Ben Affleck Says There Won’t Be a ‘Good Will Hunting’ Sequel

The actor appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about his Oscar-winning movie.
23:00 | 01/13/17

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Transcript for Ben Affleck Says There Won’t Be a ‘Good Will Hunting’ Sequel
Now mind you can work directly with me. Pension insurance and I oppress but to me. You had access to I mean those cops and judges which we now control. Most of whom would do business do otherwise he Q and who won exclusive access to a Manassas no. This is consult with the way shoppers but what does it cost. News of them detained and no way. They're human like to do some true usually human beings. He's possible these would renegotiate this would definitely. Hurt which. These are very favorable terms. What it is what we did. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happened and at the movies and there's a happening now called live by night. Which is written produced directed and starring my guests and Affleck who I guess didn't have time to do catering. And he did everything else in this movie just takes you back to what Warner Bros. gangster movies once wore in the thirties and forties. And takes you someplace else to which is the great thing about this so look at I've got no complaints. That's and I think it's not. And I'd prefer that would have you what you did on the other side that's in an audio saying yeah I'm gonna slap you ran and but not lately. No room key thing lucky statement about the Fed and watered it and yeah I think it's way and that way beyond. But tell us about what live by night is that besides Dennis mean no pass that initiative that is in Ottawa and it's really I wanted to make. A classic. Love letter homage to those who say the warmest days to review the thirties and forties and and and and a much to really. You know the gangster movies of the of the sixties and seventies which you know as we were saying earlier was shows something amazing films from that era. And and the sort of feel I got from from watching those great old classic movies when. That's the sweep and this war and the extras and the wardrobe and that the design and the photography. All designed to sort of like dazzling UN and transports you somewhere and he had this broken protagonist that the heart of it and it's as we have a lot of fun. You're the broken protect your. Yeah who is this you know it it's like that that's the thing about gangster of abuses that. We're rooting for a protagonist to you know by definition is doing bad things so you're already kind of walking this moral tightrope and one of the tricks is. How well can you get the audience too to empathize and connect to the character who you know does he do stuff that pushes and pushes you away and that was one that really interest in being experimenting with this movie and seeing how far this guy could go because he's a criminal he's ambitious and he is. But he has this zone sort of moral code and that's a complicated. He's from a cop thing. Right and the confidently from boss map which would you don't bounce off. Yes I think be able that the sort of a go back to you know something that's really familiar and I note if BB using boss than as an environment that as a as a character in movies has served me. Really well and I don't know maybe that's a keep just making crime but was involved and knows the. You did the first movie you directed gone baby gone is densely. Novel to and sit in Boston and this is what did it is that would get to first do you wanna be in territory. That you know what's the comfort. Level where there's a comfort level certainly from my first movie I want to do Boston movie music Dolly that was the place that I knew and understood the vast thread grown up and I have seen. It represented various ways in film sometimes I've accurately sometimes not so but I public. He's being a resident of Boston means I can't be. Overruled in terms of you know judgment about what is and isn't right the right Boston portrayal in the accident. And the accent exactly and I and the so I I I used that as a springboard and safety net. The community and city for gone baby gone and also got to be gone I was in my first movies there was a more stripped down. Raw movie I want via this experiment if I could mean documentary footage into fictional narrative and if he would sort of if they would. You know how augment one another rather than. Be. You know in congress and weird and I really liked. If fact that we and that it getting shooting real disease the confidently and over the well you've gone on with live by nineteen Florida Europe and Cuba Yuri everywhere this. Alpha says that it's like to greet the would those one on the other really fun things Jack US a costume designer whose practice you. It did lot of interest stuff she just initiative evident for example last year it she's. She just builds so much research into every role and in every PM BP costs and that she makes in and then it's it was just. So helpful to show up on the set and get to put on the close of again at this suits and listed in those little cars and in the stages it felt like. The period you know that's who wouldn't when you have the right clothes on there's nothing like that did a magnificent job meticulously detailing every outfit and all the women's dresses and all the dresses in the background it's like. You take program the news tablet wanted to 200 extras in a movie when it's just an everyday we will and I'll have to be transformed into the period hair makeup and wardrobe. It's a big. You know deal and he why do we. I know I kept waking the the catch me I mean the DiCaprio was and he regionally texts that this realism in the hills company and bought the book. And contacted means that you wanna do it as and they knew I was looking to open a star and then and direct and Leo's companies that in way in these daily papers were part in Ted Davis and they do. Dave Dave. Produce movies that Leos and in would be the united you know the real company. So you DiCaprio the people like that get in the producing side of things for movies other than the ones you're in. Or direct I woke. Well you know you look at like opera street are pressuring company would have a credit on precinct at a Manchester by the CU along with a lot of other. Of people but you know that's one of the ways that matter originally developed but that movie. Looking to develop his own material I mean so for these production companies that actors have a designed to. It because than that though they're not getting enough conscripts not finding all due to a good books for the good stories and wanna. You know really chase down the great writers and get them in the case of commitments received for example to have to write the movie. That's now Casey got that job and if you get the job here but now. There's not that do it threats Greg I think let him regret that Oscar. If this ever have that you'll notice that guy here is that now he's still support it we hear that he was all about that C. Everybody thinks the friendship you have it's just that they do they look at I sang it well that said it was you know this that a lot of that we have to perform. Rhetoric and sometimes we get along but your company pearl street. That was a street where you and met it was close to where you've both connected us streets that left that we got to. Pearl street and and that's we could we couldn't think of anything else that was like. In other cool company names so we just you know David practical like that it's rooted in where we grew up something in what's happening so. You guys like now as opposed to who you were then. On those streets I think we're cross referral or the pew people treat us differently than they used to respond differently does Aniston. Movies and then you know the public's fear but I I don't think. I think about Matt and I growing up together and and the tough time we spent together with but we have now is like. I don't think we've changed that much you know last night he just you know music or watch that football and New York. But you know it's. That we still have that kind of you want or my house thing which is which is great thing out of principally that that the it is the sort of carry do. Strange process of making movies. That you make good will hunt you both win the Oscar for the script. And then. How long goes that. Union's nineteen years 1997. We came out and the Oscars we want born in that marcher you. Where's the fall. Editors this Catholic days until waiting for the ethnicity well. You know it's forty years of life since that that you do that you can't come up with something to give us. You know we we checked we but the problem really about it was that being able to write that movie together. Was a function and the fact that neither of us had a job for a long long time so that we're doing nothing was sitting around the house and we could you know just football. And talk about them you know our ideas for your movie and then. And then once we got the would be made in became successful and we had we have the opportunities the truth is and we got swept away just in to doing you know. This book by other movies that came along as we weren't living together you know out of work anymore and so. It's changed our relationship a little bit and we didn't have that kind of time to sit around and just sort of who want something for a couple years which is what. It took to write that scripts but that we've both gone on to that we still writing though. We'll all you two need is some like major failures. So that talent there's no war and you can just hang out to kind of routes to him are suffering. He seemed bitter that you. You know get to play Batman. And that's very good evening that he just has Allah has done you daredevil even in Hollywood and at the incident police to. You comfortably all the beneath he got to do it is in Boston who. He's doing it again and again and again we get it changed more. They. It although you're doing Batman and again I guess I'm guilty to. And are you directing this one the idea is that the the ideas for me to direct the next Batman so we're in the process. Work with you gonna have a beard I don't know what just additionally the beard look on your show. The at the moment nobody else's. Nobody actually have in Justice League is a period of time in the movie with. If anybody get so wound up Americans that the way but there is that there is that the period of time where I have a beer or Bruce Wayne has bearden. In the movie so. Ground is already broken. How do you deal with you. As an actor directing himself for doing it you've done four movies as director and one. Could graduate argued that's kind of people. It's getting it is doing but Mountain View with you. You know I just I just. Give myself permission to shoot enough footage so that even though it's embarrassing at the time that you're doing take four take five yourself room closed up. You know you've you can try to build up. And enough. Sort of. Later since them as for the you don't you don't shirk from your duty did get enough. Footage of yourself to the hats into the cup when you get the editing room. And that's really what I found is I get getting a look at my stuff and Vietnam social conscious and I don't like anything that I do you know I mean I don't. Like to hear your own voice on your voicemail you know it just it was. And I mean having to direct with me being in the editing room and supporters in you know by now it's orange streets that isn't what have a great editor William Goldberg is one agree of all time N. But and he has to deal with a lot anybody in yeah I've just got Laker. Corporate you know I should so much that villagers later this through this that's airlift ever left journalists have preventative care that their electorate and a I do the volume if it ever author over the I want it done now don't look like that at a. I do I do this but how tough are you on you when you like if I askew. To just pick a moment in the by night not what's the greatest scenes where it for your character Joseph. But the one where you can look at you and say that came close to what I wanted to do when I signed on to do this very moment in that movie. I think if I had to pick a woman that we would be. Business scene where I my character. Black males essentially. Chris Cooper scared by you know he's he's he's tells in the eighties those were his daughter's daughter's loss and something terrible happens there. He thousand if he turns over his. Brother in law to me. That now. I'll tell where's daughters and it's. It's really be it's the moment we're joke crosses the line in the they can take some fatal steps that ultimately end up costing him. What's most important to him in his life and I just tried to and I just shut the schools of for a long time and I just sort of sat there and and and tried to think about. And and kind of almost meditative of the about. The feeling dealings or he was going through and the kind of experiences he must be having just let the camera role in the couple. You know thousand feet of just. Trying to kind of conjure that up myself for the close up because you don't really know when you have it you know I mean to me you've gotten your own puppet so I just. Build myself up of sound that those narcissistic excess but it's also. We are it is an fell as up and found and found a piece that I like for the movie that. And I lucked into. When he directed gone baby gone you directing you brought. Sometimes I think that's harder than having to deal with acting like yeah. Yeah but it's a great performance that he get them. He's fabulous case is Gray's creek got maybe god is great and he's great oceans movies great mass of trustees is such a given enough room for him with a soft ivory. Rooting for Adam I don't know. I'm rooting for Eminem anyway I'm hoping that that's a good thing to happen because. Back in the argot days where your movie wins best picture and your not nominated its best wrecked one of the immediate. Moves that the academy has ever made how does that make you feel. The you know honestly I was pretty penny and do it's true that there was saying you're gonna get nominees for directors and that when I didn't get nominated for director. It was supposed to be like that it was saying I was supposed to have gotten out but do that with the more true it would happen and so sort of move. A weird. Contradiction I I was you know we get seven nominations for the movie was the reeling. I don't exist this is a personal thing I don't know I don't I don't didn't think I was like entitled to. Academy Award nomination you know flick I my other movies and even he's gotten one for Liz you went public. One other category and a I would have been happy with that I was just I was thrilled that we've made it through Margot and I was really proud of the movie and so. It wasn't so much about external validation. With so it's good times and you're enjoying what you're doing in the process of doing it is is crucial to what you have it Keegan to work you worry about being result oriented and like winning. Prizes are getting you know awarded stuff I think you have to let the focus then when you've been on that bowl coaster where you've been on top ten minutes at times we're disguised washed up its of that happening anymore. That whole period of your life where if everything that was the whole G leap years and everybody said. And yet you came back from. What's it like do dean that he sits. It's that broke ghostly describe a Catholic and made in this business twice you know they mean. Be it and it's in the with artists like in time. But it was you know I just always kind of believed in. That if you do good work and actually. People come around the scene and after some patients and that people. Don't think that we we're doing is is that Tuesday's you do any two. Just really accurately you know nose to the grindstone on. Of life and kept working hard to do lucky and I have great people who work with Meehan. Sort of man they invented myself as a director and kept on. Is that we you wanna go in that direction is directing you want to do more of that. Yeah I definitely keep directing now with it's my I love directed by the picketed at united have picked. Directing probably just because as a director you still get to work work with actors and where would writers annuities based on your hand odds. But I love acting when one human upn directing has opened up opportunities for me is actor that have been really exciting. I'm Al as a director I learn more on movies weren't just an actor because I can. I mean better better able to contextualize. What I'm seeing in terms of other. Were you looking at you as a critic. Of you with an actor I'd they're like two or three. Parts that you played that you felt good about I don't mean I don't want to be saying all I was crazy red -- I just me because I remember you. Wheel of Good Will Hunting we're seeing you in cases in that too as well as mad but. I remembered Kevin Smith movies I remember chasing Amy and he seemed. Ready for being where you wore to do to do that the top. So that's what I mean he didn't Tuesday start slow right you may not have had the biggest role. But I don't. Righty Matt Damon wanted. Totally brilliant that Netflix so nasty about him there. And friends that he wouldn't be that that's the Cafferty is just ethnicity it's it's. Just think it's very there's evidence that is that issue. You know and I got we about a zoo Lou but the house. Yeah I'd pay you didn't act. But it if it's now it's true that hadn't been friends and having guys go through a lot of stuff with. As you mentioned is ups and downs of the business then and unity yet you're hot you're cold leftists or the way it is yours goes the last movie you know and if there's no seniority there's a tenure. Just you seem to be able to laugh at yourself and each other which is the key thing I think that I don't have ended a relationship and the episodes of the humor about this for you or his. Academy Award best picture arm that you did you go on Jimmy Kimmel in effects it with that theme. In the amendment to a my in my uterus I brought him to it was just one of the most uncomfortable things I've ever seen and did it out of love. And out if you revelers. This yes for review it was it was all to do that. So if I'm talking to you five years from now. And we would you like to be what would you like to be sitting here talking well I'll let you know. The most important thing would be that my kids would all still be. Two and strong on the right tracks going up and doing their thing in the still feeling good about that men. And how they are being raised that's the most important thing but in terms of my career. I hope you know directed a couple more movies and acted in you know with some directors that I think it really interest in haven't been able to continue to. Do work that I am proud of so that. That was it I just that got away from that when I was asking for those two threes that you can look at do it because I remember. When I saw you play George reads in Hollywood. I saw you do something I never saw do. Did you feel that same way about and that's just as a few yeah I love that movie of those are routed through special movie to me it was a minute edge in time my life and really connected to the story. The study was magnificently well done band names raised in. And I love that I love to have a Shakespeare in Love you know they mean like a Lakeland playing supporting fun comic mark thing. It didn't we because of Mike Judge would be extract that with every hit my favorite thing that Everett I love I've played this. This character who's the guy they haven't based on the gather Rio grew up with that had been wanted to put that character in the movie or so line. Now on the right but if the direct acting gun in I love so there's something about the the the freshness of late my life. In my work and chasing Amy you know the minute Kevin scouts meet in the movie it was very. Grassroots and and then you know I think. Google on the ice is an expression of the way I saw the world at the time but mostly I think you know my focus on like. Movies now think about my own movies and I think about the stuff that I and directives because you put so much more. Thought and life and time into the movies you direct you know we have a much deeper relationship with a you know coming on. The town are roars or you know. It sounds like they'll would be a lot easier if you were directing and it wasn't you would direct you view audiences but sometimes that comes with the package. Yet not always easy as you know is the bill. And but you're excited about the business that you're it I loved what is important I can see that you don't have that. Remember talking to on the phone once about gone baby gone I think it was just beat green. You head. The excitement of somebody almost like a kid in the candy store who'd never. Who got a way with the toys he owns one. Does agree that there so does a great time Mary direct your first move because so. So excited so nervous and everything's open and members showed showed it to a couple of of people who like yourself were kind enough to take a look at the movie early on in sort of you know tell the distributor like to believe this movie it's a hit every. It's not a bad as here it is through that to do it I am back with theatrical run with. Now your great statesman option. Now this is what happened and that's is me war movies he directed. Grade your hair and you do it and you know activity in meltdowns you know back but still it's worth. Did the show always ends in so. All right I kiss the little bit of something that music that's in your head that you can express to me here. I don't care what it is. That is the hardest question I've ever been qualities that statements that you would say that that message you seeing combat it and its allies there we haven't discovered this by the guys hopefully. I can't wait if you get halfway to sing and it was hard enough with tasty but what and if he did he did. What I'm it was it was kind of strange made up song. But I asked him with to go back to your child and write something that comes from the it doesn't have to be cod yet he can be non it hit me. It is. Sinatra it's it is. And sit there is that you didn't do you. It's. What more could and even that. Thank you my president for being here that was great.

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