Frankie Grande's Backstage Tour of 'Rock of Ages'

Social media phenom turned Broadway star shows off his dressing room and on-stage dance moves.
2:49 | 11/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Frankie Grande's Backstage Tour of 'Rock of Ages'
Well and he is theater this is being here where rock of ages right ray is or where I get to play fronds eight shows a leak and salt traded to as the night. Comes an acting. I got a pact as harassment if he doesn't have a day on the this is the way we go to the green room and into the dressing room and everything. Isn't greener. Which isn't green that Floyd she's amazing she plays saying. But. Hello it's good thing my dressing room all hello KK. That's my name unlike doesn't regard and so have seen it is your local. This is a fan gave me a I think gave me this ad opening nine super excited about it the treatment everything ever. Sparkles buckles glitter Sharon Greg Brady that's the motto of my life and the motto of his show for me. His likes costume prove my suit which is really big but I kind of like it has it makes you look like a little boy gay. And this is and really exciting this is my terror waste suits it's one sees its entire piece. Of the C and it rips right off the back like this who completely engulfed roads. And I put straight off to reveal my hit me with the man hit me with your best shot sparkly units hard which will not reveal you have to come of times. Find. Smashing. Does my favorite with him obviously. I really rookie this. Is all you get to seen in one's. You magazine in baldness and by all this I mean naked in this so get you tickets. So where backstage drunken rages and right there is the stage this is where all of the magic happens all of the brilliance in the Broadway in the glamour. And the rock and the slat and the love in the music. Right here Manning. Aides roads and gendarmes in on my second engine that Sarah hair and can that it has. Oh yeah man down. Didn't think dean think they have the hope they don't actually hit that saves and he just can't do but you know to limit their child's whole thing. Up. Is fun isn't in your backstage pass exclusive would mean Frankie gunmen on the stage and rock of ages. I'm an older etiquette I gotta go do show in like thirty minutes thank you guys I love you. Police. But I'll and I love me I don't. Fear I'm rod blank.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Social media phenom turned Broadway star shows off his dressing room and on-stage dance moves.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"27062546","title":"Frankie Grande's Backstage Tour of 'Rock of Ages'","url":"/Entertainment/video/frankie-grandes-backstage-tour-rock-ages-27062546"}