From Diana to Meghan: What it takes to dress a royal

ABC News' Paula Faris talks to famed designer Amanda Wakeley, who has helped dress the royal family for years.
5:06 | 05/16/18

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Transcript for From Diana to Meghan: What it takes to dress a royal
Looking at one of the new is designed by. Amanda weekly we are here and lie and then at her flagship boutique store he has the famed fashion designer. It's great happens here. And you recognize her face and she had been produced design. Princess Diana has more. And her her daughters of mine as well and Kate. And now I can step for you we're not have come full circle seal three of them designs probably equates fashion it's wonderful. Pullen and you know we always talk about the front and being very ageless and and so we do appeal to women of allegiance and I enough. Lets people locked. Let's get this that there's some really beautiful designs. You may have seen somebody's. Classy clutches on QVC. This is what what we call what room we're looking at right now so this article is from the gallery because I designed the store so I'm like how am I really want to people feel very comfortable here. I didn't want people feel intimidated by walking through the tool. Of a mesa flagship it's you know you've got to feel copies. I sent. It first started designing when he first came on the scene. You where I'm pretty seem designed for Princess Diana right away won't like to work here her because you were so young I understand I'm. And it was I was really lucky the deputy editor of he was. A funny thing planner at the time sent to me. I want to Entergy hue because I think a you'd get along really well and the I think it designs would be perfect for us on parry ferry lucky. And met Hanna influenced you can't. Very informal. Very passionate. My passion. More any knowledgeable really understood it content and style and colonists and under ala. A plan kind of parent she was a lovely individualists take a look at some of the more formal clothes and you're pretty joining us undercover rage on Saturday for ABC as a well. So let's talk about what we might see in terms of action because I'm me in by eight if you are one of the 600 that has been invited to the wedding. What is the attire what are the require so they say. I dress and hat and what does that mean decided not means to stop him really beautiful. Patrons some might be. Something. Along the lines of facts which the beautiful. Claiborne case with this this beautiful it's almost like embroidery. Ended. I would say. Most guests will companies. I'm saying is had lived and living in an area era old will more distressing so I think. I think they'll be quite. And attention to. And I'm I think we might see quite a few Mickey dresses bold new for us. Because that's an important and hat not a fast and here there's a differentiation can be died that night and I think it probably simulate the rules of the roiling pleasure Alaska. Remember we have royal Ascot the him which is a huge. Moment in the fashion calendar and I'm will get dressed up and it's been great to skis to Wear a hat. And but there are quite strict dress commutes for the royal inclusion including. The past cup. He most of you hang it you have to abstract wide open an inch when another through. We should legitimately get kicked out if you aren't. Properly dressed you wouldn't be allowed in than this place and you know good did not know that I'm. I would talk to you about. Meg and it's it is this a primeval and ask questions we ask you but. While this is one of the best kept secrets Kubel Macon Markel where. I'm Saturday at who would you love to see her in and tell me a little bit about style and with. Not to seek in for a change. I think she's a wonderful. Fashion and plastic she was plays and beautifully. Goodness its is the multimillion pound question people have been acting on it and wouldn't I'm really wouldn't want to speculate. Needs some excitement. And very excited for the wedding I think they're great together I think she's she's a breath of fresh plan and that clearly so in love that boats and many. Chilling courses. That they really want to welcome together I would I think it's one. Well you're getting an American into the royal family so congratulations on Matt Luke and each lets you might say goodbye hey. It towards that let's go back to the dog where we started to get they do want to let everyone know that yes this design is for sale. As is the leaf. Justification rich McClellan passionate about. I really don't have to have a await cooler Lee Amanda it is so great to be here and your flagship store again. We are in London from her flagship store. In Mayfair and we will see you Saturday as part of our special coverage you can congratulations. On your success and Jesse royal family and that we're gonna sign out. Romney there Paula parents ABC news.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"ABC News' Paula Faris talks to famed designer Amanda Wakeley, who has helped dress the royal family for years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"55213564","title":"From Diana to Meghan: What it takes to dress a royal ","url":"/Entertainment/video/diana-meghan-takes-dress-royal-55213564"}