Inside the Coney Island Circus Sideshow

ABC News' Ebonee Williams checks out the Coney Island Circus Sideshow
11:02 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for Inside the Coney Island Circus Sideshow
The opening of the Coney Island side show it's sort of a staple of Memorial Day here in the New York area are ebony Williams. And bravely ventured out. You get behind the scene at that site Andy what's going on rely. Sonny yeah. We're doing well but it looks like you're having a lot of fun here. Oh my god yes I'm a here. Exactly what I showed you guys I'm pregnant now. Here the guys. Hello everybody yeah. I'd CEO and didn't sit to snack on in. Howland made me come nowhere in the got to talk to I think it. Work the shallow and also we're getting the disease Canada. So this day. About fifteen to fifteen years in its salinity. Although I myself and the MC. This show here and today. Fire you. Steve aren't paid for the cards. They didn't analyze dancing on glass and a double a whole New Zealand. Do here after TV have lots of enemies but when. BC's today. In this regard this act. On later this here he said. But the why. Not hear why she goes here this battle the eightieth. Who considered socially. Actually got an entry into the violence. That it. It won't hand we had this and I'm much of the buildings some written act. Inside of me. This is live in magic happens again. This is where that happens in these this is one of the all of them. All of this is that you have a we have position differ wave after city he had been explorations and surreal projects and actually. We can't entire sphere app. But you regional building. And justice actions. Asked what. Over the dean is hot dog cases right now. And that individual case for a prolonged trying to be acquired this building and this actually just could not too long ago got landmark. So they can't really. You know stop us from didn't any information on the outside. We can't be. Had to appreciate it used to fight for her summer. Obama but yet this is an original artwork goes home in if your battery Roberts who paints a lot. He shouldn't have on matters. The name but that means thousands this when there. They're wow yeah. We're gonna see the XIRS. Yesterday's scene and leadership. Which may be seeing my eyes. Change. This is nothing strange here. In. Answer. Yet still easy to. There's actually coming here and a sitting extinction. You know would keep it nice insurance agencies that let me where Cassidy who ran with. On the season and that you oxygen. Other thing he the number and it's hot student of history. Yeah. About what you and I'm as mr. strange and the outside Tucker what you just side get people to command me to show outside at these people to Cunningham and USA. And get them to want to commend see the original and last won in existence the Cunningham and circus site you know spree that you have more. Comment. We do well we're actually one of the oldest companies. And it Coney Island and our thoughts are now under Dixie in as the one that helped revitalize Coney Island and general. We actually hear the mermaid parade and we have the command and museum upstairs asthma. We are. Up first USC present zoning. Districts it's that he so. The unnamed. Man. I. Yeah. News. It's. He he had. Yeah. Yeah. It's. It's. It's it's. I mean he's not paying. He. Sings only state. He of experts don't think. Sorry guys I bring it excellent excellent. Apples that hi guys he even when he was kids who aren't around here I remained at C. I'm common currency known as we have booed mightily right now. I'm gonna Payne who. And it's going to be my honor and privilege of budget for me to present but hopefully you aren't post these powers as increasing. Delicate. And dangerous and that if things they. Believed to feast. So skills department each and excellence. Many have China and many times and asked. Me as well who's in each case that find it repeat. For U statement. That he. Now. Blue moon moon most of us the police say delegates. And name tactics Israel this is a real and I think it's only happening to them. Cities naysayers and nonbelievers as the real deal made of solid steel doesn't end the cycle of the collapse and so it's a real office. That was and is if he thought that was it won't happen. One group where he. Now it is intended. She does Lula came through practitioner of right now should show you some of core. Patton had. Basic genomics and no it's. We're no stopped to let them. Yeah. Yeah. That was needs. You'd think it's. Outside. That god this hey thanks for. Not much. Well let's just mention that Adam are sandman that's original music. Go. Yeah. Bragging about wow absolutely and the path of the every of the main thing Acme Packet I was. Freaked out sitting here. I was very very tense and with me I'm always I always worry that this me you're gonna like latch on to someone's face something. It's as I. I don't not gonna happen but. Freaks me. It go away. The government if the is not including that of course opens this weekend Memorial Day if you're in the area dude check on the island. Just one in.

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{"duration":"11:02","description":"ABC News' Ebonee Williams checks out the Coney Island Circus Sideshow ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39406132","title":"Inside the Coney Island Circus Sideshow ","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-coney-island-circus-sideshow-39406132"}