Lecrae talks about 'I'll Find You,' new album and the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

The rapper, a Houston native, finds "hope in the chaos."
16:55 | 08/30/17

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Transcript for Lecrae talks about 'I'll Find You,' new album and the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
Hello everyone and welcome to ABC radio we have another great interview today with the one and only look Craig Parry today with great wonderful thank you for having me actually and thanks for sacking but I really of course you. If you think you and we have a lot to cover today on we have the wolf first of all congratulations it's a lot of exciting things. On the height free you your new album coming out scene and you're to war and then also your single. You know that you have out right now it's Ray Kelly soul yeah we'll just jump right insecure kid sure. But once again efforts backing by ice still I want to first start this off with your. I need is not other albums in the past obviously but now you have your first album with Columbia records right that's about to drop its call all things work together they're I love the title of the album first ball and I'm just wondering what inspired it and what the title actually. He is. Is a lot of layers to it I think you know there's. The bigger picture I think that's want him regardless of your background or beliefs I think everyone can relate to the idea that. He you know. If what if I'd take a bunch of different elements that may be looked upon as negative. They can they can turn to become something positive and so you can take pro athlete who left the practice all the time and as painful and his her full blooded Indians up. You know. Working out. For the best and the well like this speak about it is a violent stick of butter fat some flour fats and sugar. And if I gave you those things individually are raw eggs you be like gross but when I mix them all up. And refine them under heat they come out as something wonderful something tasty and something great. And so our tears are paying our struggles are our hearts they all work together to refine listen to make this into that the people that we are created to be and so that's the you know I think that's the most general component of it and I think that's what I want of people walkways by. And it comes out September comes out that some sick here. It's more that your gear up for a few talking there are no absolutely low performing animal performer through and through. As so any chance I get to get on the stage and perform. Means a lot to me I don't dislike war combat for the most days recite lyrics are really want people -- felt like man. I just I Gama money's worth went to see something incredible is so tour starts October 4. Which travel in a whole nation in endless and international dates as well as so. Definitely you can go to my website McRae dot com is Ellie EC REE dot com. Find out all the information about the tour and Tom in new some cool stuff some from surprise guess we'll show locals who is well and so you never know which you'll see. Oh. For actually I. Expect his never CU incident. Mama I liken it to. Kind of the actual experience and away you know because which you experience in me is. A great music of course boy and then there's this elements that take you so on an emotional roller coaster but you walk away Philly and mesmerized like this is great. You know is is is when you go see a great. Clay or agree kind of you know V you one you wanna fill all those emotions you know illegal watch the Super Bowl game. You don't want your team just demolish seventeen you want that like butterflies in the stomach where law while Augusta games close that's what you want. And so that's kind of how I structure ma ma a lot of variances for people to disable my guys was happening was going on in this is great. Axle and any speaking of butterflies in your stomach has to you. Bring up the track the you have right now it's called I'll find you with Tori Kelly Wright is also another amazing artist and I remember when I first heard the song and I mean it's so inspirational that has such a great message and then you also have to music video. Which it is well which is also very very touching yes if you don't mind first ball talking about the scheme behind the song I'll find you. The lyrics and what exactly UN's warrior talking about within. Yeah I mean again that song is another multi layer of song as well I think. In the most general sense Omaha finds uses song of inspiration we were there. Wanting to inspire our loved ones you know my DJ DJ official was the first person some came to mind whose battling cancer. And enough Frankie had a relative also battling cancer the producer of the song. Com and so that was the initial mine says for the song and it Torre and you know weird that's like my little sister. Now we we we share common views faith in just all kinds a different. Elements is some great friends and we worked about on about four different songs. And Nam this wonders won the made the most sense made the most sense and we thought it had the most potential impact people's that we. We don't put up. And for those who haven't seen the music video it features of course yourself and Torre here along when his children who are battling cancer right and I know that music video when you release date you also. Released your website for the campaign we've seen Jude's Children's Hospital right any aggressive breeze a lot of money so pharmacists and tax it congrats on that they cannot if you aren't talking about the campaign as well for those that might be interested in making Indonesians who. Yeah the campaign is it he goes to supporting. You know children as saint Jude. But you know it it's specific to this song hinges you know for. You know proceeds of our our touring goals for the children missing Judah so we just wanted that the music. To be more than just you know song Wii console and when it's go toward something. A greater any Wii needs didn't swan inspire people with a song wanted to inspire real life people. With hands and feet and include real dollars behind. Was happening so I know some of the queues in that video if you get a chance to see the video is phenomenal. Amen and this cameos from kids at saint Jude in that they were really excited to be appointed as well. And it's just say it's a lovely lovely thing and I'm really glad we got to take part and thank you to saint Jude thank you for everybody support and don't. Oh yeah it's it's it's it's the saint Jude dot com back slash I'll fight you. Street which. But that's some people. Speaking support. You are used the end. Of us watching news. Deed to her party. The displaced people. Leaf. Just hold the seat. On action news. To us yes it's Houston. Its lakes. Fire. Yeah. Probably the vast majority of my family is in Houston in Texas and Nam. And so for me I think seen what was going on it was more than just kind of a national. Catastrophe it was a personal one. And that the first thing I wanted to do I know some fans aren't you say anything else like because I'm checking on real people you know and I mean. The first thing I wanna do is check Omar real family members and make sure that they were okay. Arm all of them fine I had I had did have some relatives who needed to be rescued arm but they ended a Villa rescue which was great. But I mean just the videos and that that the pitches that they would sending me I mean it it was just. Like nothing you've ever seen before me cages is you can imagine. You know sitting in the living room and there's there's water up to unique caps you know and I mean. Arm your habits have taken axed. You or your rooftop. You know what I mean to kind of key. Up there in outside sit on your roof you know as these types of circumstances and so so it it really paying me to see. People have to go through that and see what's going on even consistently but it also really inspired and encouraged me to see how people came together. And I mean man you will eat it just blows your mind to see how people can rally together. Five resource is people pull an Al both his jet skis or are these like recreational beings. People use and on to save lives and to distribute food and Sosa is beautiful to see people pull together and and and me and I think we'll make it through the acts. Yeah. Yeah I have a lot of of good friends who are already you know there waiting for me kind of like hey we will move in. He that a slowing you can get down here from obviously airports a showdown is so. You know some people have been kind of driving in his closest they came and dragon boats and impala happen in a boat in moving in through that way so. I got a lot of different people say let us know how you wanna do it will figure it out so. You know that's definitely my attention is it is you know serving anywhere Campbell while I'm here. You know I'm spread the word come armed giving people options to donate. I'm donating size wanna be living breathing example of how that can you know you commit to change where you'll. Absolutely getting any Arab music it's built on fee it's built on inspiring others named in making a difference and just from your background everything you've been through to get to displaying its truly amazing to see how much you've grown as an artist and and what you done with your music to help others. I'm just wondering expert those that. Would love to being your issues just in order to be recording artists are to get into music industry what advice he would have for them especially for those that. Mean not understand the business and may not understand just to inner workings what you would tell them. Yeah I think there's a lot of layers are components I think. One is. You know I always tell people who duo for the outcome nothing income you know because. You'll you'll have more satisfaction in in making music that resonates with people that inspires people day. Just allows people to say man misses this is so good I needed the song. And I think you know if you do something that you love in your passion about and you you hone your craft. Arm. You know people want that from you and and you'll have to worry about how you provide you know financially if if you really start owning your craft. Humbug but then it is a business and a lot of people think that. The music industry is just kind of like a place for where creative she is gathered and they don't have to do any work it's a lot of work it's a lot of you know studying in. It's a business so the more you know about the business itself. The better off you'll be in you won't feel disenfranchised disenchanted by. You know all the things that happened because you understand why they have it and what has that. Week. Tickets. For support rapper true artist. Sometimes signified with the Christian evil yes. I'm talking about that is well because you know people at this perception Christian music you can't even top coffee in each. Also. Relief. Christian. Right yes it is seen. As. I think that inched a thing about arts and music is is is such a reflection of culture and I think. A lot of times the faith based groups have kind of subcultures of their own. And so people expects that somebody from one of those particular groups. You know Cottam brings that culture with him and I think on. I wanna create culture you know I don't want to necessarily just be sitting on the outside ordered you know kind of in some kind of incubator. Just you know generic. As a Christian I don't want to just come off is that you know whatever the generic. Stereotypes people have a Christians are. I want people to experience me as an individually recognized my complexity in and see how I navigate life obviously through the lens of faith but. A more on human and we're all navigating through the perils of humanity. And we all have different ways of of dealing with that and I have my way and I'm an am I love sharing about how I'm navigating. And of course my faith informs that bush. You know. Kirk Franklin I am not if you hunt I mean and I have a lot of respect for him. But I think it's possible to love god and create music that does in this city have to fit into. A a faith based genre so to speak and now. Yet but I obviously on the flip side you never gonna hear me. Massage and as women in my lyrics inevitably hear me glorify drugs you know mother excess is not what and and and it's not what I want and represented either. Absolutely believe that. I've been following this and I wanted to bring this question up to users were talking about christianity in eight. And I don't know if you've been following the whole tool Goldstein Clinton controversy. And I don't you know I don't have too much about trying to keep up with as much as I can't you but I do. Look at his broadcasting. And you know with everything happening with. Not being able to for spraying victims into the church and then. All of these back and forth things I know your thoughts on that and when you first about the controversy itself. He. I do like to believe the best about people so I like to believe the best about folks. And believe that there are reasons I mean me being in a public figure I can see how there's miss. Can can misperceptions about the the things I do or don't do also like to believe the best com. I do I don't know why there would be a hesitation to open the doors of the church so that's that that's where I met personally. I don't know why they're being hesitation especially in and catastrophe you know such as hurricane Harvey. I do know there are open now so I think it's a matter of saying -- but there. You know the people who were struggling. You know yesterday are not struggling today because those doors are opening in I think we need to just look at. They hear in the now and column and be grateful that you know people have a place to live tonight. Single. For east. Works. Yeah I mean we're obviously very excited about how you know I'll find Jews is is that. Perform and out there now people are gravitating today and so that's been a really. Gray booster were again were cited at the album's coming out September 22. And yet there's so many great saws and you know just solvable Columbia. We have a great problem that is there's a lot of solves the choose from as far as this includes the senator. So a hasn't been a matter of do we have one it's been a matter of which one and is next and I think we're narrowing it down I think we've kind of when narrowing it down and figure that out but it definitely more new music on the way. This question because this was morally equal for me years on time yeah. It's on it and it was it was kind of inspired. Sure as. He has the MC hammer we talked in. It we have issued a video from assigned to have a definitely has all of these welcome. To come and danced in cameo style like. He's more than welcome but he's a great inspiration on some money and I'm glad to know. A lot of artists don't have. Mentors and leaders you know especially hip hop they can look up to who have you know come down a lot of things and you know obviously MC Hammer's. In in inspire people you know in. You know he had a song that's why we pray that was beat a long time ago and it. Prince actually let him use because prince was also pay passion about his faith as well so is it's cool to just be able to connect with allegedly. Newman is equal to see Housley C occurring at the interleague. And I just wanted to ax the last question if you could just tell fans and viewers watching out when the tourists aren't you on any better from such missiles and media and the like. Yet again numb all things work together that album. It. If you is September 20 seconds when it debuts if you. One militant is hoping the chaos please this album is for you to inspire you to believe that this opening cas maybe Cassie is an upcoming to a city near you. From you know New York to LA I will be there or around the globe. So make sure you check out McRae dot com to a starts October 4. Check out the crate outcome LE COR a unlike anything you've ever seen I promise you that I can promise shoot it will be unlike anything you've ever sings so appreciates our offer support. Appreciate you for coming by this was fantastic and it's so great to meet you and congrats and good luck on everything thank you so much got a blossomed and welcoming think everyone for watching.

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