Holly Hunter: 5 things to know about Disney-Pixar's 'Incredibles 2' and Elastigirl

Hunter appears "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about her role in "Incredibles 2."
19:05 | 06/20/18

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Transcript for Holly Hunter: 5 things to know about Disney-Pixar's 'Incredibles 2' and Elastigirl
I thought I actually thought the first movie was shocking I had no idea. Bit bashful we were working. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn we we tell you what's happening at the movies. And as a movie now called the incredible through right now I have to wait fourteen years and thirty. But I'm telling you its holder we were and my guess today holing onto what he's won every where there is. But as Helen Paul. She gets to dominate this movie like no tomorrow she is the hero of this story and I couldn't be more delighted and couldn't be more delighted to see you Craig he attacked and look you get to do all this with your bullets. You don't have to fly around and with the green screens in do any of that. Not that's just make this a delight yeah. To do you know and Brad Bird was my green screen. You know the animators who are just a phenomenal. You know I we we get help then and there incredible patience so. It was relief fund it says they do is all the enemies and done first. Now none of it none of it is you know and I think that animation takes so much time it's oh. Intensive. That we late dinner vocal tracks in in. You know they here. Dialogue and just kind of are inspired by what they hear their own imaginations are kind of in life and help I. Will we should tell everybody to even though it's been fourteen years since the first incredible as without these picks up. As if through word yet 14142. Flight back to conduct which is what you can only do you know with that the animation. That was capped. Patrick don't have to look your best the. Brown just go. Well and to the students are you allowed to do your voice work with the other actors or are you always separated that's what I keep hearing. I'm always separate however I wasn't alone and never fell to line the cars. Brad Bird was standing with me in the Renton he wasn't in the it's. And while I was. Solo he was. Like. When you where you are now so there was something. That was a camaraderie. He was my acting partner. So he's reacting to what you're doing it anyway it will actually he was acting he played all the other character. Can do it. And he can do and his voice work as Edna. Is there. It is. And it was great to have her back. Now Jack jacket and every single second that each on screen revelation a literal rapidly he gets he did for. The third in so many things are looking yellow into the fourth dimension he that they need to become demon day well what's so cool it's that that they'd be had the superpowers. That were only discovered by the Baghdad I like they're now be and act. That I. Did and the baby comes back am in. His parents are it's all this is unknown. So you go into the second movie. Would the parents still believing that their child is normal. Totally normal day. That is ranked. Kind of secret that the audience adds. Little data mr. credible pass to keep that from you know because your on some whirlwind. The tour and saving the world doing that Rai because it's fun that we yet. Trade trade off because in he and that the original movie I am a very reluctant hero I only Don superseded the 'cause I have to say it has been. But other than that I have no enthusiast and all for re entering world where's my husband news. In luckily it intoxicated by being the super. So in this movie I get the job of being. Super hero and he. Take care child. It was. A break revelation from me about six months after we started shooting after which are recording turned Brandon said. My whole heart official Greenwich. I've got something to play. But she done all of these amazing things but the timing. Of this where alas the girl is in the center of this action couldn't be bad in the time well yeah. You know with the with the times up in May two roads really gone. You know its share dip initially beautifully time I mean Brett certainly didn't. Imagine this this I think that he had this story line in place. And a decade. But it is fantastic and it's very satisfying. For me to. Inhabit that. World what happens when you see it all put together. Is it surprise you. I I actually thought the first movie was shocking. It is kind I had no idea. Bit bashful we will work you did it now because you know the the Incredibles are they're basically against the law did nobody wants super heroes anymore. This is the set up for what's happened right you've got to win the public to the super hero sighed again. Right right and it what you're seeing in that first movie was this husband who is. You know what to attempt self. And needs to come back you're. Kind of an adolescent currently. You know and I think that in this movie you see count the analysts and some of a lashed across. You see her kind of you know re meshing with her teenage. Self you know when I get on the spy flight. You find out that I have a Mohawk. Probably didn't have a moment when house third. On so I think that's kind of my little feet toward the movie takes its like a lot of the characters. Revisit kind of adolescent experience. But even if you do every kind. Performance every kind of movie there's no specific. Holly Hunter kind of perform well look you know we've we've got to we can got to hop around. To find the good work to find interesting stuff and there's plenty of places to move around especially with television thing so massive. In the world page and it as in the world bench watching a mean there's a lot of different you know there's a lot of content out there for for actors but working talked. That here now this is a series at ground ball does it takes the risk. Whether it works or doesn't it depends on who's watching it or not watching true but. You're committed a 100% to what you're doing. You. Well in with here and now that was like the most. Brilliant. Inspiring cash a you know why I'm kind of in love with all those young actors and Tim Robbins it was just. You know we all felt really privileged. Then he did. Last year the big sick which and other terrific movie thank you carefully to be done. Unexpectedly. Out of the truth that if somebody's real store. And yet from the island Xeon Ian and Lee Gordon were you know once again Imus those guys and it was just such an amazing. Cashed. That I I I missed. I'm way. What so is it exciting is this part of your career as exciting as it was when you were starting. What look I mean I I I kind of I. I started in new York and I remember I was working in HBO as at as attempt secretary. And I got my first time. Acting gig I got my first plane nose and off off Broadway play at the Shankland theater. In Manhattan. On like 46 street between tenth and com. You know I was not your fault here. It was a plane lean toward. And I quit HBO. And mail wished me which means lot. And you know took off and it's been really exciting. Iraq. And I you know. And Tony you two roommates at this. An inning ending fact that that is true. Or roommate in an. Well yes she graduated from. In England and we moved in we moved up to the north. Both looking for jobs. A the two of you but. It's see if there would be. A lot of intensity there we to a lot of Talking Heads. Talking it was really huge that time. So here that's great why not Kenya burned you know this is that it did confirm it. So you this down he or you would advise each my heavenly friend was of you know is and and was meant really good cook. So we did a lot of house cleaning to various kinds of music but. We have a blast. And then. You won the first movie that done right major rose raising Arizona right. So good that he's still as good as it was. Admitted it was me when you you're at the Cullen says from Matt. But acknowledged discount or non stop in and make as much improbably with the Coen Brothers well they they say they have like it such. Such an amazing. Year for dialogue and in their story telling is. You know you don't need there's there's no real if you don't need to protect them you know the rhythmically it's no specific and it. You want you want and bring. The the impeccable. Art. So that happens. You do this Coen Brothers. What happens next. What is the next step because we did you go back to doing other jobs because you're waiting for the right part. I mean after I get broadcasts and is then I mean after I did read yours and I can bracket. So that was. The next thing that I did it was a good wheels off the ground moment for me. What's going on in your head Wii U tough on the project he did. Because it seems like if you didn't feel committed to something you wouldn't do it. And now you know I I I was lucky I I had some incredible things to choose from. And an of course that's not always been the case and I think that the older than actress gets. No more challenging it is to find great staff and I think that there are fewer parks for any woman but particularly as you get older. Which you you know crossed them threshold of forty it becomes more difficult for actresses and I think that that still excellently Ter. Has it gotten better known for women. From your point and there are there in more I would say probably. Not. I mean I think television has the opportunity. For to being much better. But it it still you know I I think that you know statistically we're talking about it being a little depressing. I think if you look at just like them. That it doesn't look good right but at the same time I have hope be cause. There's an energy that's flowing in and energy that's really push Newton com. For there to be many more female actors you know apologetic glee more female crew. More storage for for when until I'm hoping that Whitney two times up I mean that that whole flow of energy is gonna help. Stories and what what stories we we tell them. While because there's a strength that's happening it in reaction to this did you experience any of this kind of harassment years. Although of course funny hat you know I can't think of a woman has mean it was part of the it was part a language I mean it it's. It's like it's in the water. It's part of our culture our. How we're brought. Brought up socially hey you know it they're. We have to change a different a different. Way of speaking the language and you know what we to a great degree we do but was part of that being silent about it of course. You need it it's sad you know the most frightening and the most this empower and I think the thing that that people don't understand. Even if it happened TQ it's still difficult to understand that the kind of casual humiliation. That some how I think women have felt. Responsible. Or did they matched or it's too humiliating. To admit that it happened. Com you would be not believed and I think the worst when would be that you would be scorned. Not believe or even made invisible like it didn't happen let's pretend we say it didn't happen so that it. Yeah coming I think that there are all the tools of coping with it that we societal leave calf. Integrated into our. Lacks. And now women are saying we got to be we have to be cognizant we have to be. On vocal it. And that there's got be consequences remorse what we're saying. Well. You know it you know removing the head a few years for what you're doing what you do the piano. He had no voice character has noble yes but he has told all. Thoughts are in her head and defiance is an. Well I think that ended in the character actually had. Autonomy. Even though was a time. Of being imprisoned he invited very close to Cuba's wearing. It was a certain means. Imprisoned by them but. But I think that bit in her. It is. A a spirit and entity that was really untouched by any bodies in us. And that made her I think really galvanizing. Character. Are you tough on yourself receive so. Tom what I'm you ought I. General and taught me. Two guarded day she said it's your school you will learn. Learn from your mistakes. And night for me personally that was really valuable a lot of people. Don't like to watch their daily and I get back from its torturous to to a degree torturous. But for me personally. Whenever I have watched them. It's. It's very helpful and tip to tip to find the parameters of the character. And stuff that you never want to see yourself do again. You know that it's a good training ground. Well. Now I understand that. And I understand what you with a woman would go through because everything was women can't do this specifically motherhood and combining that with a career right. Want to. A wire women always told they can't they have to be one or the other you can't really do this. Well I I think somehow managed the the the intimidation factor of the hour that women can put that by being not necessarily being able to do it all but. We we can't give our. That's a little often. Can't. And and they therefore I think that there's a tremendous amount strengthen women. That that is. That there can be and that can be. Scared and there it is on the screen in incredible through. And it's a lasting girl she's doing it. It's secret she's got Jack brats not scared of that rapper who created it not advocate I think is why. I think he modeled. My character after his wife so he is used to being Iran. In incredibly strong and and you had great imagination. And flex bill. It's not surprising that that would happen. Even I don't know where Ed net conference. Up in the hands of the creation of them but. This show always ends in a little bit of song. He had a high what you have what you did from the last. I didn't you were really what I did I do and he'll do it again but what about this. Eight. Young. Yeah. A you. And young. Then. Man. You know. Moon in noon. On the I symphony. Ferry that nobody ever done that make it's I its regular mental Beethoven to me like the most it means the most beautiful. At four Shaq can't just splat. You came really close tie the majesty of that if that action. Thank you so I let Peter what did I think. You're saying it with weird because only one other person on the shores thing Norman censure. And I don't know why. But Robert De Niro. Well Andy card in the U. It's. Or did it I thought that by now.

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