Inside Marvel's 'Darth Vader,' from New York Comic Con

Matt Martin of Lucasfilm story group and Marvel's "Star Wars" writer Kieron Gillen talk "Darth Vader" from NYCC.
18:48 | 10/05/17

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Transcript for Inside Marvel's 'Darth Vader,' from New York Comic Con
Hello and welcome to a special New York comic con edition of inside marvel Darth Vader on still Mike Rothman he's still all the icky bugs. We can't seem very special that are actually in person that let about. Matt Martin from look at the story group and I don't even like people are just minutes that your mostly act on them. Gearing gallon off there. Extraordinaire laser where they think Hastert and British it was a fantastic accent. As always sadly we have on the horn planes and now we wish you is here in person. So sad sorry guys just couldn't do it. Next time next we miss you the plane is know that we really wish you were here. I music I want quality board Tatis Matt Martin has gotten just this morning. One bullet. Seller here talked about issue six. By this in the books is the newest issue Walt like catch the subtle what's gone on at. Abilities as it's Charles Gould's book and what we're looking at in this art is that he's essentially what happened to cater to just every second every team San. Things zipping don't mediocre so far he got the crap in added one time they have yet we it was great. We got a new light Saber that that's daily business line. But now comes does the competition it's going to be a big help Randy greeting visitors and done his best friend is it's getting it. If I had a lot and have some fun. That's what I got free. That is the best summary. That law has ever given. You know it's I've been here is there really at nine. However you guys we need a lot of people here. There's that part of the granite whether any visitors Mac to prevent that don't know the adult about these special creatures that you call. Adding visitors are. Really a program created by camper you kind of wipe out the rest of the Jetta that added to survive or 66 and it was really important for us. Tell the origins of that other act debater so when this book came to being humans there was something that we really wanted to make here mated in. Clayton I know you're picked and a rebel authority because we steaming quit there's a lot on that show. What what's your experience what would you like about this what do you expect excited about. Yeah I was Grady it. Fans of of rebels will noting losers from that show we've we've seen them going out to try and find for sensitive children and eliminate them as well they've gone up against. Cain and Gerris and as for and even if so Caetano. At times and these guys. They use these amazing spinning with light sabers double bladed light sabers that he can act is like almost helicopters that they can fly around. But. And Matt of course could weigh on this a little bit more than would no more than Ivins I've read that like Dave polonium problem at all though have said that. These guys. You know that's fitting light Saber was almost like a cheap because reels this real real bad guys like Darth mall could do that by hand that with their own abilities. So the spinning the automatically spinning like they were sort of a chief for these guys which is sort of indicative of the fact that they are. That being listeners aren't not as highly trained not belongs says. Like like like that your bad guys out anyway yeah we've we've seen them before and great characters it's cool to see them tied into the comic. Now it's over these cheaters. I mean we call them cheap mode light sabers. It's not that they're not trained them the majority of visitors were at one time and I. But you know agenda for tonight's going to be pretty evenly back side I think the idea is that with these special light sabres that gives them an edge up when they're fighting an addict and I. And the grand inquisitor actually is an old. Tonight guard right from the at a temple it's I think it's instinct do it's just kind of more people like Darth that earned from the like that dark. Eighties and honest and open its present you can't blame him accusing darts and it's. It's eleven indicates in the dark side. The spectators. And news. If the question but that the study. That would also be posts happily against. Don't think that he didn't think what everybody. Went to that certainly giving autistic people who maybe it's well against this. Local people but trusting. Yeah service that you. It's a little little forensic handling. But it was during the late night in the so slow that it might get on with the but it's. Like throwing things. They're excellent. I don't you just talk about this little that the it. Your series from last in the last art theater I'm really focused on how the team. Continuously testing darkness like this that the way it is it's still hotly if you don't try to kill your master here out of the loser in this that the academy basically. It's been on that as again this like the first sign we've seen in the news here is that being like. He says and along cocaine if the granite was they had like take me down what you've done anything like these that you doubt know exactly and those display. Continuously making better by testing. The bulls Ericsson. Yeah I think it was kind of thing. It's. Understood that the suspect natural wrestling but to thank. That's. A Muslim holy book to him. You know the latest on the stocks many times. I'm the director of what shoals disappointing it's it's under the facility by its entity that's there any kind of like. In accused used to develop solid and we can ask the social you know working really against. And I want to bring up. It's too early to bring up the woman at the end as we all know this is. And Matt you know I know I tell my telephone and told the entire story right now. Snow NCs. So is note it's officially snow and that's can you heard Matt van. Sorry look at some I apologize. Now but he needed. Do we get sick Clayton. Who do you think that is I know you are very you know very knowledgeable about the history of Star Wars in the care bears. Give any guesses here. Yen up. I I actually I'd I don't have any guesses but you know what I will admit to doing is that in the panel at the at the end there this person is sitting there way we think it's a woman sitting there with some sort of creature. On our lap but there is also a a scroll with some our best writing. On it and I admit that yesterday I tried to get my Arab ash cheat sheet out and trying to figure out what was written on that scroll I had absolutely no luck I don't know if it's just gibberish or whether I'm just. Not able to zoom in far enough whatever it is but I did try headed to. Had no locks on I'm at a loss. Let's think about the math I mean obviously can't tell us tonight. But in general where we didn't that the storyline going as far as you can sandy good at this the impact that well anywhere gonna see he really made her. Having to deal with the inquisitor is like this isn't really what he signed up for so. Now he's basically in charge of a bunch of people that he really doesn't want to be part of sort of a see a lot of that there's going to be. Some animosity between individual and visitors as they all kind of find their own find their placement in. Because it Torre it's. And obviously there's that character at and here's going to coming constant trouble bowler. Our heroes that I guess they're not heroes an all its. Now Walt bosses like they were somewhat passed this. So it can act on its tennis men out alive. So compelling events are as much of the stories on the side of a has appears spin. I didn't even going to deep even giant cactus and I know you participated in and look coming out of all of them from certain morning news parent let his tracks. And I can similarly about the book and year old and. It was a critical questions they asked the media it is the bouquet is they all full C short stories just sat around new heart just cut like. He did small current city new hopes. This expedition used as a whole running keep helping us with Tony openly people it's an to the you know the do don't local time when you haven't full. Out of its. Pasadena and of them in critical but trailed never actually how much first published the full under the Detroit whistle so that I'm very aware that it is my first actual praise Allah. This Jesse don't do a story about what kind to the bathroom and who invented for the fiscal played about what she was cut during around then I shoot them that's every. If your into the bids and click to send people to check how they'll rebel vice she's cut of that stealing stuff. So you got products seem of have attacked the right to the ethics of flight data saw it. And as I can't exist that don't draft choice weapons deal within the planet killing weapons caught an interest to wait it's gonna put that. 100 leaving tonight let's of the war I think if you go to Trevor in the polls doesn't feel like there's a really just need to be involved in a critical three the rest while the so many good people well that's. Answered it and get it read a season and at this begin at New York coming gun. Please use and if so well so obviously if you look around we are here come a time where the Javits Center in Manhattan we got have to address. Deeds they sit in the room I guess an Elvis in the room. Matt might have to put involved in the earbuds and a salon. Where the last jet I spot which is a beautiful set up with rob send viewers excited were about two months out from the movie. So old what are you guys excited for what we expect wallet. I'll see you I'm not excited at all for the film again. Night night it's it's a blunt it's about it's and I stuff that they cannot digest it get my dad really really want us trailer as soon as possible. And I'm not great yet and highs yet flights coming to town and I really wants guns events in. As of now you're telling me earlier that Luke is going to kill everybody in this movie. Like that we killing everybody at the end of the movie worked out so well for road winds. There were just gonna keep doing it so yeah don't expect tend to have anybody left at the end of last and I. That the hearing. How how is it to work on something that's kind of parallel or different time spaces to something that at. We had so many it totally different story lines that are people excited for what's that juggling process life. What's possible this. Never thought of the foot is always destroyed going so what does what is the local. In that kind of what you're doing is. This is a gold was going to spikes that that the patriots. Looking into politically to get maybe it's that I'd like Nazis is about that anything you know. But he is also telling it like incredible it's a fine so let's say then we'll do is on its expect legendary jewels left the says but let's get that podium as a Batavia but also gets much appreciate you look it's an immigrant Saudia it's as ridiculous to claim your. The biggest bet that I know and in years so well versed in this what are you looking forward to I mean bad. I can't say a bit of that in this is inside such a heights moving. You know I to me since we didn't. Quite get the reunion and in the force awakens to me seeing. General lay and Luke Skywalker. Finally. Meet face to face which I am assuming hoping praying will happen. For me that's that's the really big moment for me and I'm but I'm waiting for this movie. And I'm sure the rest of us going to be great but that for me that's the one thing. You actually interviewed Ryan Johnson at celebration until months ago. I don't as a little while back but that was interesting conversation we'll get what do you say about the movie if he's he's such a good down there. Guy but it's genius same time. Yeah I mean he he didn't get the beginning didn't give us any plotting his very good on that but you know though the one thing that you. You get from this guys that. He is such a fan and he is taken such great care. And in making this movie that I'm I'm sure it's it's gonna for a break in and what while I have you right I want to tell Kieran I actually skipped ahead. In this book to read your story I couldn't I couldn't wait to get to it and it is it is really excellent it's. Really wouldn't yeah but look it's. Thought it takes what it does is it takes about forty different stories because the fortieth anniversary. Of Star Wars of course all of these different authors have taken eighteen minor character. Or in a minor angle from the movie and an expanded its that you learn all sorts of you wouldn't think things that. That you didn't know so congratulations Karen on the story was really for a. Thank you so much so much didn't really means Wilson an incredibly common good about it. So what to somebody going to. Again as ours is kinda transcends the different median C of the comic books NN recently and their marbles don't kind of coming and thank you these books which any. It means expanding universe them. It universe outside the movies has been such a core component of this 10% long I guess we're a couple of years out. Not the reboot but rim did movement from legends in this evening's biggest match. I don't wondering we're seeing that now are you excited with where it's going where the Khyber missiles being kind of yeah yeah I mean. It was it was a little painful to lose the look legend thing like I was a big movie fans that's gotta feeling up the band Dave Lewis was dropped. But I'm so glad that we've gotten this direction and everything really now feels so cohesive. And were able to plant seeds and you know one story that shows up and another stored at different medium two years later that's just really cool down with a response desk Brenda Harris on the line. It for you would sue. No something still in advance and hold that because obviously you know some different story lines. And that's got to the the word that comes as excruciating. How is that. It's a challenge but it's just it's sunny and I'm gradually getting more and more use do I know guys my girlfriend crazy can all be like. Oh my god has gulping it happening we'll talk about it two years. I don't so you know I think it's a tough but at the same time it it's a big responsibility that now I pretty blessed to have on my shoulders. We'll let you check to autopsy yet he gets gives an advance the story lines out of that lake and the secrecy must be killing everybody. It is just like. Sort of got things going such as you know what you divvy it definitely makes it public and others like their son Preston who found. Oh. The comedy that he thinks is. The good spots yet but of what it looks affected syllables what can. There's been such of these elements I have a few minutes later that they beat this thing didn't shut it was like selling their bonds look at Texas like but. Paul about it it's telling him what to think about what looked at what we're going to that's what's big plug it. And it's. What's going to be mud mask. Basically giving the community opponents that he knows yet if this vortex the city let's take at a distressed oceans questionable. It's good. Have a situation Boston it is you know that's the business but it doesn't. It's published by Hudson believes it's the news and. We've got a better job at like splitting responsibilities. While I definitely do you take in everything. I have I have a bit more the focus position that I used is. From that point of view it's a little bit less stressed but the same time the stories just keep building a building and I think that we need to keep track of there's just more and more of it all the time factor something I need to talk to you about a minute an accident happened while I save a crafty I mean is apparently the if you've been right here. I think Clayton had a question and then it was as the best lessons. Why it's such it's such a rare treat to have someone from the Lucas films story group on the show with Matt Martin who live lovingly referred to as. One of the aluminum body of the Star Wars world but I sort of curious thing get this question. How to how to how does one. What what was your own path to getting on to the news story. Back. All my Pappas was really weird here don't think that the bailout. Cut and so I actually I've been a source Stanford in my entire life and I actually started out as a volunteer for Lucas film acting legends like this. Which I was just doing out of my passion force are worse. There that I met some people I was going to school for graphic design of all things. At some people started doing freelance design eventually got hired on to work on the online team. So eventually I was managing Star Wars dot com's top ten and social media and then when a job opened up at on the story driven. I hate you don't put my name and a hat immediately and it just bank didn't. Pleaded end and we just did everything I want to and I answered yeah exactly but for some reason they went when it. They're lucky to have you and the yeah I mean. It's it's a good to have you guys again I'm not getting gifts to good but let's not let a New York comic con is going on right now nobody has until I know you needed panelists. Stay busy. Yeah that's. About title for the book book which the boy Knox to look at weekend which is supported the building we've got tabled jedi knights. Just come and will be sonic booms possibly done so. Just mentioning facts in a shaking hands she exploits. Facebook's. Just less infectious and I think the main thing to do the coldest sort of avoid exposure to kids. Let's that we get what they're going aspect. The name. Don't done. So I think they held together long enough you guys have advanced to go talk doing things together do Waltz got a half ago there. The fantastic but thank you plane again think it was all eyes are joining us we miss you man which you're here. I'm gonna hold my own flag on by myself you guys are invited me. I'm. Heard Daryn from mad for Walter for playing. Very vivid girl behind the camera wielding heroine and my ground and that you guys are seeing us and we're going to be back at all week along with what comic cons not so. States it.

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