Inspirations Behind Iconic Star Wars Costumes

From 1960s US military jumpsuits to Apple products, learn the obscure inspirations behind some your favorite costumes.
3:08 | 11/17/16

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Transcript for Inspirations Behind Iconic Star Wars Costumes
So you have several versions right here. Storm troopers helped a little bit about the original stormed through we have that was a difficult one friend and to me except well. It's kind of like an assembly line and they really had sent legs. Vacuum packed beings and so it that was a difficult process the band name. Ripped off of it for the course a weekend then kind of updated and made a more streamlined and. And again you can see this is from 1983 return of the Jeddah I'm not gonna touch a but I wanted to point out just I mean how how battle worn it really yeah this was probably Houston maybe the indoor yeah ours seems isn't a pretty dirty beat up. Yeah. He saw this somewhere on screen for. No one in Mayer gallery and a no matter. And then and it's good that they were first quarter from Japan. Updated version they are kind of inspired by apple has. What inspired these guys over here is Isabel has of the rebel pilots the lead skywalker. Yeah out. They not the US Terri inspired these orange jump seats there's an international warrant is I think in the 1960s. Are our military would Wear. And so yeah they write often wrapped around the bend me is you know you that idea again and of course awakened so and and it. A lot of I mean a lot of Star Wars is based on the second service used you know hurt sort of recycle so. You have something that's that's real and functional but then they have all of this other sort of used bits and you call them briefly. And as he had three leaves NASA a term that I think. Will we believe George Lucas ten points to just differed little Knick knack that kind of make it look. Functional but like you don't know exactly what they do like those. Son Elian. Things on their what is there wouldn't letter painted silver lake didn't CMO revered. Up and it's really it's kind of fun to just see like little and he. Yeah little bits of plumbing that they kind of found. And you wouldn't sell it cylinders that ever had good. And I being sick economy here here you go there's the real life inspiration for some of those rebel pilot costing. US air force jumpsuits 1951. Again more more bad guys over here behind this. Tennessee the variations from what what are we looking at here. These neckties fighters on one hand from the original trilogy the funds run they empire strikes back. And then that Thai fighter pilot from the course awakens and then of course they material officer. And what was really interesting to me anyway I was. The different ranks and they have we have a drawing with and a drying where it kind of. Indicates an act of a different plays yeah death had yet true you have really hard core Star Wars fans can instantly look at just how the rank of an imperial officer exactly it's. It's not just for show not at all thought went into it in fact I'm John Marlowe Lewis original costume designer was a military has stories and photos he kind of really thought about all that.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"From 1960s US military jumpsuits to Apple products, learn the obscure inspirations behind some your favorite costumes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43612106","title":"Inspirations Behind Iconic Star Wars Costumes","url":"/Entertainment/video/inspirations-iconic-star-wars-costumes-43612106"}