Emmy Predictions 2016

Rolling Stone film and television critic Peter Travers offers his 2016 Emmy predictions on "Popcorn with Peter Travers"
14:12 | 09/14/16

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Transcript for Emmy Predictions 2016
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to this special edition of popcorn where we're going talk about the Emmy Awards which are on ABC. On September 18. Start with outstanding drama theory there's like seven or eight nominees it. Cream of the round one last year fine. After forever. But it has just one and you know they have any kind of academy he takes for ever for a fantasy. Science fiction thing to win everything. And I'm saying they should she's something else this year. They could go with the tried and true homeland it's on their Downton Abbey. But people I think pay attention to two shows one is mr. robot. Mr. robot team basically out of nowhere it began to tell us stories of cyber terrorism. It made a star out of its lead Rami Malek. And it has something. Dark twisted interest thing going on in it which is usually the opposite of what an academy in the academy voter will pick. The you know what I'm picking and I want this done anybody out there that still got a vote. Go for the Americans the Americans has spent three seasons being ignored they. Every critic now says this is terrific show I mean having Terry Russell and Matthew he's playing Russian spies working for the KGB. But leave me as normal Koppel in Washington DC and the wings everything that's going on there amid an academy members who shall go nameless because. Could give away her name and I can do it and I said why he never nominate the Americans and she said something really in the usual she said. No we don't like Russians. And I come. They're not really they're just doing this Cold War story and they're doing terrifically. So yet it could happen they came frowned once again. But I'm voting for the American then there's the comedies years modern family is still on there veep has won most recently. And I've got nothing against Jews who tractors being beat ward the president states given the choices we she's pretty damn good at what she's doing. But I say there's ten shows again newer shows that a really doing it right. One of those is called master of non which diseases are it just came out of nowhere he's thirty year old actor in New York. And each yes hastened to places Teddy TV doesn't usually make but my personal pick is a show called black. This is Anthony Anderson raising his ban money and saying. I think we've lost our identity as African Americans who know we just assimilated so much we don't know who we are anymore. It is Smart it's provocative. It's money. Attention to black. OK we get to the acting. Outstanding dramatic actor. Kevin Spacey is Heath told me when he was here and threw popcorn and I think it has never won the Emmy for his role in house guards. But I think what you have to do two win after a couple of seasons like that. Is that your show gets better as it goes out. And it's a house but it's not that it's just sort of repeating itself a little bit. Nothing against Kevin Spacey winning but look what I got here. I've got Rami Malek in mister robot who's that new kind of faced nothing traditional about him and all. And then going back to commute I'm very prejudiced about the Americans to Matthew Reese. Who with Keri Russell wind up putting on these wings and it. It was another academy member that said to me. I think it's got kinky roll play that show it's not really about the Cold War spies it's about a couple trying to save their marriage. By wearing league's dressing room and six it's. Okay what ever reason you have for picking it. Go pick and Matthew res I think it's terrific. Drama actress. Viola Davis recently won four you know how to get away with murder how to get away with murder not a good shot. Viola Davis is terrific and when she won the enemy she gave a speech that I think she just go in the time capsule of the enemy. Because she was that good talking about crossing the color line. She became the first African American. Actress in a starring role to win an Emmy in it's seek the 8 year history so am I gonna scream if she doesn't. Finally here OK with me but Taraji. Keep watching violent days when wards and she doesn't edit and her cookie line is one of the great characters. But the Emmys and basically brushed often. They nominated to rocky but they did so no surprise for me I'd going for Keri Russell and the Americans want this Americans in this week. These people are too restrictive and show it is the kind of thing you want to see Terry Russell she's felicity for goodness. And she does something here that's dangerous it. Ian weird and kinky all those things. Because I'm twisted I really. All right comedy actor comedy actor is another big deal. And we have basically a lot of sameness Jeffrey am bored. Who was on trance parent has authority one deserves to that's an incredible performance I'm not in the market. But I'm gonna put in my vote for Anthony Anderson in black ash war disease and stars in master not. Can't and he looked at comedy and say. Let's do something a little unusual. Let's make something happening like Louie CK did. And you didn't give him any acting and the need people I want you to change. Okay comedy actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Forever. You know they just love V. I think after somebody wins two or three times they should say. You know we told she was good baby after Ricky she gets it and that we really like her cell if you would say we really really like you. But. I think Amy Schumer shell inciting. It. Is stacked high that so rich okay it's a little vulgar times. Well what this woman does on that show is slapped everybody in that it she's knocking down pretension. He knocked down everything about looks about how people and especially women are treated. Amy it's it's your time voters with an. Okay limited theories limited theories is this kind of thing where it's like a movie it's like Mike her that's here and it's could be on for eight weeks at a time but you know that meeting nominees people are saying roots. We'll win this because it is basically a re do of the show that changed American talent. With as the night managers and I just club act with Thomas. Fargo which is a great great show and it's the second season everybody thought the first season was the best I think the second was just this. I'm going with the people vs OJ Simpson because once their actions on T this year. Has there been a movie self in in 2016. That's as good as this people and BOJ Simpson. Talking to doctors saw and how and when he's sixteen so far and I'm saying nothing was better than that so you're gonna know. I know U McNamee that. Then there's TV movie which is just the movie that doesn't stretch out over a limited theories. And you have all the way in which is that about LBJ with Bryan Cranston and confirmation. Where Terry who has always basically forgotten snubbed. For scandal by the Emmy committee is playing Anita Hill loop that with the incredible Idris Elba. You could give him Emmys all the time it'd be okay by me Sherlock with Benedict convert batch. And then something I don't know what they even came up with this for a very Merry Christmas which was bill Murray's Christmas special. Which fits in with LBJ and need to hill not at all so I just don't get that at all. I think what we're gonna see there is that all the ways in a win that's the play won the Pulitzer Bryan Cranston won the Tony. You know it just looks like prestige and sometimes academy you're allowed to do. So look at there's a whole list of categories here is supporting actors in comedy and we all know that Ty Burrell for modern family has won it before. And Tony hale for deep as one of the fort is a great guys that are Larry. This time look at Keegan Michael key in Keene PO I know it's gone off but this guy. Is the most under rate. Comic slash dramatic act of terrorism around it's time you paid attention to. And this really terrific on it. Supporting actress in a comedy. Allison Janney keeps winning as if she would Julie Louis-Dreyfus her performance and mom makes everybody say. It's. She is so great but I'm saying. Kate McCann in this is now I think her fourth nomination as best supporting actress in a comedy for Saturday night. She basically saved whatever was there in them first ghost busters. The skit that she does on Saturday Night Live this year that she's nominated for where he's doing an alien abduction. These business is the funniest thing I've seen anyway so again been nominated four times I'm give her the award. In Amman Peter. John Snow hit parent. Sneaking in with a nomination in every game before and we all know how we were faked data and bronze by thinking Johnson died. It little bit me is angry that they scammed into the evening news but kit Harrington did something. And I think he should be rewarded. The supporting actress category they used the should just put Maggie Smith's. Name on the enemy and sending it over to London for downton. It's the end of Downton Abbey so Maggie can't win another enemy force that show and they might just say this past the B it's going to be her. Are you watching what Lena heady does on games you nominated her to do this. This sees it was the best for her this character is so rich. So perverse so wonderful mean with. That I think he should pay attention to show you gave the enemy to last year and look at that performance which is just great. But in the limited theories you have such great performances like bright France that is LBJ. You had Idris Elba in Luther who always gets my award Tom hit us an inn night manager but I'm given this award. Q Courtney B. Vance in the people vs OJ Simpson because he's Johnnie Cochran he's just perfection. You thought the show you should go back and forth. Oh lead actress in a limited theories again Audrey McDonald lane Billy holiday in lady day. At Anderson's bar and grill won the Tony for that performance who's gonna knock orders she's a great. Here's Dunst was great in Fargo. But people. This is the one I'm carrying the flag for this Sarah Paulson in the people vs OJ Simpson. Playing Marcia Clark letting ST who she is as a prosecutor who she is woman the pressures will honor. During this that is the performance of the year. And not just TV I haven't seen anything in movies by an actress that can match what Sarah Paulson did in this so at Taylor. Do it I want to hear you know even in the supporting actress category. There's a lot of great people Olivia Coleman in the night manager and Melissa Leo playing Lady Bird Johnson in all the way. But Stan star Austin again. In American heart story we she's been doing this incredible work is three years something let's get Sarah Paulson. To add that say she was rate in the OJ one and she's ready in American heart story and just call it. Sarah Paulson and it. This is going to be the last category it's a supporting actor. In a drama series again look at what we have here in terms of the people vs OJ Simpson John troubled. You kind of means and himself in his job. David Schwimmer who relayed the car dash and other all of us are dashing orders and also reinventing itself. But much more understated performance sterling K brown in the people VOJ Simpson. Who was so terrific as Christopher Darden who sat there and watched himself be humiliated. There is something about what sterling brown does an oath that. Lips and raises the bar. So I'd you can sit here thing. We get. All he really cares about are the Americans and the people vs that is cents a so why I'm right. And right if you disagree with me you can come find me here. Email mean. Right mean find anyway to bring me down. This is who.

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