Kanye West Unveils New Fashion Collection

The rapper revealed his new line "Yeezy Season Two" at a New York Fashion Week show.
3:02 | 09/17/15

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Transcript for Kanye West Unveils New Fashion Collection
OK it's getting time first up this morning tiny aced second collection debuting it shouldn't. And of course it's called. Easy season to. And it. What it features a lot of ten and nude colored outfits with some black thrown in. The zombie like models came out in rose moving information. Sometimes directed by drill sergeant but they also marched to the new song. That the record debut called I feel it. I looked tan and black it's great color combination all they blisters were there can and has her sister's daughter north. Folks Anna wintour at worse also in the front row suppliers Michael Strahan Drake award and lots more. OK so if you're not an A list for the show was also streamed to theaters around the world in the end and he seemed. To like how it all went down will be think I think it looks great slipped would you Wear down I would Aaron I would I would weird I'm Michelle I would really good about. Okay next got. Fifth if you're right that Woodward if I was gonna be cast for Walking Dead hustling. All. All right so look is setting up shop in Vegas Lional Richie. The latest performer to sign on to an extended. Residency he's gonna take the stage at axis at planet Hollywood and the show will be called Lional Richie all the hits and of course. Including a miss insomniac favorites. I. Ritchie showed it was started so next April but tickets go on sale tomorrow. And that might have a video links we sold. Keeping kids knowing the classic it's not holes it's an intake is his vintage vinyl and it's my favorite line Richards hello. It's as you are we any different if they fall. I can see an end here sounds like very Donald Trump that's probably don't trump six every day up. All right Jamie Lee Curtis plays a college dean in any TV series that's called scream queens it's. Comedy horror show about the sorority where a victim dies every week and Curtis is of course you know the daughter of a legendary actress Janet Leigh. Who can forget for short shower scene in Hitchcock's. Psycho that got the scream queens producers thinking they even created a team of Jamie Lee in the role. And they're leaving and into its special episode of the show Jamie Lee answer grabbed the still from the sequence adding hash tag honored dyed mother that's got to. I think that's pretty good they talk about Energizer bunnies are Rolling Stones have a new album in the works guitarist Keith Richards says some bad met in London and made. Definite plan. So it will be the stones' first album of new material since 2005 they just finished a fifty show tour in July keep says. They'll head into the studio after the South America and in February at forty experience someone you know.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"The rapper revealed his new line \"Yeezy Season Two\" at a New York Fashion Week show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"33826529","title":"Kanye West Unveils New Fashion Collection","url":"/Entertainment/video/kanye-west-unveils-fashion-collection-33826529"}