Artie LangeTells The Story of His Meltdown in 'Crash And Burn'

The comedian discusses the tough times covered in his new book, Howard Stern and his life today.
7:53 | 10/29/13

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Transcript for Artie LangeTells The Story of His Meltdown in 'Crash And Burn'
Comedian and former Howard Stern regular. RD line has been the spotlight for more than a decade in 2008 he became New York Times best selling author. For the book too fat to fish it was a memoir about his life. Drugs and alcohol addictions and he -- road to recovery. And in his new book crash and burn Ari houses about his return from addiction is hell -- he's joining us here talk about it. Thanks for being with us today -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I don't -- half past century ago awful. Harmful full throttle I think the people who know me come used that. -- is a very -- sort of way of gotten through it and maybe haven't some closure to this part my life and yeah it's it's honest it's right there talk cars -- taught him -- opulent if they're not familiar with what happened then you'd talk specifically about this. Pretty ugly -- this -- -- your -- well I I became addicted to heroin which you know bright there you know. 90% of people get taken out just. -- -- -- And -- for a fact that I -- amazing people around my family and friends. I would never come back from a -- I I hit my rock bottom I thought I hit rock bottom -- -- times book on January 2 2010. I -- heroin after -- on -- binge and was he was involved through. And in a moment of madness IE I felt I don't wanna. Live anymore I couldn't. Be around anymore living the lifestyle of Ireland act which is too much and and that crazed state I I picked up -- -- tonight. From the kitchen a big change kitchen knife and I -- virus and I stand myself on the stomach nine times. And I was ready to get. You know. Can't get get out of this world. -- was -- now basically. And my mother and sister and some good friends had planned an intervention which is the act act of god and man you know. No they were common became my house -- intervene in my life and get him back in a rehab in my mom found me. And my sister Kim problems later and got me to a hospital and it wasn't that I probably would have died. And when I recovered from animal. Took a full year have to get better but. You talk about a second chance stationed at granite. Pretty dark stuff what I'm here to tell tale -- A lot you know but the idea that that's about as low as if that's -- rock bottom I hope I don't see what. What ounces which means that that I mean and and we are -- assuming that the description. And your degree of candid in an honest. You know understanding for what happened I mean I know you can never -- fully transport someone to that day right what was going on in your head that he. Wasn't I mean I. It's it's a good thing that not too many people can replace -- state of mind. You know Biaggi obviously you know I'm writing this book because I'm getting paid very well do it but. On the other side of that coin. I wanted to be as candid as -- -- is. Hopefully. I have a reader who's on the fence with with drugs maybe is about take a step and -- deeper addiction. From may be you know pain killers. Carolyn. Or. You know marijuana cocaine or -- for the -- -- hard drugs. Maybe if they read this and see what happen -- me it'll stop home -- -- help them. And the best of worlds that that would be case you know so I want to be really is graphic -- possible. To maybe make that happen so how -- even claim I've been clean four. A year and a half I've had to -- -- half I was parish and I drank and and that was just one night. And about ten weeks ago. Prescribed by -- for insane back pain. And and Raikkonen and I took -- an emblem in about two days and got high and I enjoyed the high. And that -- that -- enemy but I did the right things. Meeting in meeting in didn't want to run -- away it was. Pretty good -- so. Technically ten weeks -- in the last year and half -- -- slips and it's been a great time it's been I'm clarity in. I'm proud do you ever ever get tired of talking about it -- -- on you every minute of every day. Yeah sure I get tired but come. You know I get urges everyday I mean I'd be lying if I said this is this is -- battle is gone. Is there every day. And I also be lying if I said -- VITAS I'll never you know. Yes I do drugs -- I've learned that that's stupid pompous thing to say. It stronger enemy I gotta stand compliment I mean I can be viewed the giants I'm gonna happen and who knows. Did it. -- to be -- I feel a strong place -- out what happened but. I'm not that pompous ass that I was maybe twelve years ago our first tried it -- and -- -- never drink again. I learned that no one should ever says it's it's stronger and. You. -- obviously you rose to a huge amount of fame on Howard stern show. Yeah it was it was a fun time was good you know for my career -- Do you used over relationship with Howard we talk on -- farm once awhile and every time I've seen engines incident he could not be more support over. Our friendly -- yeah he's he's someone that. It is is a friendly. Force in my life capsule you think you'll ever go back on the show. Well I mean -- when you sort of mutually agreed that it might not be. The most sensible thing I mean it's it's where a lot of crazy stuff happened then. Healing power of the guys there main decision where. It could traders -- and I agree with it I think it's solid. Mature thing to do you put everything else on the back burner from blog and above meant to be able -- -- the more important languages mean staying clean and say in my life them I think that's what he thinks is. The case by -- -- off and ultimately I think he's he's right I think it's a good decision. Your with the book. And you guys you -- show on DirecTV and yes again. Because of the name they'll make for myself on Stern's show right. -- -- amicable lead part ways I was through freeagent them. Thank god like two days after a battery haven't got back again in my I got a job. The people of directing the and the audience network channel 239 is -- -- on the TV where you can see the show from 10 AM to 1 PM Monday through Friday night. And I'm in the third year three year deal congratulate and as much in the practice completely new it's a brand to our based on the -- I want from the comedic side. -- mention of the special and I wrote is -- in. It's been amazing my career came back -- fans and abandon me which is great you know. Crash and burn it is out now and Artie Lange and we are pulling for you wishing you all the best of luck Baghdad -- I appreciate the time.

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{"id":20717720,"title":"Artie LangeTells The Story of His Meltdown in 'Crash And Burn'","duration":"7:53","description":"The comedian discusses the tough times covered in his new book, Howard Stern and his life today.","url":"/Entertainment/video/artie-langetells-story-meltdown-crash-burn-20717720","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}