go and watch this and you those things then it brings. Right what you Hinton intimidation on the did not know each now we met incredible we'd never met before we have spoken on the phone whenever exchange emails nothing. So there was really kind of and Judith would have liked to know this guy you know like this guy we give it do this but. But that was still don't know each other in this film that really works you know there is they think the beating each other doing yet and Lucas. The whole rationale for was. If I love you and I love him and I think that you guys are both great and you'll like each other no problem and fortunately it worked I'm sure residences where that hasn't worked. But. Lucky enough for its unionized work. Yet what are you talking about yeah I you might like this guy yet I have you I think we should do rehearsal I hate rehearsing aboard the benefit yet we won't do that yet what was that first thing that he made you do it again I remember starting to Tommy's story right yet Luka calls Wednesday after we've kind of been riding bikes round of you know went to were hurtful great we'd love to sweep capital stuff over materials. He's like with need to develop. We're read Wii shop which is about five or ten. So we all meet up at the Villa and get out there it goes to beautiful rehearse. Without. This is great with stood catcher so go outside and that's walking group. Maybe we just to see in I don't know. 47. You know and just settling depict an arbitrator it would got to start somewhere models for their regular script of north says on that scene is illegal and all over roll around in the grass meting out rate so disliked. OK well that's why we're here I guess we might as well and getting the breaks of ice you know. And so we start target down on the ground he's start kissing him and the wealthy and after few seconds who goes stop stop stop stop stop stop we do it. You know were trying to rule on the grass and make editors this terrible. It doesn't look what you want to I want you to me out I want to deal that well and we like to know what. It's good direction you're right and then this that that this whole thing doesn't work if that's not there. So so than we start again making out. We're making out and making out. We're making out and we're making out making me out to the part we're like we cannot stop were like you know saying stop and on the right kind of pulled away and I looked up and Luka was gone. He just left there at a grass making it. Though that was our only reflects rather. So that you had that whole thing nail them Heredia GAAP did you have any trepidation about this went into this part where was it. Very you'd played a gay character when you look like tolls right. Just didn't want it to you wanna kiss you just that one moment right Leonardo DiCaprio that you haven't. But I do feel any twin his. You know I'd I definitely had reservations but it wasn't about playing gay character or was about. It was really about anything like that it was more about the fact that this was going to be the most emotionally vulnerable I've ever had to be on film. This this story because there's no creatures there's no special effects there's no big set pieces. This thing own propels itself by the little emotional moments that happen between the characters and if any of them don't work. The movie doesn't work and that's really kind of a daunting thing as an actor it's like you can't hide behind anything. Why nude. And especially knowing Luke and having spent much time with him and talked to him before it's signed on to do it. I knew that he was the kind of director that if we were doing the scene and someone was the most expect he goes up for top where you. What's going on you're not here where are you that you need to be here and he's coming back from wherever you are exactly it is that the stooped and he's that sort of aware of what's going on that if if I couldn't ring that emotional honesty and vulnerability that it wouldn't work and that was really kind of scary but in a good way you know it's like at one of those things I guess pressure makes diamonds you know I knew that there was a lot of pressure to make Michael work. How do you react with all the praise that happen that's heaped on the movie and you intimacy and Michaels to bark is it. Do you separate yourself from it like you get its Golden Globe nomination and the Oscar nominations are coming up and all this happens to you that he get inside. Now you know thing about it is is is -- we say our government algae for where you know Wien we got to make this move so whatever people experience or feel when they. Watch the you know hour and 45 minute distilled version of it. We got to leave that for two months you and it was the greatest gifts you know that that Luka could have given us. So in a way it was like a delicious cake and a half. And now that you certain important base for what artistic endeavor there from Portland what medical out of the world and let it. Rowling would hold things that you really have no control over so now we were released our baby out to the world Clinton people are responding well to it. And that's great but it's only just icing on an article misses Kate authority something that you did yes if if if I did this Eric came out. And nobody saw and nobody was crazy about them I would still carry with me this same experience of having made him. We'll go it will with youth starting in this business you know. What what motivated you to do it you come from a family of that name is very well now you're a great grandfather. Philanthropy. Oil tycoon all that stuff how do you move from the family business into being an act. He's had wanted to anything with that amendment to the fair that it wanted to anything like that like I just loved movies. From the time like from the time I was a kid my earliest time it can remember. I just loved watching movies. And it it was later in life that I was able to sort of like. Translate that into wealth and I should just do that but this is the thing that I love I should just do that and you don't know what in the front was sick extremely thrilled about it figuratively got what they did they stage an intervention. I'm sure there were moments of like. Or you're sure it's like yeah I'm I'm pretty damn sure of this world do. Did that changed when you had success and yep yep at different points yet like I did you know one thing that my dad loved him and that kind of turned him around than I did nothing my mom loved the kind of turned her around and and it's been you know peaks and valleys especially with with both of them but forgets what about this. That's a tough want he would not for the move seen it. Rea yeah on purpose or are you just afraid to show it to them melon and all they just haven't the big live kind of elsewhere and they just haven't they haven't have a city. What you you should range that. But I've yet get to see what happens yeah because they're you can't write to in the end we're always even though we say. I want to demon I want him an actor and do this but we still feel I think my mama's little conservative for. For me yeah yeah. So can hold back with. I think I think that she has issues with the movie you which is funny she's never actually seen and my dad you know. He. He basically lives down on the Cayman island so I don't know if the movie's gone down so. You lived on the team announced though when you're a kid. Like. It was paradise was it was like it was a lot of movies to see yeah I mean they were there was one movie theater that had trajectory so well we cannot go him. I remember specifically I was accused Titanic had just come out of theaters down there and it was doing so well so successful at the mood there was like that we chemical government judicial technical both screens. It was like that for months so I would always go to the movies on the weekend so there are gonna probably saw the Titanic movie. Ten times and theaters just because I was gonna go to the movies anyway I remember you first we had this dramatic impact on me from social network. Where you get to play the bingo bus twins yeah not just one but two. I'm sure David Pritchard could have said well we'll have somebody that looks like you but now. Here you did your plane both of these I think it was a such an important part of their sort of existence the fact that they're identical reasons. You know they. I could be wrong about this from pretty sure they shared email address they shared a cell phone in the day they were identical twins they did everything because they rode together they. Went to school together they develop businesses together so it was just such a huge part trying to tell these guys stories that they were. Kind of the same person or at least. Cut from the same cloth if not you know opposite quarters. Off. You did they respond to your form. Yeah yeah. I met him after we made the movie they're like great great it's about time someone told our story out that was it. OK can I thought it would be did a better job with my brother they gotten out of it now I I still can't tell it to guy's apartment of academic. Because when you you're an actor and you create roles and he lived with. Yes you know yeah and then they're gone but are they got. They there's a little bit on the hard drive decked in your hand Jaber that doesn't go past that stage yet you know are there are their performances that you've done that. Stay even more on your hard drive that you can't get rid of them and why. Yet yeah I mean this one definitely this one definitely is a Klinger in that sense. Every now and then also find myself having a conversation myself and a Russian accents reflect the man from on me going again and what's unique Korea. That element to evict. There should talk to somebody about this unit. If that's what because it's a dual while the do it Benji Gil and that have for a long time and you know we we shut them for a while and you know the same thing with this is it. It was also very special experience for me to get to do it to get to work with guy in line we Grumman. And Henry in a lot of it was it was that we traveled the world that was it was lot of fun it was a great experience. When you do a movie and you give your high. Good percent to and it comes out like Lone Ranger yet claimed the Lone Ranger but it wasn't as successful. It was for meego like what's it really like that's what I'm saying yes you got experience of doing and is good for you took yet how much does it hurt. When the public is in lining up for. You know it's funny that one probably stung the most because of you know I mean we shot that for ten months it will be 67 shoot days and -- got to hang with Johnny Depp which can hang with genitalia was great. Now so you don't rode a horse to removing train right I was thrown off of buildings was dragged behind horses I was. Buried up to my neck you know I just I did all these really kind of clean fun things. And put a lot of source went to that that was my first experience of having of one. For one reason or another be like that movie Sox. Mills like it would like it would put a lot of work into this girl. It's opulence. Re it will now you know when I was really funny odd that is the movie that more than anything more than any movie I've ever done come up to me I mean. If I'm an airport if foreign wherever it is somewhat more caught him go helmet and say colossal collapse when ranger game recently. Arafat like wig that was a great one movie so that's the one where it's like people kind of turned around that was with the initial response was really kind. People seem to vehemently hated for one reason or another and now people are for coming over and saying you know I like that more than I thought I would what you have the role roles now. Bob yet get the phone how does that change. Added change. You from the war before it it. It removes a lot of the focus that you might be just putting on yourself and it forces you in the most wonderful way to mouse a my life is no longer just about me it's now about. These human beings that my wife and I created like this crazy I need to take care of them and it if it forces your attention. Since it forces your attention off of yourself how wolves have been daughter who'd just turned three and a son will be won in the about two weeks. So then they're not viewers have called me by her name not yet I don't know I guess that to be an automobile mind in my daughter's scene is callers and that's that's it and was edited your voice that right yet and she also was like. After about ten ministers like. Data earlier yesterday if that's your voice yet she goes but her face I don't know just how. Can a much more on and a new. (%expletive) Africa. Well yes he acknowledged you yeah that's enough yet when they get to be thirteen then they'll be a whole other thing that they are. Dad I don't watch your please don't you do then to sell any of that yeah. Well you know that they show endlessly ends in song this is what it this is an exciting thing you know I don't read. You beat Henne played rooster in handy when you win why high school you have before that I was in seventh grade there was released so you would drawn to the musical theater. I think yeah I think an E Street these tree that's right that's right I'd she hip it's right. I remember the where everything I want. I think I was just drawn to the concept of of acting and and being on stage and all that and the only thing my school was offered her time was musicals so I just did it I think it's fine but you must saying to you kid. I do I do give him something of that then make its week that. When I'm bouncing my son around yet and I'm get him to sleep. Olympic that record through Panama. I just I just like ramble sorry I kind of parliament. Who's my little the sweet little. The we love you more than than the the thing to sister when both equally. You're my little. Mostly live images goes off. I love that I love that you know that's award caliber you need to be the next thing will be musical now Americans where but he and ethnic. Army and still happy for you so proud of what you've done if he's like a great time so you should just enjoy what they Peter thank you for great to have you good to talk to.

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