Jack Black Destroys the 'Popcorn' Stage Prop

Black talks to Peter Travers about his new comedy, "The D Train," and he joins the growing list of actors who can't seem to keep their hands off the prop.
12:32 | 05/15/15

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Transcript for Jack Black Destroys the 'Popcorn' Stage Prop
She ocean and the sun. Both beautiful. Both deadly. This. A. This is my beach and I need to protect. Any Oceanic and keep that safe. Pretty easily. Put this on. Highly that's a banana boat triple defense on screen for men. Did you notice anything that's at a moment looking far. Yes Oliver lawless from high school yes from high school on a national commercial he did it. He made it sack that was daddy's good friends and it why not Brandon. What. Hello everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's happening now called the. It's a loser that and in Pittsburgh mayor read everything like that and he's one chance at something cool it's to chair his twenty year high school reunion and get the one guy in Hollywood. That he thinks really made it come to pitch for him. I think this movie just keeps. Poland surprises you don't see coming I know that my buddy Jack here is giving one of the best performances. He's forget which is saints up. And he's here are welcome to popcorn Jack to the madness we callers. Thing you know is there a variant knives introduction appreciate you. Do you think he'd take the glasses off for me now now because I feel like my glasses I think I looked sexier with the glasses give him a vote on that I think edges look. Just in general more unity applause Morton active nobody felt there was someone a fecal hired some safety. Yeah up that there's we can't look into your debts. Now I feel this is stark picture. Of this. This is visit this is back on what's let us. And I respect the Travers sol. At and Rhoda on the popcorn you need is something you get a little must you must. Acts what was that are looking. YU looks those six. This is is not the first time we've talked about the Baird is set that up so I gave you a little about who he was and land of nobody calls him by anything he always wants a nice nickname but who is. This guide to an lands men AKA the sort of belief charismatic guy from his high school and he wants to. Organize this twenty year reunion. And is hoping that it'll be different that people like you more this time and that no one is ours VP percent reunion. So his nightmares coming through again and he hatches a plan to get the most popular guy from high school to come that everyone else will come. And I'll be a hero for bringing. Hero so I go to Hollywood and I go to great lengths to get Oliver lawless who please name. The latest yes played by James Marsden brilliantly to come to that reunion. And yet that's when the surprise happens you are plain. Who has never come close to being cool but only school. Really come off right front if true maybe in Bob Roberts I was remember that scene at where you're just like. Looking at Tim Robbins and he was just the status thing that we all feel when we. Meet somebody who's important that we hold as my first film world you did mention. Yeah it's similar character wise. This movie because that character was super obsessed with Tim Robbins cared about Robertson. And I was so nervous around them and and that's kind of Dan land humans relationship. Allow us the coolest kid from school and not being able the form sentences or even in the normal way around year heroes and that's what it's about. Did you ever go to my school room. I did at 120 years when was this school that you attended. Crossroads school is I school for the arts and sciences who advances. In that you were science and gamma scientists now. Your parents were kinder than. My parents actually years scientists. Have soared rockets signed yet aerospace engineers. And my mom worked on the Hubble space telescope. That's reckless pretty intimidating. Decided to go the other way with your career and yet what I couldn't do that if I tracked. I didn't I didn't inherit the mathematics. Skills. I want to go back to this twentieth reunion because then you're jet black so I'm assuming. You were pretty hot stuff when you went back there you wore a little Oliver lawless not really out there who else was if there's a Hollywood's frontal. There everybody everybody had connections to the industry at this schools known as really impressed with my accomplishments. And wrong it was sort of like. One step removed from that situation and there is real towns and people. That blow me away and must collect. This director Brett Morgen did you that you recovered document I didn't yet montage that pretty damn good and it he was in my class amongst my manners. I'm looking at you and I'm thinking he's. The Jack Black movie career. The Oscar nominations I would have given news that the academy forgot to the what would come up that effort I would you know school of rock. Hamas yeah I deserve something that and then against were Richard Franklin for. These rates so what we'll just keep working until that happens all right younger candidates will keep open you get some movies of your own. That meant the most used for five. You look back to what happens things that the ones that I'm most proud of it doesn't have to be pried it can be something that you just. The impact of them was really stronger than other things that you. High fidelity was the first one that really put me on the map that was so fun and scary and and a great experience. And that was Stephen Frears. My favorite director. And school of rock obviously it was a major milestone for me live with Rick linkletter. And not your league grad blast on that. Nets. And yeah. I loved working with Peter Fran and Philip on King Kong. And current fu panda you can't get a panel at the panda but didn't you model your Carlton King Kong on some oh. Yeah a bit. I also played Orson Welles and a little thing I don't know if you are in this thing drunk history it's a pretty it's pretty revealing about who he was as a man. Well I guess you're not gonna do a little Orson Welles and now I'm. I'm not noted impersonating. Really my thing we. You're a father who. How to those boys. My boys deal with having jet black as a dead. Now you can't. It's toxic it's with the but it could hacked into real. Area that Owen has have my boys. RS six and eight years old now bishop accused in super cute Tommy is and it cut out today. And Sam is into. Ipads. And down. Well out solved that cost 1995. I'm good for before are really because before you leave here I'm one odd I have been nickel I can give you back. Look at that damaged property the wallet cousin and would you. He immediately want to eat it. We don't know how much he's in the shape could be 99 to. I don't went after are scared they always say to me 220 it's off last yet it's it's it's not an authority canceled canceled this. But eleventh the fine Corinthian leather and that's Breaux who are that popcorn is that actual and because that it just doesn't have that we get for the sniff test. Camp they can you work to do so using them as a unit of the wallet. It's like. This is final. Act it. We're not talking about my movie at all what about the rest of you do you have an HBO show coming up this year he's called the brink. That's true ST I don't wanna talk too much bad because I know you're rule I have a rule yet heartened that remote one thing and it's you don't wanna go in there it's at. I'm more concerned this narrowing and then all of that who cares about Annie but you're never coming back here because you know. I did I get Margaret I won't be shocked if it I'll bring you more pop would you visit. Peter. Make a note to break I'm going to be in a show in a month. But with the tailoring Robin Roberts who went to school put it in your Google calendar in Bob Roberts but it. Help the scared little bull idea that was in Bob. That's true working with it now that it's pretty cool I think that's cool it's a reunion come full circle. He again. Our while we always end in song as yeah. You look at me being here. I don't know how many times you always surprised me with things that he's athletic and I don't remember anything we've ever sent to each. So don't recall that it I want you know in advance when you want me to elect writes songs and stuff among gonna have to read the right now yes. I would speak in a class. Oh well I would have done I would taking anything but if you won a bright one. Yeah. We're not in the masterpieces are you gonna harmonize with of course. This is going to be at Trenton reading them. Come check out mama let me call DH him. It comes black. Do you and a month I'll tell you about on that. You're not harmonizing and all don't can harmonize with that you read it it's a robot what you are good but it would his vehicle I didn't get that would like. I just wanted one blast of right and wrong O a blast of rock and yet. Robots and give me a minute. Yeah I don't does I don't want to waste this moment I want this to be you wanna hold the popcorn Nunn and another I wanna think about what what rock has really been moving my mind nuggets lately yeah. Well you know felt about that that Kurt Cobain document. And there's a song in there that's not on any of the Nirvana albums. It was like a single that they did for it thing called. It was an album that was a benefit for aids. And it was a song they. And I am used saying it back and and we may eat and rob. Those aren't the lyrics doesn't matter but the feeling was there here I felt. It was good litmus and the band really really. This happened conveyor that yes you are the king. The law let's go that uncomfortably long and my contact. And relates how.

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{"duration":"12:32","description":"Black talks to Peter Travers about his new comedy, \"The D Train,\" and he joins the growing list of actors who can't seem to keep their hands off the prop. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"31073240","title":"Jack Black Destroys the 'Popcorn' Stage Prop ","url":"/Entertainment/video/jack-black-destroys-popcorn-stage-prop-31073240"}