Darth Vader chooses his path in new Marvel comic

Marvel's "Darth Vader" writer Charles Soule and editor Jordan White answer fan questions about the comics series.
36:10 | 09/07/17

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Transcript for Darth Vader chooses his path in new Marvel comic
Years. We got everything you need to know about gators expanding legacy and beyond. We are five issues into a fantastic run of marbles new Vator. And that we I am Mike Roth and I'm joined by a the Star Wars wolfpack comfy on the couch right now. Can look so nice together. For having than some great definitely back Jordan like Marvel Comics that you have me Charles solely author of this into the theory is thanks much and my personal partner in crime while Hickey. Like my pal the team to meteor very athletic that the only him in charge extra initiatives. That's one of the hornets are the most intrepid S dollars and ABC news correspondent on the planet cleats and now. Well you're. The that it. Clinton is the man not the port on the course Friday but I think the the wildcats are five issues and things are getting is better batters ago law wall I knew he wouldn't you're dying to catch this I'm done the death catches up. Not dealing dines books the scores of airline takes up right where revenge of the city's drops off. It will be Lisa Wheeler is brand news is that as we look to sit legs and needs a couple things first and foremost is the light sabers we've got to track down. Living tonight it's as hard as he does murdered alt and I. Anthony's check and living tonight skills like Saber and this past issue. It was a heck of around because then he's got to take that Kristol of the heart of that in deleted in and help it turn into that let him that we all know and love. From the forthcoming from the films in the seventy's it's up. At this point it's just an here is turning Oregon turning what you would call. Out. I wonder Brinkley and really quick ticket that we ought to reaction to the middle of this issue in the fake out that happened which. You had me screaming like what's going I don't I again and I get it. Clay moser accidents you some new images we've we saw right in the middle when he's trying to make this crystal lead. Yeah that was a great pick out of your like me it kind of flip back immediately regretted instantly. It was a great news it was a great great sequence and and I thought we've we've talked before about meter. Not necessarily being the most sympathetic character in the Star Wars universe but. You know that's sequence where we see. Hear him first try to break that kind McChrystal and his helmet. Is damaged even born you can actually see his high. In in a couple of the panels which you know sort of revealing a little bit of his humanity and then and then later we get these images of pat Mahan and OB on Accenture we'll talk more about but. The it was a little glimpse. You know back into his past a little. Bit of humanity there are a little bit of sympathy I felt for this for Vator. But yeah was a terrific terrific sequence. An event the don't know how have not yet read the book which is that was out yesterday. Essentially Vader gets what like gay a walkabout in his mind essentially trying to break down this coastal make it lead. And there is. Fans are almost faked out that he actually went back to that the light side takes down the emperor. And just goes back to Obi wan baking for forgiveness and then we find out that's not true. But Jordan yes you actually gave me a tip on as a couple weeks ago you said look at no one really call that out there and the preview panel at the end or the. It just on the even cover the on the hunger that no windows doesn't have a sit by he has the original. Indicating. New normal good person again. And yet nobody ever called out when we put out the covered I was kind of surprised people weren't like what's going to happen they are now getting under. I. I my am you know on yeah he's a single putter. The Clinton people can talk to you about things and and there's been a lot a lot of debate on my Twitter feed about what this instruments and and and what it means as far as. Likes it floor and Khyber crystals and all that and whether it's harder easier dubious of courage that I. So I'm just sitting back and letting us it's very (%expletive) Let it completely the next question what does this issue. Isn't. It that that's out of I mean that that I really wanted this to feel like you know like an epic quest for data from from from issue one through issue five. The idea was to to really make you feel what what this guy was going through especially since he's trying his his hardest. Not to feel anything at all because he went through this incredible emotional trauma. At the end of episode three when he lost pot may he had to fight is his best friend and mentor he slaughtered all Jai especially Al you know darlings and so on so. He's trying to soon. The spent as little as little young so he's trying hard not to feel anything and and I wanted it to let when he finally feel something again I wanted it to. Hurt both him and and the reader ideally because you I wanted to feel like oh man like there is another way that he could have gone if everything worked out differently and I don't know I. I'm I'm really happy with the way he's by the issues sort of grow and escalate. And it was very hard to kind of keep topping myself every issue but I think I think we did it on Jordan. Absolutely I did agree to what either one of my favorite parts of the the debate over interpretation is. Hearing differing interpretations of what. Vader or anything I should say is asking OB 14. You're busy you said that he was asking for forgiveness but I've seen other people saying he's just ask your definition yeah. What is what is what is the next thing that happens and we'll never know because into the thinking that's the in my head and or try to conceal the show it's. I don't want to take. Yeah. That I really and I had its late this is a guy who's like one couple weeks maybe months to tops removed from the worst day in his life. Tonight or analog. And that you there to find a way to to me is a worse and to do that you really is an attorney Mira himself will with the kind of crystal. Looking at a tell us about it. Lake. The kind of crystals kind of the antagonist in this issue when it comes if you consider veto the president is how I was kind of getting this together and just kind of making -- that mr. Obama. Well I I think one thing that. That I think is important to keep in mind is that there's a question as to whether or not the Khyber Crist losing antagonist or if they're himself is in my guess is the Khyber crystal actually doing anything I mean. Supposedly those lights this little crystals and suddenly it's over like alive whatever that means but does that mean that they can think and can actually fight back I don't know. Are they just is this particular crystal to sort of reflecting back would be is putting into it. I don't know hard Sammy I do know but I it's it's it's fund that they can talk about and so as far as. I felt like this was among where Peter is is really confronting. Everything he's done in a way that he he has not been able to do because he's been so fast paced from you know. From all of the moments the at the end of its a three to this point is spent he's been on its distract his role where there isn't it is a very busy you are that's Madison reflect. And so this is it's time to reflect and when he reflects on is. You know. I don't know if he's like he doesn't want to do the work to go back and out of the direction or or if he just feels like it's it's too late for him. Or or who knows me again I think I do know that I thought it likely that up fervor of the people in the attic it was it was a Carriker that was like. He's been taking a shortcut to him peacock in definitely about and so it's it's like he had to draw a lot more on how attic and was characterized and in this particular issue then maybe that's an elevator with typically. Yes I I would say this is as close as we've seen in in this series two to and I can skywalker and it and it. It could be the last leprosy you know who. In return about it on Saturday after death. Do you think that was adjusting the media thinks or has always been about that that duality. Between apprentice and mass there are family and whatever there's not that layer there. But look you brought up that the Khyber crystals kind of a lot it's almost like he's in a certain way that crystals like. And Akins a pretzel panel and a little way like he's turning exit to the bat that. Will there will we see anymore of interaction between the two between is there is this the crystals has done in it's it's I think I. Glad it has the tool that he that he needs at this point you know you'll you'll note that that at the end of the issue it's still. Carrick and less help though like it's not it's not the new. You know that the classic dark theater and there's a little bit of certainly to that we had a littler. Somewhere down there. So it's it's not that hill yet but it's. It's it's the crystal that he's gonna carry with them as far as China through the throughout all the other countries. When I thought the clintons as he give any questions. Also. People as always plays than us your questions. Clean lancer. Thailand's resort when I yet. Clinton I today before him far have a question had a complaint that rate here I was it appears it was the end for Kera. A I may start a hash tag bring back bring back here Iraq and I miss him. But. You know what were these that was cool that like to ask about his. Most of far you know this I think for the first time we learned that most of ours is a locus I think for the dark side of the force is now was. How was put and I understand that idea of that concept came from the story group the Lucas film story group and its Albany it. Phil so long battle. Yeah I mean to a new. And speaking as well I I think I looked up a little bit of research it I think that that there was first mentioned in. I believe it was the art of real world one book get where they were filling in a little bit of more information about breast castle and they said. That it was built on top of sit and ancient said. Ten plays a panacea exactly at temple and and again when when we were talking about this they told us will you should happen go to this case. Yeah this particular thing but the thing it was great about it is that known as sharp force arrests of what this location is you know I case. I'd probably put two pages of attacks in the script about what I thought to be like. And then star who had their thoughts on it and then just to become Coley incredible artist on the series and went ahead and designed it and you can see. There's these beats where they are these kind of like carvings in the wall. Yes you can see inserted in the background. And then as he's as he's fighting the congress of Al laid up with rents energy and it's just this. Yet you can see them back on bulletin what those mean what what to set it thinks they mean. I don't know what it at a separate evil and so for me of I don't know there's. And so I mean it if there's any sequence I would love to see eye catching consummate get the story I read and considered. So there's any scene are sequence I would love to see ever done and in light action or animated or something you would be this would be just amazing to see nearly triumph in that that crystal and almost flashbacks in knots bomber. I also love that he's still. Battle damage Walt so to speak out he still but he still. He's got contact like well yeah. Eighties because he's fresh from his battle heating he hasn't gone and freshen up. Absence so he can recognize shower and I don't inadvertently put the cat dragged in in. Clinton that you had a question. It just it's nice to see some of the comics landing in again with with the movies because you you mentioned the part of wrote one book and and I think Eric Edwards to opposite directed that movie and Doug Chiang is a creative executive that looks down. Had talked about meters castle being like this tuning for war. Dark side energy and so it's how nice it all all tied together. Yet there's that. This concept I think it I think it's a legends concert so maybe should be nationalist problem virgins. Right that's that's they see that it is an urgent in in aggregate so divergence is is is a force. Nexus S and supposedly. You know me be that that's spot underneath. And that he and under on this depart burdens of the force of the dark side. It's just eat anything new but. And the five issues in general announces not this is not then consider it's much more come but it does feel like an arc or if you'll let a finishing up like certain plot with in the plot. What was that like the kind and now we can look back and look back at this like many art. Add to that legacy of debater and a Star Wars and it just builds out the background so much. It's it's phenomenal just the again we've we've had this is my third time talking about this book and and it it remains. I still can't believe I'm writing it you know it's just such other sections in great. It's an amazing. Site I'd it's you know and I guess I still have a number of issues left sink it but but hopefully I want. And it'll it'll stay cool and it's the fun thing is once you once you've done something this like intense and emotional and this incredible arc for him. You know he still not there like he still still very new there's a lot of pieces of the interpublic aren't really in place yet. He still believe it or not has like some emotional growth go through. There's a whole new. So what we're gonna grow to it's there. But there's this whole mother are other concept. Called the prisoners that are going to be start. In in the book with the very next district with its six so school. Well is yes well what the net and over the over the course of its books is that. He he's making choices he's making that you and the choice to hate using the choice to lead into the dark side where is like inherit. Major feels like it wants to gravitate towards good and my big. This is been a good natured but your question going back a long time friend in many general what are we fundamentally good Arafat and baton like. This book editor is visiting the angle that like no this is a choice he's actually decided to do this with the kind of crystal EE as a as a gives him Monday hate you one last shot exit ramp. Last one was told right now and I'm just wondering how your viewing this for quite philosophical in the what are you trying to get that idealize when it comes to how this characters confronting them. I think he is he. If if you look at them the way he's detected through the hole through all the films you even this far down in even look for Clinton's anyone's he's he's still very much a presence in those films and and there's always any. A choice between. Good and and evil and I think that more than any character in in the series are meter represents that because I think he is sort of he's he's like jogged its. Like an Arnold Palmer's athletic. A man and he's split right down the middle and he could go either way at any time and you know. And it's just easier it is to fallen to the that let it seems like eight million is that all fact either but aren't that is blunt will part of that you is that. I mean when he when he fell to the dark side he did so because he had. Things that he cared about that were important to him. Most most importantly yet and at this point he's lost all of. Like here in when he became a sit. He still thought I'm doing this because I'm saving pat me apparently and I are going to be together. You know we're gonna we're gonna go against the gen Daiei teachings were gonna do this that who who I don't know exactly what he thought was gonna. But all of that is gone. And he's got notion out of it so I think that's part of the reason that especially in this in this issue he goes. Will you can still turn it around like what four I didn't businessman for me. Yep yep this is all there is I mean that's the line he says and that's that's how we feels at that point like there's you know why why bother on got you know. If you do if he doesn't want to die. Which is at this point sort of seen what he doesn't and then what's that why you know what is it left by. You gotta do it for personal reasons that's her stories are all gone now let all these lots as the cost. And I II I think and I'm mentions for I don't know I think it lessons on the show but. In that way than the a new hope is also the start of a new hope for vision. It's it's learning that he has a son. That starts him on the road to bring him back from having. Because when he's when he's Vator on his own there's literally nothing for hinted to change for sure Aniston is. The existence of a yes at first he's like one that could be a bad guy with me. But that's just the first step on the road to bring him that renovated just got on the strength. Yes actually yeah I'm on Wednesday. The the the carrying guns travels Holbrook and on got connected to a giant on the bus the entire series and Vator down. All in one place it's and it's a beautiful package actually great. For those who don't know what they're talking about is run that was from last year's day before which is fantastic. Can't get on that it it is between episodes for five's. And that moment he said there's there's always a watershed moment in these I think Charles got a five all right yeah. But the one that I love that they that was finding out from obelisk that that he has the Simons. And basically that the wheels are turning has had doing okay. I'm gonna dominate the scouts and now my son I'd never knew I had. But like that leaves it my next question for for everyone here which I think English thing is. Star Wars the wonder if you. Pop culture iconic things that you can go by generation and I think the seventies and eighties we had its first grouping of three movies that. Louder bodies the visuals are great the story line was amazing. That we have the prequel now I think really in an era where we're heading for the debt that the characters. You know what you guys are doing what is the is doing with rebels why we are seeing it wrote one. What's it like to be in that because. It is changing night is the legacy but the character stuff. We were talking about making gators seem sympathetic that's amazing because. In history he's one of the biggest bad. A double dollar sign guys I think it's. And that's incredible thing to be be working on and and that and you said it's it's amazing Iceland again. Just in that not show of working on this this you know. Third we only yes. When we sat down to start that first leaders series with care and one of the the touchdowns we did talk about as we said this is a this is a post breaking bad spectator but when we want. Two. Not say spectators good obviously nobody nobody should read our darted about to be like yes role model but to. But that you can understand I understand what's happening even though I I know he's gone and it's I know it's of the bad road goes down but. He's he's still a person and he still thinks and feels and so. Can we make that relatable in some way and I think I think it did and I think Charles continues to do that here. Yeah I I mean I would I think that it is. It it is very important not just for this series and security but like for that the sock as a whole that hater has to be he is he's an absolute. Monster if he shows up people are gonna dying a lot of people are gonna die who who many you can. If not all of them don't deserve it you know so it's he needs to be a villain. But there are new York new layers to and so that's that's what we're sort of exploring. And you know the preschools. Keep him they did that puts lot of meat on the bone as far as giving giving him a layer that is that we can really do a lot with nine you know here and obviously explored. At Thomas liked when he's kind of has burnt out husk of you know pun intended of a man. And and then a spark creek kennels with NN and then this is more like it's that it's the last dying of the sparks and then he becomes just that the machine for a long time. Technically know what they're up to you again. Because we talked about this we were in celebration Michael months ago looking at the last jacket which then I think it's also fits in that as far as. Changing the way we see Star Wars the gray area that that that ended this opens a whole new world for this that the meeting franchise what are what are your thoughts. For questions. Well you know we we you were just talking about about the movies you know. What's interesting for me is and I I think I sat on a previous show that I have traditionally I was not a comic guy I was a movie guy. And one of the reasons that I'm loving this series so much now is that it is. It's enhancing. My experience watching these movies that are now you know pushing forty years all. One example of this is in this issue you know you see. Vator. As he's trying to break this Khyber crystal. That you see these panels these sepia tone panels were gets these flashes of the people that were important to him and his life. Obi wan had made an and ultimately the last one is the emperor. And I'm thinking. Forward to the scene in return of its that I just before he throws the emperor down that that death star shaft. Is there like a reversal of that panel the you know going in his mind the emperor and nannies like remembering maybe he's. You're going in reverse and remembering these people that were important to them and that's what. Tips the scale so. It's it's fascinating to me these movies return of the Jenna is now you know almost this you know it's almost forty years old now but it it changes. Miami. My experience viewing that movie all of these years later which I think is is pretty cool. I want to bring a for the fans right now watching the question I haven't sure they have to. We've talked a lot of Earth's weather and hidden eggs that we might have missed the not discuss that thus far there's been a lot of really cool links brought some great flashbacks. I wonder if there's any other little details that we reliance sells all. That in this issue in the hoses losers thus far from. Would you got. I mean this there's lots of stuff like in issue one there's a bit where. Like you it is light Saber rattling sabers that's burned in as though buying by mosques need to in his sort of like rally. And then you know all the all the light sabers blow up. After they're tossed in sort of the furnace and melted on stage it up in front of the judge Kaplan's thing demonstration. And like. That that explosion there are sort of mirrors what happens in this issue when when Vader tries to. That the kind of crystal there are so there's there's lots of an there's also a lot of I think fanatic four shattering what the problem with this question is like. You know Easter egg stuff like there's a lot of things and I built in that are going to be paying off down the road. Leisure tells about them yet there is on that number is X them we focus on but you know I mean we we have decision plan outs for for Michael. Quite a wild com. And so there's there's a lot of of awesome story telling I've written all the way up through like I was working at issue 12 this morning and on the subway here. So with so we're we're really. You know. People seem to dig it we're certainly having a blast and is lots and stuffed them. I got to ask you about that. On issue twelve in the subway and how could have a look at what is the feeling when doing something like that Peco is. Obviously. His top secret stuff so well that they'd do you tell your families you tell anybody how to hide all the stuff from people with they were dying and now. Sure what I work in. And don't like long Hamels Kindle books. Site plan for malls and hopefully there is not a citizen apparently. So an end. But I write in this kind of attack code exactly but it's really like that freezing and sore hands and even though there it's evidence that it's just like words that I know what they mean and what they're gonna represent you could take out your duplicate put it on camera you know annually to recognize that issue the video coordinator. First if I mean I thank you right there were made our firm but aren't like dvd and you know. We constantly she acted. So that solves so I don't mean yet people might get a glimpse but it's just nonsense words like. You know I think Everett mayor should do something amazing misses you so that's Gary yeah absolutely accidentally notes about than that. This is not exactly Easter egg but it's something I a fact about the scene that he's suspension with the prospect I love that the image of pat me in and I remember we discussed the specifically island that the image apparently it's from. And diminished yet when he when he first. And it's it's her when you think he's an Angel yes exactly what he thinks he's an Angel diversion of her that he thought he thought about for that ten year period where he never saw her and said he thought about her every day. Yeah that's the limit that's because that's in the script you know. It lets that is served there are those choices are are made. All the time on this book and then at all all the source books you know like everybody's always thinking about choosing pieces of continuity is to enhance the experience for. For the readers people who know the stuff really Waller don't know out really well. I'm trying to remember has has there been any crossovers between. I know between Vader and stuff you've written for other books. There will be yes six that you know about this but I don't know if I'd done that yet. I have to think but I I don't. And optics. I know. I know you did that we have. In Lynn do you introduced Tori and you know and then he showed up again in and and put them in serious threat thirty years later it hadn't been pedestrians. Very and that's flit around his head and sometimes things things will even even though the books you've written books and every. Every every tired yet. He he's written prequel or stuff original trilogy announcement from the room and remembrance so we should mention. Percent believe that ABC news snowman my accounts are element of Walt Disney company. It's like they're all things are going on that's or girls got evidence in this together. I want to find out what's gonna come out next he's come every four weeks is that you just mentioned this was coming up rather shortly you know October. End. UT inquisitor for a mission and into the back of this issue so I don't know what what's the beats on those what we look forward to. When it comes that the next arc and that is already and that that. Well. So city inquisitor is are an organization that Albertine put together. That is made up of really. Tough folks men and women who use red like it's a vision of the month is there any arrests yet. And and their job seems to be to locate and hunt down genocide or or force users. And and you know kill them take them when anyone of you. And so when we see that rebels are well established they kind of have there iconography their training and so we're gonna see where they began producing the why it wider why they exist what Papa teen plan is for them what. His plan isn't with respect invader and religion inquisitor is because you kind of already have the best Jenna hunter in the galaxy. Indirect answer what he knew these other guys for. And and mean mediator thinks that too you know fire fire these wire these chumps getting in my way let me tell you try you have exact way they didn't mind up for me these these scripts like so. No no that's. Oh god but I want to get the clintons I know Clayton the Big Ten rebels I want to keep clean for two reasons. I'll want to see that any face the questions come in and and then to see what he thinks about that because. I know you're very very versed in the rebels saga. Okay analysts are the F face but questions I get to these. First one. David has a couple of questions will we eventually get to see meters mean light at main light Saber the one we're all familiar with and and how soon. And he's also asking about whether. We might be you know we did seat Harkin in this issue talking about. The death star with the emperor which Connor. Foreshadows a little bit of rogue once so. David is also asking if we might get an appearance from a rogue one era of Bader sometime in this series. Let's see what kind but actually answered this question. What he gets yeah. My case it got angrier than you can say that and so hopefully we'll yet meaningless he likes it would happily as will got his is. This is the likes it that we see an original Trojan room when will will actually hear that's that's coming. Yes that is that's what it looks like if that's. When did you get back throughout hope you like this like a little me either. Right off if you on the yet another example that by the blade before. So so that is gonna happen as far as wrote one Arab Vator stuff. I may be there's there's a long time line I don't think we're gonna get I don't know if we'll get all the way to route one because that's right before new hope and this this series is going to be primarily sat. Closer episode three. But we will be. The time and we'll definitely advance as. As being forced. And it'll definitely touch on road one related topic of it again we've already. Seeing now the location of the it is canceled yet so who knows when. More developments will happen there. Yeah yeah but who knows he'll pet we know we'll take statins to listen can we did we get an opulent there was anyone more than I missed but. They prisons and that might even intentionally hippies. I look to go around the horrible work home wanna get final thoughts anyways and I'll start with Clayton. As far as moving forward with what we can expect what you're excited to see. And if there was a question that that he still had an epic Greek time. Yeah I just wanted to get a one more question from drew pica look we mentioned legends earlier for people who are watching what legends are this collection of stories we're sort of collective and called legends in that so that the new. Star Wars official Canaan. Could exist but drew. Was asking question about whether or not. There are things from legends that you guys would like to bring in and to the new Canon. That. It could to join and you can't even are you allowed to take those it is that the powers that be. Oh sure oh yet there are certain there are already thinks from legends that have become part of the new Canon. It's just a matter of the the writers bring it forward and saying here's something that they're easy to use here's why I think we should you know here's the way I want you to exam. Example. On what caused it gets worse but the ugly in the code amber series at right. There is a concept and in legends. Chips cult of these which are basically. Let you take the front of an X wing and stick it onto it Lex motion onto a tile underlings. And and they were like all different combinations and he's supposedly they were built from the wreckage of all these huge battles that we saw like scavengers and pirated would probably scenes together and we. We we needed a big pirate fleet at one point ensor group was like why don't you bring ugly because they're cool and so we did and so there and put him. Serious there was one that was the cockpit of an and that we that you. Yeah it definitely. I'm I'm I'm I like about flying head inaccurate candidate relentless at two years older than yeah an attack. But on the other hand I keep suggesting it is burger that we bring back merging killer immediately. Nobody else I don't understand why they think you folks are Christian highway. What Atlantic since silver pop up. So literally most excited to see moving four along look at the this run has been. Express addicts are for. And it's been -- a surprise because there's a lot of different way east. Have difficulties with this character he can't express that it's a visual medium he's a very audio Carriker it's a silent medium there's a lot of different difficulties inherent in the medium that make it hard to pull off a good Peter Buck. And this is the totally out here and expertise like totally make it cinematic its colorful on the way that you like to see these kind of stories and I'm really just excited to Tennessee workers next. Of the team it seems that you coloring team in your our team has been fantastic so are I know that's a once he lot of them in the future they're great but like I'm really components but it looks like the lot of fun. And he gets entities in the general had a. Without so so there's the cover for next issue. Grand inquisitor that's the grand inquisitor who we we learn lots more about him and we have known previously Kynan. Not everything that we we learn more about his back story like kind of what he cares about and what he what he wants which he is a spare or such as. I could could. Yeah yeah census are good that I just can't lose Goodell who has manages its young and then a regular column. So I'm excited about that the next or air because the you know the inquisitor is need to like me their jobs right so so presumably there's there's that day. That day. And the way. And who that yet is is really really cool and and I think. I had the idea early and then like when I was writing the story just opened up so much like open so many cool story at news so I'm really except for people kind of put that together. During their. Which Jenin could it be the effect I don't know man and a but look what you said use of the obviously would between four. What is dart think about the fact that there's other people helping out that you have the slick biggest status jet secular and in the galaxy. Which really leads in a little bit too we saw and Karen's run which is basically like all these. Other you know contenders for him number two spot lined up teens it feels like it's feels all very. Fluid with what it's doing. Yes yes. It's the start of issue seven will will give you a sense of what he thinks about those folks is a real striker yet. It's to be cool to forgo claim any king last thoughts to add before you and that's we talk about this for hours after. I now know I'm just excited it's it's just cool for me to see how all of you know you're comics movies. Other stories are all coming together in this series it's it's really great and I can't wait for can't wait for the next month. That's what might be and your top gun thugs are removed. And I guess that probably doesn't need special New York for the giants ended the Javits Center in midtown one time and no actually there's that there's a big there's this great. Novel coming out culled from certain point of view that has short stories from some I think forty to Chris hours authors. Because as the forty anniversary source. That that are eats like different different characters' points of view. That during any hope that you didn't hustle we see onscreen in the service you get in their heads and said that I think is being unveiled and it that way it at your company with number X. And we're in the bar at the cantina which would go through to their minds. I well pretty much there at Yemen for. And I do want to mention quickly it's not it's not that later but yesterday also the first issue of our happened fast mini series. Is if it bridges captain pass was story from what happens at the end of the port awakens and brings her up to. Last night that we see how she survives circular base the destruction there and what she does indeed some political issues. Especially character that. There's a lot left to tell from Charlie didn't get much and then I think people are really excited to see what she does in the last jet because. You know thin wasn't too kind suit is former. Bathroom. The Indiana. There were the writer of this one Kelly Thompson. That it is doing a great job on it and also she. She she has the spoke within also read the novel about that's also coming out soon between the two projects. There's definitely a lot more asthma information coming around. To fill in a little bit more of her back story and what she's all about two lead up to this big movie she's not senate right arm sent. Yes she's in me is that it is terrific you stick it out to so. So much for you got to get out there. But that you guys are joining us right now we have so much more talk about the future will be back again and again and again. In for Walt for Charles for Jordan for Clayton. I think yes or joining us is that inside marble Darth Vader.

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