Jodie Foster on 'Money Monster,' Directing vs. Acting and Her All New Hollywood Boulevard Star

Two-time Oscar winner Jodie Foster appears on 'Popcorn with Peter Travers' to talk about directing her first big screen thriller and she looks back on her career.
17:53 | 05/13/16

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Transcript for Jodie Foster on 'Money Monster,' Directing vs. Acting and Her All New Hollywood Boulevard Star
Offense and let me know and control that he'd want to Arlington position. Let everybody go. That they go. Hough and head. Over the football. Do you have a cliche. What could be. Years receiver. He shoots it helps the disabled trick. Get out of here right now. Guys. And I. Few say. Action yes I do really would you like I'd let me just say that action. Hi everybody. I'm Peter Travers in this is popcorn where we tell you what is happening at them and today. There's a movie that so happening you don't want to miss it it is called money months. It has been unknowns and it like George Clooney. But. Jodie Foster wanted to give them rates as a director she says won't be in the NFL start matured into the it's okay to do it. So she's gonna tell us about it I can tell you a lot of things about it and suspenseful. That are being funny. But because it's Jodie Foster movie its also about characters viewers grew up. Really end like this at you before this news mean genuine popcorn movie. The first genuine partner and director yet so made that the agency did you sit on one thing to us. Now I mean I think you. Producers and to Becky are on the dean in new beautiful script to read him. That was incredible so we worked together for a couple years Brian new writer Jeanne Linden and we got it right and then suddenly we turnaround said I wonder durst planned mind you this column a piece and yes instantly turn into a buck or any. Whatever that means to us me to me it means that have found that hopefully people love and that they get excited for its fast paced and thriller and all those things that charm movies are but it has a very personal. That does but it also has chases and people with guns. And people running around new York and it looks like you actually shot it there. And that's it built Wall Street in two no no you shut everything in New York City wheat we couldn't we couldn't. You know mess that you can't fake it. So was exhausting. Has it behind wanted to direct. Oh I did directing every through four years of sometimes ano I take ten years but this time I am really committed to directing him. I want to focus on the timing now after all get out there again Adam and await and we get some sleep first. It's nice thing in just a little break between that but explain. Without giving anything away it's housed in the keys. We use will hold. Some guys actually holding. Clooney's character hostage on live television yes he's a young guy who went if it's one stockholder and put all of its money in what. What this. What George when he told him or lead gates is an investor for told us that. And unfortunately tragically lost everything that comes on the show he wants some answers you want somebody town where mine. Holding a gun to somebody's head of some time to catch him an answer. Well he's in rates like a lot of people in America who don't feel that the system is over complicated in the keeping till they can't possibly understand it and he challenges them to get some answers. Jack was here and destroyed our hosts oh he did it he turned the subsidy. Likely me on the head with. All of that made it because he was in that movie called unbreakable and then he wants to break Gifford. Yes that everything should yes it he's a wonderful British actor he's. Almost written unrecognizable in the movie he plays I've queens. With an accent to match yes an act like it's not simply keep from queens now he'll know he does not he is not impossible to understand. Truth. Is it so you went right to a brick. That's all we didn't have it every move. Now we think we hundreds of hundreds and hundreds of auditions and he really the last personality cast actors where he was too young and it was rated troopers. And he gave an audition and just when you weigh in it's that he's. Just to go back to Julie Roberts actor who kind of producing directing and in the control room. She's attacked him very much like I've seen norm for what you're acting in. But the ones that you're directing who looks in control. Like that and in trial. A court she's not. The raid as every one. She is but I will say that she really is a hero in some ways and because she finds out act is able to multitask and does things slightly better in the weeks. She's in Georgia's yours machine together they combined that come here. Well I'm wondering why you yourself are not in. Why did you say to yourself before you call Julia Roberts. At. Well first let's no fine acting directing the same time. I think it's a bad thing I think they should have advisory. I don't you art please do not you both at the same time it's it's really bettered new Orson Welles you shouldn't have been. Eaten apple. Well you get what you want as an act you know you're directing the actor you're directing yourself and you get what you anticipated because we plan but you just get. It gives me surprises. In port and I got so many wonderful surprises with Robert never I think ever dreamed of having one. That comes from your own in securities. I eight as I must which does you know things I could never do and every day that she isn't that I'm grateful and George to you know churches. He's he just brings so much the table and it's a wonderful watching actors be free land bringing to the table everything that they you know happen. So you are you to yourself fearless when you get on that set. Doing your first week of directing money monster completely secure in yourself. No nerves no nothing. Now of course I think you always have to how to help the united the year but hopefully it's a feared that allowed you teen challenge yourself and to make decisions based on instinct not a feared it. Mean you rest on the Hodges of what other people. Mean when it. But nature channels in the right direction and that nervousness is get it's it means that your inspired. You are taking this movie to the tenth yes yes it's. Not your first time that the room yeah. Taxi driver won the Palme d'or at civilly and seen them well. Well you have done yet that you're not attend this but you would if the beaver to. I was their for the beaver for a couple of other movies I've seen it change over the years but how did that first time. Affects thirteen years old man first time tree Xenia and half a movie like that that that really captivated people I think that really became a great classic and decisive movie about an entire generation. I am really proud mean prods and then part of any of this mini vehicles and Asian seventies and greatest time in America tonight. But especially that I think he's sort of heralded new age and thinking of opening Agassi I just announcement very more than but still two movies with scores as the beginning while you're still basically beginning to change. But did you keep the outfits that you want you still have those. Know if I can't win or not it is not and I cried first. Well let's talk a little bit about you though as his director I mean OK we know that two Oscars the keys happens. And then sun lamps happiness is that what people. Recently as the ones in people's opulence street talk about it. Yeah that he's going to win it here in people's memories here it's a great movie it's a movie that worked on an unconscious level people think that they were riddled in ways they didn't understand. Beautiful complicated complex beautiful the and that really well. It was bought little man hate was your first movie as a director. It. With the first thing you did. When I you were again Manning twenty not really I'll tell you the real gorilla is yacht that is that my good friend Bob Allen then wonderful director and actor. Called me up and set I don't know you but I hear you when it you director and I'm part of the DG eight field and you're not. So we you come co direct this television series with me you'll learn everything will you been editing room in casting can entire production. And you'll get your first your first opportunity to direct and television but in fact I'll really do everything. Also it was sort of a code erecting adventure with him just wonderful years later I cast and a little Man Tate McPherson. As banks and what was this tales from the dark tales from the dark side yet but did you really do nothing to slip and I really did nothing idea who. That's almost the felony. Guild card I didn't get regular car because it was important might not be C and they were finally that everybody was fine with that. But I really got to see the process and that was really important for me it's good people and mentoring angrily. Oh will forever be grateful. So what's the difference between you is director back in the room today. In the early nineties as opposed to you just a dictator grows Christine gray hair and that in if I have that. Change quite an effort directing at ways. I was controlling. I want everything to be exactly as planned it and I'd planned everything down and explaining he realized the UK central actors that way. You have to let them be free and that's really what I have learned as the years online become freer and freer and enable new. Trust people more and not do everything myself placement the government hates about a prodigy somebody who has a child doesn't have what we considered normal. And it. I didn't know what do you guess it's the only. Yeah but it's really knocked him and home from the holidays or strikes me about being alien in your own all right that outside. Holly Hunter are down here really the artists are outsiders of the family. And those ignorance on younger with ease and actors. Acting as a well that was a wonderful ensemble incredible ensemble. New and Bancroft house turning them. And in the beaver you have Mel Gibson who as a person who came community except through this puppet with the a yes Rhone on this on I don't like the were quirky. The entry. But those movies of personal. They are personal and they're different meaning definitely come from a different perspective the beaver is in some ways is an allegory. You know people don't usually put fever puppets on their hands and talk through them and I did every instance but it's it's worth it. But I'm so proud of his performance and that it's an extraordinary performance by now and real gift to me that that was odd film it's not a film see every day nears the tone. Oh lead character starts out. Being completely depressed and suicidal and loss and finds his voice when using this weird survival tool. And then by the and the survival tools Killen. You in directing these this is the fourth me yes and again it's a big deal now that you have. So we're too with the. Charlie you've been in the year fifty years of hope as you walk an epic you began you know while in the world so. I can't I started when I was three years old. So it's been an amazing film school really. To be able to look over the shoulders of all the wonderful filmmakers have worked with him. By police received he Alan Parker region line. Intermec guest David Fincher and really the master of so many amazing directors and it really it's really taught me so much. I talk about the acting because back at the 2013 Golden Globes which everybody sees as you're coming out moment because sheet it's easy to control of the stage. I sought more as your moment where you were saying I'm not gonna do this act thinks that some action I'm going to. He. Something else never say never you know I I Natalie whenever leaves him that was three years. I'll even log entry even longer is. Yeah well IA you know I really want to focus that are acting and it's true you can't do the same thing for fifty years and not have some kind of change your life so. I will always acts I'm sure I discovered how often I'll act can imagine daughter quit acting but. But it was in new it's been a new stage for me and it's wonderful being scared a little scared about what the future brings and learning new things and I'm growing and that's been wonderful. Opportunity. So you wouldn't it giving back to two people who are acting who are beginning in this world. Like well you're in panic room with Chris Stanley yes yes. Mr. and Jennifer Bartz was in the Eva yes you yeah so at you can head to hang with these and say here's what you need to do. No I don't a lot of hanging indeed good news is they need no advice from me there's seemed to be doing just fine. 80 come to you know the year not really entail but it's wonderful to them and you look to share you know meal to watch their growth. I just not resistor the other day and soft spot for issues. She was tenure adult rated and mission currently on earth manner I was pregnant at the time. And all it can think about when I was stuck in this. Nine foot by eleven foot rumor however big it was all I can think way you know I wonder if it goes up. And wonderful what you haven't so for the boys are boys. The bulls don't think we'll ever since Stewart it's. But they don't want to be in this business. Oh. I want my old them my older son was seen I think what he's when he enters they're gonna do whatever it is that it is of interest to them of course there's always a lot of movies in our house movies morning thing. But you know buckle up and around. But what about life itself in terms of what's a typical day in the life of Jodie Foster not an actress not a direct not nine acting not directing not working and typical life is really about. You know. Deal in the making it's mostly. Dealing with a dog going to market and then. What I haven't gotten that. I'd accused of these things I'd since I'd I I would would you go I uttered an account however picked an echo. Rescue let it. She's why I don't. No she would like that. Turning Ziggy Ziggy that's a good thing to do that but look so you have the dogs like. Children yes now basically you also have a star. Probably black star on Hollywood's siren that and then went why isolate. Don't know about your two loss at. I grew up about you know fifteen blocks from Hollywood boulevard and we had crossed over here they come to school and it's something that I've know I always want my whole life but I never imagined that way. I just didn't want to get one analysts it had to do with direct. That somehow had been directing something I've always wanted to do it was related gold mine and he could have done it back in 91 the snow they and no I couldn't I couldn't do it as I can only do it as an actor and that I made smaller movies and it wasn't they wouldn't NeuStar for a moment. What do you do with these symbols of your success like your Oscars where art. Mountain seeking lately. And I she'd up elegantly that the and they were in the bathroom for a number of years but certain road on the bottom so I took them out of the bathroom now now they live case right expertise. Art will be shall always ends in song I haven't been here since the beaver so and I can tell you what you did the last time that they anything to say yeah. Oh I don't really. Now I feel releasing. And by what about the bullets. In there's not. Into the boys I think you know icing the good morning song I still seeing the good morning songs into my eighteen year old ice and good morning. Good morning good morning good morning to you that the birds and there. Owners are glad to see you then get up. And they I had one out get up get out of my. Another thing that good or I'm garment. That's it Jodi thank you so thank you really everybody you have to see this this is that the kind of movie that is what they used to call moon beam me. But it will because it's dirty to stark. And then what you'll have to assume mr. And.

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{"duration":"17:53","description":"Two-time Oscar winner Jodie Foster appears on 'Popcorn with Peter Travers' to talk about directing her first big screen thriller and she looks back on her career. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39095551","title":"Jodie Foster on 'Money Monster,' Directing vs. Acting and Her All New Hollywood Boulevard Star","url":"/Entertainment/video/jodie-foster-money-monster-directing-acting-hollywood-boulevard-39095551"}