Chanel West Coast

Singer, reality TV star talks new music and hit shows.
5:54 | 11/18/14

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Transcript for Chanel West Coast
Our guest today taking of a hip hop world with her music videos pulling in millions of views online this just one of the many reasons why fans cannot get enough of her. Take a look. I'm that was hand I don't understand he's comfortable dancing in my city. Did not to AT&T. UND. Mom keeps impressing act Condo. Singer songwriter should now West Coast is in the studio with us today also the co host of MTV's hit shows ridiculous this. And fantasy factor should now thanks for some provided little fat congratulations. Sinking to the debut album comes out next year right yes and actually but the video miles and miles out now. Yes just dropped that couple weeks this you know get the hype going for the album and economic committee that would be at a height is definitely out there on this one yet I want to take issue this. To shoot the video again we get it all in one game. Which it you know it's crazy that accident all of my music videos all in one game don't ask me how we got that many changes and it got here change and make obtained isn't one name. If it's pretty intense it's pretty complex that there's a lot of layers to this video. So would you use pitifully to a popular way to say okay that's it guys for any went take on this news gonna run the whole thing something like that and we started barely ended very. Which is the best offense the most creative at the end of it at the today I'm sure everything kind of slows down a little bit yes. So you get this hall years working with young money right when he was how how did that whole collaboration. Start out. It's it's a very long story but to make it short you know I started cursing is again at a young need to actually and that Rudyard economics and and as a pristine my music fair while being on anti acting ridiculous mess and then I met some people who worked with little lane and they heard my music they loved and I like ill we got to bring you to Miami new queen play in your music and I went out there could lean my music and kind of our history since. So when you get and that when you need an account situation enemy you have to go in knowing exactly what your abilities are what your strengths are in the same time you once the moment we'll way to kind of guide you along Dutch. Exactly I think I think little wing and is the best chance of approval like have got as a hip hop artist. So you know having me and cosigned me. I don't think there's any any better way to it to. You know get into the hip hot wet wet weather that happen. That really happened that time when I went to the meeting in Miami I had met him before that and when I first met him I told my as a rapper and I remembered the look on his eighteen look. Very intrigued that sort of the I had no idea SL sign an even intrigued in and interested in hearing and so when asked how he played in my music. Right away he just was like you know he was like I got a lot of ideas I think you're great fit for the team and that's how happened. Meat producing great collaborations to his wealth fresh Montana snooped. Who's on your list of who's who that you know I mean obviously you've made it now but let what's the next goal. The next school is well on my album obviously we're gonna have that a couple more really big ads and that's my main focus staying out is putting out an amazing album that's even better than my next statement put out last summer. So it is this moment then that you actually knew that you wanted to be a rapper would win was that. I was say when I was like fourteen years old. You know I was asking is it my whole entire life I would dollars and performing arts gay and as teen choir orchestra and drill team cheerleading. Anything where I can be performing I was always into his cell. I can actually and I always out poems and a with a little girl. And I loved hip hop music and I kinda started writing columns over leaps and that's western raping and I remember wrapped her friend and my friend really encouraging to let blown away and blow outs hope. Ever since then head as I kept going and kept pursuing it. Ridiculous says the show is a huge hit every you can watch some of it you're disliked. That's gonna leave a mark. Yeah I know definitely I say I think it's. One of the great shows that on TV and yet it but look cooler America's funniest film videos and write and and not as. Not controversy Ilyce confident look at the fifth I think I think we're like where you guys got to toe the line and I have a bit them as I think I think talked little crazier but the analyst at the Greek island I love being a part of it so much fun to Tillman. And to be on I actually watched the shell and I'll watch it again laughed just as much as when I films like and anything that's why I'm laughing is the art if it. Every you also he worked alongside you've cohost along with Justin beaver with Little John by the creator I mean you've really got yourself into the scene. Yes this it's a great show to be on that a lot of connections here which is great sell. In fantasy factory justice. How do you keep that going high people those kinds of shows don't. Well it is actually very crazy because he had a series finale for and it's actually already season six of the Palestinian last season and out of the blue I remember. Rob iPad that's message robbing that we're coming back like we let out a series finale felt. We didn't know we would have another season and this is now officially the final season. I have no idea how it went this long obviously ending the hands and nineteen he had you know kept us there. If that is effective you look at your adventures in some of these as well. Laugh and a C factory is is quite hit venture every day you show up you have no idea what you're gonna deal sometimes you know ahead a cat the aptly. For something like thinking why they're ever but. Most of the talent show but the acting we have no idea what rob Scott hand in. We defend him electable of. The videos out now miles and miles you know West Coast thanks much we'll fully else I'm here. I appreciate it.

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