Iowa Teacher Sues School District for 'Allowing' Her Relationship With Underage Student

"The View" co-hosts discuss the student-teacher relationship.
4:21 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Iowa Teacher Sues School District for 'Allowing' Her Relationship With Underage Student
Apparently there a lot of teams in the audience is there's no. Devious implies. I substitute teacher in Iowa and accused of having sex with a student says it's the school's fault that happen. She could hand the original bill Walt when Millen on facts and turned up behind that select. But that isn't true. As the school's chance some of the blame and should the school be rested. And the case he could make the case either way the Catholic Church hierarchy. Allowed the priest the predatory priests to do their dirty work. And the school's new about. That this was going on apparently that I read anyway and they could have Dunst something that I can I ask that really stupid question. Why didn't she stop herself from doing well. I'm just curious as you know sometimes I don't dumb and I don't real I. As far as to say the school's fault but if they were aware let happen they definitely need to take some cash. How about personal responsibility and accountability when it comes to teaching unit that this happened behavior with the teacher because. As a parent you know we trust our our our children. To be with their teachers all day and they are not with us and that's buried not on or any cannot not all night it's a very important possibility. But if you look at the stats about 15% of students will be sexually abused by a member of the schools after their school year comment. 15% fifteen it. And actually one of my first cases in the sex crimes child sex crimes unit was a football coach having sex with student. It was when it might buy cases in DC so it's something that happens often and by enlarge my experience is that a lot of the teachers either blame the environmental in the school. And and say you know that they think the kid was was very mature. Older. Is that there's a lot to me Senegal personally started putting it on their records though could the other problem is a lot of times they'll get a good record in ancient like. A teacher came. And to teacher and no one was told why he left his last school and he ended up using a high school student we found out later that is. On forget all about protecting the institution and I understand anymore and I am on the cob. Adds a level you know when a person is already teens shouldn't students and teachers. Have a student teacher relationship or our. Do you then went to get right to because Europe you're old going to make better decision. Titles little useful have a policy about any kind of likened discuss applicant like that I got in Iraq. I hey did you have a little thing with a professor I. Okay. Even news. I'm fess up long time I did I'd I dated teacher a long time go to college or college how all his day. The alert need to give a science and it's Andy me yeah. I was eighteen he was thirteen people were and I think yeah that's I'm million appropriate II did I let it happen. Soon what's apartment was in Paris. It's it's appropriate but so professor says it needs when I was like China trying to get some information about an exam music turner remains what ten packs when his. When the was that a good within fantastic I'm. Proud I am I don't eat home. This trip study literally a steady on the latest statement it's inappropriate to have this kind of news you wouldn't cons present cedar rap. It's community school district says due to a miscommunication with the substitute placement system the individual in question this is that teacher. Was placed in a substitute teaching position for a short time in an elementary setting at the end of the 2050. Sixteen school year the district is not aware of any issues the substitute employee had. While working in the elementary setting provided for the safety of the district's students is of Paramount importance of the district so they are denying the fact that they knew that this was going up. I'm cancel about her while staying up. That's all do you think it was that is they.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the student-teacher relationship. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40961819","title":"Iowa Teacher Sues School District for 'Allowing' Her Relationship With Underage Student","url":"/Entertainment/video/iowa-teacher-sues-school-district-allowing-relationship-underage-40961819"}