Jedediah Bila Makes Plea to GOP: 'Oppose' Jeff Sessions

"View" co-hosts encourage American voters to make their voices heard.
4:15 | 01/10/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jedediah Bila Makes Plea to GOP: 'Oppose' Jeff Sessions
Like to make a plea actually because this this is going on right now with Jeff Sessions and I'd like to make a plea to Republicans. Two to oppose this choice. This is a man who has opposed criminal justice reform. This is a man who Rand Paul you are out there you know at any 100 Tina's listening you have fought for criminal justice of want what you have young African Americans. For nonviolent offenders who are put in jail it disproportionately affects him for long periods of time they come out they suffer as a result of unemployment economically. People like you and Republican Party who have full on against these measures that had been disproportionately affecting people have caused racial divide our country. Please a pole with someone like this is divisive stand up for what the Republican. John I think. That the Republicans have to be confirmed he needs a 51. Up majority though there are 52 seats Republican seats. In the in the senate so we have power as the American people you can call your senators you can call them and say I do not support. This nomination and if you vote for this person ample apple for you and that will give me real how. Yeah. You find someone who uphold the constitution of the United States and it's not like to take I bet Ron. Yes let's say you can't I don't think confirmed I believe he will be content may become front and let's but but there at the bottom line is when these things come down. It's where we come in as the American people now the woman that you're talking about ban has all of these really kind of different ideas about what school should be to house is you don't believe that. S how your school system should one stand up. You have the right to say we are not gonna follow that scene this is where it's all about us because they don't let whoever. They walk in there but once you make people aware that. This is not how you want your school district this is not how you want Europe police department this is not what you want. Then it's your conscience. And you people can sign take make America great again Malcolm becomes grave when the people. Think that their greatest so many. I think it is that almost every one of these people has something that. That goes against the agency that's supposed to uphold well quite so I'll read it but they can't still have the people still have the minute we say we can't do anything about it we outscored. The minute we say we can people voted for all these Republicans that is cut to drain well that they didn't offer any guide they won't but now I'm whether they vote going to they voted for a lot of judges a lot of senators a lot of everybody to governors and the presidents yeah Republicans so you know. It's not gonna change not all of you don't want in the eye and they mid term elections by the way mostly Democrats are up for reelection so we're not even gonna get it banned. It's a very different things you several when I get I don't believe that would not gonna get exacting the American people. Once things start to see how stuck cutbacks that have well financed well that's what that's when I wanna do I want to say out act president. Isn't and that he's an inch and then. And you don't well we don't happen but we get. When it was an armed. I'm. And power off guard by the bulls not. You know and so today eleven point is that you got. Up and does not you can't ride this one out. This one you hacked this you have to participate about whether you voted for him are not. It's you'll warm wanna be a fat I'm why all of its very reminded that in the sixties and early seventies basically protesters stopped the Vietnam War. NN and colts to the their representatives stops that ridiculous ethics. Committee thing that they were about to step up there is cowardice but yeah where you've got to get out and happy about it and how can you also have. You can't get it out but I don't think people have to jobs and spend jobs they don't have jobs can do anything let me give them the authority to do that so have the power the pontiff and the united Powell were willing to give them data remember.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"\"View\" co-hosts encourage American voters to make their voices heard.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44683027","title":"Jedediah Bila Makes Plea to GOP: 'Oppose' Jeff Sessions","url":"/Entertainment/video/jedediah-bila-makes-plea-gop-oppose-jeff-sessions-44683027"}