Captain America confronts his evil counterpart in Marvel's 'Secret Empire: Omega'

The comic book's writer, Nick Spencer, and Marvel editors Tom Brevoort and Alanna Smith discuss where the hero goes from here.
29:31 | 09/14/17

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Transcript for Captain America confronts his evil counterpart in Marvel's 'Secret Empire: Omega'
Hello and welcome to inside marvel from ABC news digital I'm your host Walt taking. Today weird diving in to be at the lot of the huge story that is consuming a marvel universe over the course the entire summer. Secret empire Omega today and studio I'm joined by a lot of Smith and Tom report from our. That's going all congratulations looks on the cells neurons. Lawrence who in remotely we've got to never gets they've gotten expense of the man behind the book has gone neck. Basic you look common relieved he's now Wesley. And then after an L I believe we have meg Downey's is a comic book journalist has gone mad. I. All right I. So we have a huge issue to get into today first I want to talk a little bit about what actually happened over the course of this art right something you give us just replete quick what. Happened in secret empire secret empire. It was it turned out that Captain America for years had secretly been. A hiker sleeper agent and he arranged things to take most of his fellow super heroes off the boards such that heidrick and take over the nation. But it turns out that the reason cap was this way had to do with them shenanigans by the cosmic cube the living embodiment of which covic. By the end of the story. Manifested. Like second cap based on her memories of the original happens to guys. Punch that hit one another with the until. Good cap came top that. Zoloft can you set up this issue for us. Yeah it takes place after it when they got beat up and the other guy did not yes. Sell sell at this. You know. I just kept still alive and you know around. If there's gonna smoke yes yes unfortunately but her every night. So so this issue is. Basically our Steve breaking into the prison where he's being held to kind of get them. Get some closure and in get some understanding relate what. Like why this person is who he is like. What he did why it is that kind being and then. Prominently that's kind of overall framing deny that them. Kind of going back and forth metaphorically punching each other and that I. Punching each other. And then we also seen a few of the thread that in the marvel universe of things that will. You know come out of it then yeah. You know where certain players and about wearing X-Men ended up winners. You know Bucky Clinton and about what we'll talk about it. Billy Penn though so this is really the issue where they get. Have the conversation that they did not. And so for those of you out there. Who quite like Steve Rogers have a lot of questions don't be afraid to ask those questions on FaceBook on YouTube get them all to us and then we will put it to the last month marvel. So when Florida want to I wanna kind of talk about this arrangement. Essentially. Nick you have this bill and that is. Perversion of everything they had record Aniston for. Could you give us a run of the book what it would of these two folks talked about how to what are they talking about this possible situation. The only case copy. DC 880 get a rare chance equity act oxidation. Yes sees these aren't I start it. Oh in the whole world was watching that so. So this is really our cutie Arab east you've got three eighths. You know needed to have added air competing ideologies and I he says face off. Unity this way as it managed and it's it's thrown punches each other so. CIA we EU leaders really about. These two guys they treat each other. In you don't see the ways in which yeah they are in fact very similar and the ways in which I think they're very. London. We're we're gonna talk with as a bunch is the idea of the ED powers given to him right it's not like after that took it. It's that had to cat Blake was handed the power and then yes he clearly maneuvered it I guess I wanted to kind of go into that it what what what was your approach with. With that kind of how he got power that that idea that it was handed. Well I think I thought that was really important to emphasize here because. You don't win every good story that involves. Costs. You. You know people have a tendency units to look that is well you know they're just manipulating reality. The fact of the matter is here. All Kobe did woods change Steve. Everything and it everyone else did they did of their own free will. Is so you know all of the heroes deciding after that war TU. Not come back together in and saw the problems it did cause the divisions. Among them. You know didn't stick delegating solar powered Steve. Unit that was something that they get of their own free will or unity he Arab security people are you know her ex. Making a lot of decisions the year. You know and and being willing it give someone let's eat an enormous amount however. It sorted. States it spears. United there's things that everyone get there are well so what you ceased evil here or L. If you know I did indeed there's anxiety poor seemingly B Hussein's. You know it is dead yeah I may not have been honest. But light lies. They needed these releases as it did people in Europe. And so kind of getting that reputation. Steve and had that was kind of manipulative alana hat how does that panicked character. A deal with what comes next it is a core element of this book is like no you took my reputation destroyed and I'm. Have fun with that yes yes I mean I think. To some extent there'll be some of steam grappling with the damage that was done link because he can talk a big game about how. Like ultimately it was a good thing in and people know not to trust authority figures blindly anymore. A lake on a personal level socks lake like little kids don't trust him anymore even the ones who did those things like. He's not the war in that they are actually afraid of but he wears his faith though and that's not something he can change easily. So you know he's got a lot of work to do kind of this panel right here I get off. The Flint it's it's just such an incredible moment. Yet yet Philippines breaking up to a little kid in the rubble and the kid Rick bills because this is the guy who did this to him basically. Still. So he's gonna have a lot of rebuilding to do all a lot of soul searching to do himself that you know kinda decide. What his path forward is after this dramatic thing happens. Meg I wanna go out to you on this again we've seen a lot of the Captain America has had some ups and downs and this really seems like a very significant down in its history when it comes to. Just how its reputation systems obsolete so I guess I'm wondering where does this kind of actor in in the history of the tactic. It's actually. It's really really interesting because I mean if you ask someone just kind of in general who Steve's you know greatest Allen is okay you know the servant cited a red skull. They're all you know not incorrect answers but. Thematically. The biggest enemy in the scariest thing that cap faces kind of time and time again it's his own identity. I'm and so this is kind of a very extreme version of that like you you'll ZEST come up against scrolls that have come up you know that it might become hand you'll see Steve come up against. Clones of himself you'll see Steve come up against like Alan dean's like model equipped like robots. I'm the idea that Steve hacks you continually. Prove himself by biting things that are not him and define himself kind of against things that. Are the opposite of him there's like literally out of Billiton and partly interest called anti cap. The bombing that happens a lot it's something that happens kind of over and over again and I think Steve is really unique enough that he he almost means fat that sort of like. Butting up against something that is you know him but not him. I comments I think that this is. As a kind of be ultimate realization of that that theme that's been running for you know coasted like seventy years and I think. That's great yeah I am one thing that has also really come up in this run of secret empire is the folks that Steve has meant toured and whether in this issue that's. I didn't Hoss or whether that's the punish air whether that's Bucky which gets him. I just kind of want your take on in this issue we see a lot of people handle what went down in a couple different ways like the archer how did you kind of proceed that in light of the characters that have always been around Steve. I'll man some steam. For his great guys is he's kind of rapist does double sided nature where he. He invites people to be inspired and that's kind of has the O'Reilly he's this aspiration of figure is the most aspiration of the year maybe in comics. But he has the sort of laundry list of people who'll. Went to heal kind of went for that aspiration they're like a candidate do Adam going to be somebody that back in FC would be product. And urban horribly maimed by the steering that was not. That's not a new thing. So you know IKEA like new and frank castle for it for some you know like to sonics spent. You know downs Jack flag right there are. There are no shortage of people in the moral universe Hugh who shot for Steve like the stars. And then landed in like the void of space and every life that they couldn't breathe. Which is a little of Iraq but I think that's something that kind of dealing with the head on is better than not. I big event it's a very real theme that happens very appeared frequently. There's a lot of characters that Nittany expense or personally killed nick how do you account for all. Rick Jones and I mean there's a body count in the friend. Yet lately Gary Brown added that next it's really triggers you know bury you air arts. And it's much collateral in its rounded news. Unit that is a very interesting are his legacy and you know certainly here restarted which act lacking. Yet you're rich moment. You know I. You know finally there is wasted. Touch back from the air throughout its leaders was really important to us. You know it you're going forward yet there are lot of characters here who. Dutrow who put their trust their batons eat. And they're going to be on the reaper passes that are allow. Certainly here we checked in on the monitor who was one who really followed blindly and and you know frank he's not here today is now clear Easley. Units these agreements the only person Lamar University. Really looked up to you wouldn't and you know it's kind of the last vestige in France I as and so. You know it happened on her pay any price to beat the. Tom I want talk a little bit about more about. What happens in this universe next punish or we talked little that he's on a one man campaign against high yes it's. Then we also had the Tyson who appears dead but. She she certainly seems to be did but we get a little. In the Omega that may be something more is going on. And that's going to play out in theories that we'll be lodging in December. Hailed suspense number 100 we kind Heatley number one. I think all of the junk issues for a go right at the big one. Not obvious storyline. Have written by Matt Rosenberg. Illustrated by travel Foreman does that cover that this unless have at. And it's it's hawk eye and the British soldiers each in their own way in on their own trajectory. Sort of on the trail of the conscious ghost. Each of them dealing with their own you know their grief and their own feelings both for her as a person. And for her as the institution this is the laugh at them into the beautiful marriage. And so it's this sort of weird. You know almost antibody book is the two of them. You know public contacted clashing. Off of one another as they're both kind of in pursuit of the scene thing. Which is what's going on who is this mysterious person that's. That's taking out old black widow enemies. And now what's all about it what's the mystery that's going on at the center of that and there is a mystery and we'll find out all about it. Value of these characters. Ago contact your end but they love yes. I'm really really excited about but it's been very hard not to talk about as we've been developing it because. We've been talking about this but I think since. The issue where it passes assassination attempt fails. That we would have. Sort of but for Clinton Bucky spinning out of this where there they're trying to figure out lake lake. Why these mysterious events are happening like like they've seen her body she died on national TV yet so without killing the people that she wanted Caleb like like oh what's going on. And you know they both approaching it very different ways flake. You'll see you know but he definitely could be her pocket because definitely hurt like. And you know partly because pocket needs to believe that so there's a lot of tensions. Between them as they explore this trying to figure out what's going on in their kind of together by happenstance but. There also the only people who know what each other's going through so so there's a lot of fun there's a lot of tension. And yes just going to be a really great flick espionage book travel forms act out of it I'm really. It's an 87 minutes had an attitude that Eric and I am am Isaac that in about new documents. Couple Lewis says he wants. The near TN thread is kind of come to close the news no longer have their own country. What does that enemy for the moving forward while that they practice and that change of address cards for. But you know they had the had a moment where at least some version got exactly. The perfect version of the dream they've always had of a place where they could live in co existence of what was there has kind of been snatched away again. So individually. You know each of the X-Men on the activist groups are gonna have to you know grapple with what does this. What does this mean for the future you know panicked and I don't want to date that they still if you Trace the same. And gold does this change their their point of view it's just another iteration of the man stick it it to the mutants again. They are the guys that more than anybody else access. Sentinels they should know that that's kind of historically loaded yes yes they they sure that there can actually says that in yeah in the in the book might that's but you know it clearly some reasoning of the other sending a message to use we don't. We don't want you guys you know mark. And you know that just means the yeah the X-Men and you in general are you know kind of back to that eternal place that there Ian. You know the sort of on want that outsiders. Having to deal with the world hates and fears them. So before you know the final part of the book which is again the artist that has been incredible we've seen the number spreads in this that are super and we can learn how to go around the horn and ask folks what their favorite part of a mass housing all dancing event is then deny it unlike Exxon. Yes so I think apartments and higher and lion but he's streets downing gets inside the Cuban polls. Are Steve and Kobe out. Just because you know working on a thunderbolt series before this I have a lot of investment in the cope with it but he relationship. And you also learned that Steven up your relationship which ripped through the wringer while tighter cap showed up and thunderbolts at. And kind of wreak Havoc and Bucky like the bit. So this you know. It was kind of closure for a lot of things that you know I've been working on in the past here so for me personally like that was a moment that I really. You know I felt very strongly about mildly this is the moment we're you know it's but you reach young thing like I know what you lake and lake. Let's go hunt tighter cap and figured the only nice warm Fuzzy slick. I. I really like that moment it may mill will until you've all right Tom. It's your if one the release that one. Opponents of of course it's it's really good. Alec issue issue one that that that that's sort of community car moment of part of throwing up Captain America thought theft. But it's completely it's probably the gross and ridiculous. And it's a moment that seems like it's just a bit of nonsense at the beginning of this thing to show that human in. You know he's Baptist secret self. And it turns out ultimately be the key to. You know that your turning things around you know budget issues later but it's just steam McMillan drew it's so wonderfully. Ridiculous has that has. Horrific. That it's at and it's a moment and and the fact prepared to keep back it was so important so meet all of the right people unhappy and that I couldn't love it Morton got medium Corbett come over how close to be absolutely accent. Hopefully we're some guy losing the super power lottery. Is a core element of this stuff up. We sent it pitched the scheme to. Shut up. Anthony mills specifically about pat. Ultimately filled attitude two imagine your favorite moments investment again we've had they want and it's it's an excuse couple runs the Omega plus zero and the free opera de Sao thirteen inch. Sounds a heat of the moment that you want singled out by no means as a upbeat but on you to knit. You're at this and what's every part of it. Probably accurate real. You know that was it it Turkey's human being surprised. You know nobody saw coming. Eight U. Seized the main room argument about whether or not. IBE Lee. Units in you know weeks. Then you'll. You know that revealed ranked by injuries that he would probably in the book it looks we're here. Yeah yeah I wouldn't give a little honorable mention to you EU. It is Hank and dinner party and you can't get. Under. Meg what you got. Might event that's perfect as mine is pink and inner part yeah. And Fran but the dinner party wonderland like or it fits perfectly. At the intersection of horrifying and heartbreaking to have this really really engaging. This idea I love. Altman and I think he's. There's one of the most terrific character that has happened in recent years. But it like a really engaging and interesting way and it off. Have a huge soccer fever in an old vintage original avengers in this Elena. And businesses like a horror movie version of that that's like bill worth timeline urgent you know that's character coming back together. No one is who they say they are everyone. I love that that live. A little it was just the right amount of light you know punchy high and it stuck with and it's still in me. The it's such a good moment islands like mad hatter Tea Party favorite thing. But my actual thickness. Was to come back one Bucky Barnes he jumps out of the ocean very eyes right past his body heart and that I have. Planet stuff Atlanta's planet have water doesn't do you got. Eyes wet so wet puppy buyer it's not a lot of favorite moment. Seeing an entire city six separate. I want to get here the the final kind of art of this but it is core theme day you've had a hit on a lot is that. It's not it's not just that Captain America made the role that this is that the world elected to make itself that's just the Captain America this sense that is that about these reading that's. Yet. Yes they did you know went lately Steve really points out Indio man is you know there there from now on. Everything you know that there's a huge part of the extremists. Happy to go along witness that they were actually you know really cop when they. Yet they you know they get Captain America the proponent of thinking of the cutter. But it turns what he was asking them to do. You know they went along with it eagerly. Yet stint at the you know are really troubling legacy. Acres. Yeah and because even in less issue Tom that we there was the like the did he humans house have gotten vandalized in the candlelight. They the bad guys are going away and switched feels like it's super elegant but it's too slick usually eat them but poof gone or they'd become what we talked about you know we do most of these events and one of the things that everybody likes to hear about it with the fans is likely elect what changed. What's different in the marvel universe and this is me you little more subtle things we've done in the past but it's definitely an acknowledgment. Of the fact that. There is a sentiment among the people of the marvel universe that made me doesn't like things the way it is and would rather different way. And accidents that settlement it certainly something that. You know boots the you've even apart from the question of whatever his involvement is really has that passed the grapple with himself. That the very people he's out there to represent that served. Meet young systems prior to. All of the same ideals that he does or all of them in the same weight that he does. High to very uncomfortable sort of a thing but it makes for a very pristine landscape to tell stories and yeah this really doesn't feel like a happy ending it's my well. Some level an art it's a very amusing got on the east Indies still there it's a very downbeat at the end you know he pretty much you ask people pretty much I'm not I'm not going away and there are people out there. That absolutely believe in what I subscribe to apps and we believe that. You know the world was there is in the allies used to prosecute the taken away from them and for years they've been living a lie and they are gonna get back to veer truth. That's a much more potent motivation for heidrick for those people that just sort of eagerly wanting to be you know fashion's bad guys cause it's. Fun yes but exit big the last. But pages in this book they are really hammering that home again when like that there's a prisoner executed prisoner and along doing what kind of walk us there the last and then notes of this book. That's and this means he you know alarm goes off and Steve pieces out and but security get commitments. And it corralled people in restrain him again. And one of the currency goes forward you know. Restraint him with for sale hydrant this year though he's in prison where there are few hours the loyal the idea and but we've never now. Blakey I gaffe could. Much longer it if things go that way. It nominates and eat he had. Nick what what were you. Don't Wear when you ended the story this have a kind of moral do you want readers can take away from. The fact that taxes and does not appear to have died. Yeah it's. It's been really been because when we. Usually. The priest issued about. It. With all yours kind of seeing it hearing. You know we hear from a lot this at all let's sit you know exit off the island and now and it may see no actually. Unity problems it's still very much in Russia. And it you know. I think Steve is still de Aaron and hikers and some late stronger than ever. And you that was I felt like it was very important. Whom we were given that this kind of entity and we were you know very much doing a story out at about credit axes. Kelly it was very important to. And not into it saying. Well lets it be we be an and it's gone for air you know I 18 emphasize that this is the kind of like the UUE. Fighting. You know eats eats it the kind of thing that will never be easily resolved in the have to be constantly be vigilant about. That's really what's he realizes it is the courses it's. Meg getting us thoughts on where this book tennis it's in the pantheon and where this takes the character moving forward. I'll man. I think it's gonna be really interesting because as much like I said before. This is in our recurring theme this idea that like steam bath and a butt up into that identity. It's never banned this the literal. I did never really left this vague about scar I mean you'll have I think the closest thing I can possibly think Kevin is that cap of the fifties suit. This guy who penalties like later wrecked Condon to be EE like a big fan of Steve some kind of like a lost his mind and changed it name like. Did the likes certain like facial surgery like become like looking like to try to use this whole crazy thing were he became the third evil Captain America had he he never really went away. But he wasn't see you know he was a guy named Williams who was just kind of like cracked and lots of mine and the pressure. And now we have. That same sort of thing where the but it litter it's. Actually Steve that is not that is not some crazy fan does not you know someone who kind of you know want it to be Comcast and the person who was Captain America from the start. And I think that bats. That's higher stakes. Than any of these identity stories have had before and I think that that's. It's interesting but it's also a lot of pressure I think that there is. That next you know couple years for Captain America are going to be. Really really formative depending on how this you know that the plot that it would heidrick cap relief shakes out what where he and that you know kind of sitting at the end of the day. Well certainly. You know if I ended a comic book if we ended issue with with Steve Rogers trapped in the prison. But at your expectation would be all next issue he's gonna find a way to quickly get himself out of the president shares and this guy is no different. Yeah he's he's in no less you know skilled or capable are confident or or evil. Then r.'s Steve is so the on the notion that he's gonna sit on the sidelines for any longer than he needs to or wants to. Is sort of laughable he's Captain America hectic you can trapped and I'll hold one program. So we are coming to the end of LSU at the end of secret empire. A duty to disclose that Booth what is the company owns both Marvel Entertainment as well as ABC news and 538. Armed but yes some moving forward get to the book is on the shelves now secure environment gets but on the whole both Summers with and that coming up we have a lot of. Tells a suspense when we see it until it's Bennett and send an assembly. And and run. I think five issues and so yes we're really a. Right and before that and it's really only another week or two. It is generations. Captain America Perry and Sam Sam Wilson Steve Rogers which is knicks last Captain America story that jumps off from. The vanishing point B that was an issue tenth. I it's kind of also brings the generations. A line of books to to a close with advice in the cap. For all the stuff that nick is his written on the Carriker addict who jumping off point into the future and then at the very end of the month. The big moral legacy number one night at a kicks off our next cycle of stories that connect you to weigh. All right Nikki illustrated saying about this cat terror that glad that less booklet. So you know. Base I'm very happy. Story its payments science I am. And it's really all about you know. Be malignant discovery change for him. You know at least and it's been hard sell her story starts. Yes it was good to be in you know that yeah look it's always it's bittersweet this is this has been. Not. A you know this has been a fantastic experience mean in just a huge honor to get it right east air so. Yet so I'm I'm excited to be out there and Wednesday and it could the punctuation mark on. All right well I want to thank everybody for coming in today I think he'd ever are watching by the way this has been a ton of fun to cover this story it's been that super exciting run. They Downey expensive time report a loss that picky so much for coming on we really appreciate it's and it ended with a I didn't want to keep this is an inside marble with ABC news digital thank you very much for watching.

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