Kelsea Ballerini talks CMT Music Awards

Kelsea Ballerini talks about performing her nominated song, "Miss Me More," at Wednesday's CMT Music Awards in Nashville.
1:13 | 06/05/19

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Transcript for Kelsea Ballerini talks CMT Music Awards
UT isn't the kickoff of seemingly and I know for me like I I went to see me get the fan ends. With the stadium lights that a in the nose bleed them and watch that show every night so I think it's really exciting week for us as artists have been able to kind of how about one on one that are actually went. The band and saving you in does get up close and personal everyone to be nominated twice for this particular music we have our. It's extra special I wrote this treatment. Hands I think that was seen during to make light. It's really just about it for me kind of gives a different perspective earlier it's not really about. Fighting for this person it really gets funny yourself and it's. I think it's really important message not even just for girls that we're having Atlanta realize that like your Ali's. We're fighting reported sounds really cheesy but it's really that you and I that it needs to hear that so I'm really proud not and in particularly at this. I ask you this seems he's in a hit song that was very strict it was very casual. And so this year we got a battery back up so it'll be it. Glittery. And maybe there's. Glittery fire situation I don't know.

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{"duration":"1:13","description":"Kelsea Ballerini talks about performing her nominated song, \"Miss Me More,\" at Wednesday's CMT Music Awards in Nashville.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"63505528","title":"Kelsea Ballerini talks CMT Music Awards","url":"/Entertainment/video/kelsea-ballerini-talks-cmt-music-awards-63505528"}