David Muir Brings 'Made in America' Gifts to 'The View'

ABC News' "World News" weekend anchor fills in as guest co-host.
7:03 | 01/25/13

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Transcript for David Muir Brings 'Made in America' Gifts to 'The View'
Signing -- Guest calls for Gavin Friday as the weekend anchor of ABC world news David the -- We don't have anyone in the studio I talked to robotic camera so does a nice having human beings that's right and they will respond bad -- -- time this -- in response you work in DC this past weekend covering the president president Obama's inauguration. And even come home empty handed just about for the ladies you know we've been doing this on world news -- made in America reporting the last year and a half or so. It made -- say that if every American but just one saying 66 dollars over the next year we create 200000 jobs going on now. So we came here only I -- just 66 dollars one -- over the last year and over the course of the year 66 some are. Everything they jobs right away yet what -- do you have to -- your house upside down which we've done -- That's our grandson asked him but what -- insure you bull bought American for Christmas a couple of I -- -- I should tell us for actually so I was looking at. I thought since is -- presidential inauguration do you expect the items. Made in China on the sidewalk made in Honduras on elm street corners but I found the store making an Americus and that's what this was a run at -- and guess -- guys can fight over them but I'll. PRD she's she's on us earlier so she wanted to ask you -- -- The home resident -- oh as a -- -- yeah okay. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- His site was golf -- from bill and was -- -- -- Bob really -- Wall Street. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Speaking of -- you know. -- New York magazine cover story claims that you are never truly. A wave from high school you never truly leave high school experts claim that your high school years. Shapes who you who become as an adult. Because it's the first time Europe under less adult supervision. So they create their own social Sox -- based on looks and money and physical ability -- that some personality. Now that was a lot of mortgage but the question is is that true for you all did that happen did you or. Did you become who you are and high school I was voted most likely to be interrupted on a panel. Why don't experience I went to all girls high school which I recommend. To everybody who has a daughter if you can pull it off because. You don't have this distractions from boys and so I was the big marketing -- and high school I was the head of the its governing council I was at. I directed produced starred in and wrote the senior. Performance. I was -- in high school yeah. You have business yeah. -- there and -- shared -- people out there who wanted to look really truly leave high school emotionally physically and revelation only. But now you can't see if things like FaceBook Twitter all of this you have basically a trail of your high school following you for -- -- I can Aaron -- into college so you don't need to -- and -- -- Necessarily in -- way that you did prior to all the only important prepare. So people over the adults in that situation. Chilean and iPod good bad news -- kids in in those years because so why is there that only influenced by what you just said and a FaceBook and -- you know all the latest fashions you know official crack. That's out there just saying it isn't high school you know you don't want your kids when you have kids you don't wanted to go through. The things that she went there and I know in high school it was really hard for me. Because we moved to the suburbs of Chicago in the middle of roots it was really -- about three black people are not good it was -- it was a lot of racial stuff going on and home. But it -- me. Since really be fun because I didn't like to fight and and I guess I just what I've just you know late everything we humor so let me help me. I just say -- you can change from high school because I never set up a table with the -- girls. It took eighteen bio and you have -- -- -- and from nerves the biggest tennis Channel 8. Goofs and up having enormous success as well you know what I clearly -- -- high school I had I had dropped a very very you know doesn't listen and -- -- and those days you could go to. Museums and get credit you can go to a lot of different players decide couldn't I was not good in the classroom and my mother. God bless our new -- and said okay as long as you. We sit where you're going to be and I know I'm okay with that -- so that's how I got there because I couldn't do let you know if he had just. -- dyslexia didn't have. A name people didn't know it was so you will really to slow -- They did that's I was in the -- class and I -- got tired of that exactly what wasn't -- I just -- stuff didn't look. Like it did to other people's I was fortunate with a mother who got that let you -- so I have no experience with that -- Cool girls and the mean girls of the bad boy isn't it and -- aren't just people up people to remain so I guess that lucked out and away and satanism Tran called flow date. Game room where couples spend her first -- engaging in an activity like. Board games -- the idea behind. -- is that you can ask relationship questions about it seeming like an interrogation. Arab. And figure out when he's playing twister. And -- -- -- way up for America. I think my first question is are you looking for -- Yeah. I would not miss out we it was kind of that was -- you -- the you know few minutes with each person -- -- first things out at me was. I want children is that something you want -- first question obligated. Rotted out you didn't ask me I didn't want to ask me about my lab babies so it did you wanna know about that I asked -- what -- -- -- -- Then the right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's check -- status -- -- clue -- you and in the bedroom with the -- -- the wrote the. We were saying earlier -- -- you're playing like sorry or you know it's just yet. And I think games bring out the -- people. They -- because that comes the competitive edge comes out and I don't know what -- want that on the first day. I don't know anyone in the band's hearty scratch me yeah. And you -- -- I don't question that you need to ask is how long is the longest relationship you've ever had and I do you watch -- would be a good. Yeah right you -- the -- that's my the first glance at.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"ABC News' \"World News\" weekend anchor fills in as guest co-host.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"18316364","title":"David Muir Brings 'Made in America' Gifts to 'The View'","url":"/Entertainment/video/david-muir-brings-made-america-gifts-view-18316364"}