'Live from the Couch' with band The Alternate Routes

Band members describe their rootsy style of music and perform songs from their latest tour.
26:30 | 11/03/17

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Transcript for 'Live from the Couch' with band The Alternate Routes
Hey everybody I'm on the Nevada side and live in new York and they've. Is alive from apartments with us today with that the folks from alternate routes here. His hair and an air act joining us live in this city thanks so much for being gay thank you so much in easing us into our weekend with a beautiful music yeah thank you. Well this is the cap session so we're we're gonna go there. You act the way we're going there now while the you have a couple of he's single you're gonna share with Matthew restaurant tour now wanna talk about that but let's get to know each other a little that he didn't together for quite some time right since 2005. Coming up the band for speaking. I'm Eric at school and down we had. We have a lot of comments musically we didn't necessarily know that until the summer after that first year but. If this was a I don't know is fast friendship I think many have certain things in common and you you both ambitious and already you're own music and adding to that. Narrative. It was just finally got started quickly and that ever the early songs that we wrote where the grinning and exciting to both of us. What would that early music like what what what was it brought together. I would say it's all that different. To me honest I think. You know we want to put forth you know something. That reminded us of the music that we love you know keep saying week air rid of their fifth. You can see. No but it's and it's been a lot of fun you know I I've always been. It a guitar player in training and I think Eric so is aspire to meet a singer we cannot. You know play off each other's strengths that way borrowed my necessary. And you added people to the next this alien growing Internet and re out of that evolution happen. Women playing with canned for I don't know five years. That made a couple records together it's a five piece band only travel sometimes six sometimes seven depending and and it's great I like the thing to music's flexible that way you'll see we're we're gonna place today is a little different and we knew that the show. But the sound kind of can be flexible island that's a good sign and it's totally a family vibe there we've we've really got the the knicks down and inspires the people that we're playing with everybody. Everybody missed put their best foot forward to saying they'll get along well. And we need to mildew that when you're in close quarters we have been. Can always say that right but he wouldn't have been together for really long time yeah yeah well how to keep that it's difficult case challenging credit you guys see what's the first hunger. I'm a little bit about it. Well this is a son who was our first single a we put up this summer school and nets self produced we hired our drummer curtains are really towns against studio we want to track hand that. And does the song aircrew called safe haven. Nettleton with the way things. Whom. And and no sound like he used salesmen. Time. I'm on the Vegas sands the flag. Paying all. Six if I none between mean this guy. And Maggie. And. Yeah. And that don't two oh yeah. Planned us. News sing. Six. Statement. Manage and got to end. Young me. Oh no. Me. Arson hands. Or. You need eyes and means and we. Eat. It. This apartment. Thing. Ms. Graham news he. He says I am seeing me tea. Green com. Don't know. East. And England's. Seeing. A process. It is not is paying. He has yeah. And. Pain then. Me. See. Me Charles. And and then. Who cares of the maintenance. I was say. News and. Yeah than. Okay so heinous. Hey Don how we. And on C let us. Annan me. Age and. And a yeah. God is. Yeah ENN. And. I mean a. Don't these. When you see. Pain. How. Okay. Or. Morals games. Yeah. Let's say. Yeah. The. We live from the couch here on this Friday with alternate route thank you so much about them with beautiful thing you've been you know one of the things I've noticed about significantly and ask you about it there's such. Give aid. Story telling in all of though there execute you're telling people a Linear tale and in some ways that really like vividly really intimately. We're come from where it all those stories come from it they've. From your personal lives things you're seeing. He very much so. Jumpin. Yeah I think that song in particular. And it is very much based on unreal life. Getting in general. You know in some way shape or form Euro restraining about your real life whether or not it's your actual lifers you just kind of switching it off on to a character. And and some inaccurate writers are guys that are able to. To tell stories in you know they're not necessarily about themselves but they are about themselves and you know I think it went way shape or form. You know you're always writing about yourself. That song in particular area was pretty literal one you know kind of coming home from. A trip for a tour and you know sitting down. You know kind of you're trying to figure out what to do next and I think you know. Yeah I think that that the sentiment and that's only people relate to is you know you do something and then you've got to kind of pick up the pieces and do it again and you know you have to. You know sit down with somebody and say all right we're gonna try this now and that can be both an exhilarating broad but it terrifying time so obvious you know just trying to trying to capture that and you know for that particular song tried to use kind of my own. Situation as a backdrop put on. But thank you for saying that I appreciate that. Well you cousins also talked about how. You pull from the things happening in the world around you right I mean you try. To some degree to be socially conscious in some of the things that you're writing about and singing about and putting out into the world where does that impulse come from. Well I think. That after an a couple of years each I had a number of different things lives in HIV. It saying more dramatic more. Flashy or something like that but I think for us I think the music that we dances that sustained us. Has been. Sort of that lane where you know it's. I don't know its its existential I guess that's. That. And unnecessarily large words but. I know. In music that we feel the most is the music are our fans in the most and that we're most proud to play and after a certain point in time he you get to or you're really doing it if you look to you have to win. And. But this at this thing about it renting music could just be about escapist than they could just be about making people feel good and it and you music does all that too but. You sell about things like gun violence you've talked about things that. People are really grappling with in the real world like it that important to you to incorporate into the music. I'm I would city very much so. I would save you're you're referring to a specific song a song cult somewhere. In America. That tells again a very very personal story of a true story. And it's you know I think the decision does that sound took a very long time to write its a terrifying thing to kind of like put out into the world. And to share with people but you know I wasn't to terrifying. It's well it's hard because it was personal it was a personal story. It's such a divisive topic and it's such you know it's it's one thing to have an opinion but it's another thing to. You know to tape to turn shared and then tape to open yourself up to all of that and I think. Candidate tipping point for me of wanting to kind of have that conversation and let that dialogue coming to our music came into what we do is. You know. You just realize. You know Europe participated in August stands you know you know you know from for many years you know. I may have felt like a victim or my family was a victim of something. And over time I stopped feeling that way and I you know I started realizing you know. We're all connected in the Ural can't figure you're participating him you know trying to use your voice stood. To you know at least tell your story. Is important and I think that we've released historical nothing more 45 years ago and it's a song about. About exactly back it's it's a much. Happier had signed an uplifting song I'm but the promise is the same it's that you know if you truly believe that you know we're all connected and that we're all. You know in this together and out you know all of our fates are intertwined. And that's you know the human condition and things you know you kind of have to you have to represented and all you do its rhetoric that was like a pivotal moment for us has abandoned. And me as a person I'm putting that particular song and if you're not open the door to be able to really. Share your experience for for what you hope is. Is is is a good thing. I mean these are all intensely personal things you're pulling for them right at you. Turn them into music and into something people can relate to. At the same time you mentioned that was a divisive topic there are a lot of divisive topics at their right now yeah and they wonder if you feel any offensive. Responsibility. If that's the right worried it didn't in the idea that artists can be change makers right that they can kick off conversations. Or change people's minds. With the power of the way they present something do you ever feel that way to some degree that that's how your participating. Well you know let safe haven is an and small children and a Dutch. It's a little bit about accountability to you know think the conversation we're choosing to have does incorporate those things that are. Really in the forefront right now. And it's a divided country right now eyes and united world and and we're not trying to keep it that way you know they are accountable to your little ones and to the people that you share of the world with them. I'm really proud of that has to be in the conversation you know bring that to me swinging a hammer about it. And like it's this way this is the right way but just a conversation about it I think. Music can soften things in a way that alas that conversation hopefully happen easier. I hope. In the beautifully packaged. Easy to listen to an accident that way how about another thoughtful witty that yeah but he isn't our. Go up the cup verticalization probably play. Somewhere in America yeah yeah and passionate. Ever in trouble if we changed the the order of songs. I mean not Whitney 88. I think I'm here. Brian. OK let's go for things in business not this is not on the sentence. And. Pain and not sauces. And he was the wasn't gonna. Tennessee June. These brands. Oh. And there is and snow and it means. This matter is. Ounce this thing. Yeah. And I'm lasted. There was saying she needs. You and me. Passes. Yeah. Is I. It's yeah. Angry news. This name. So you. Some land and man yeah. It's about to name was. And and he may have longtime own things and there are. Easy daddy in hand gun on his own. Maybe this. Here. Then I'll see you can't. It is I. Very serious. It's there is broken yeah. Saying he. Yeah in fact it's. Are you can fantasy. Saying. Yeah. Passes. Name. Nothing. And then you. It's gone it's not next day. Man saying news. Joseph Davidson to James. Some land man to man. The U. Sebastian to me. How our aunt. This soon own the follow the lose and she can't saying. Just speak foe to. The EUS then can. I got a son. Now. When I think you leno's ten happened you. That's zoo down and home. Things. Then town and yeah. He snapped trees and its CE game. None deal Jones. Mean. Zone land. Or. I asked him. The bag you know. That's hanging. Non it is time. Time was there. Somewhere. In command. Anderson back to being. Someone an unmanned coon. We -- live from the couch alternate routes is here with us on this Friday you guys are touring now. Tell me about that where can folks at their catch you where you had and. Well planned tonight who complain of a plus some rouge tonight. And New York City and that's in the agreed Chopra. And including your Clough. We have. We have come out we're going to be in Annapolis Maryland on November 11 we're going to be in Philadelphia the world cafe in November 30. I mean Pauling New York on December 7 Fairfield Connecticut December 89 and in Boston. December 21. And and then we actually have another round of shows that we just announced. Where their friends red wanting blue starting. In the village December I believe we're doing the midwest that we're doing Indianapolis and Cincinnati. Evanston in an all day. Pittsburgh's habits on what's that ultimately I think that is an impressive memory and hit got a it that's what I do you all there. So anyway that's that's my new infomercial. And it's on the alternate routes dot com. The torch itself. And that's it took to go learn more by your music too easy way to get the new signals to ten curious. After all these. Any different. To that was back in 2000 Tibetan fixer early hit into dollars at him. I was saying leaner and meaner accepts no brainer it's I considered it. If it I think. I think he has people dialed in right and use at least in my case that confront some of your own. Personal baggage even bringing through the scenario where eighty. Everybody it's a is where their personal space. Company and in passage which we traveling you're tired yeah and you know you're trying to Keeneland is like nerves and things that site. If you gotta be with people you trust my nose and people who kind of know things about euthanize you forget. And I think we've done that you know the confessional yeah. I don't let me get out. We understand each other and different level now for a long enough period of time where. Those vibrations as as loud and busy suspect K okay Emmons got their moment it's destiny damage if you let it come and go and but. I think NT banks to right could not everybody works there that's things sometimes those are the things that will not stressful intense environment. Keep people from moving on together Bryant yeah. It's a rollercoaster I mean we've we play for thousands of people we've played for hundreds of people we play for less than hundreds of people. Ever went yeah. But we do that together and to. I'm I'm proud think it's it's eleven bunches of people that we play with every night and room where are headed in the same direction for the same reasons and the music keeps us Aniston. Sohn is the you know transportation in the air conditioning brakes and can and you have yet yet. It is a story behind that yeah you'll get into you right now but you got any singles out right now what is next what should people look out for in the future from. Well we have we have music. In the works it would. We usually dinner we person goes out this summer and infant alive record out just before went on this tour and I'm not totally sure the answer to that is but I know. Though and I can stop working when act must step traveling and there's plenty of music. That's that's in the Q yes. On them you know thank you for bringing here for us today for our audience out there it's been an excellent way to kick out the weekend and you're gonna leave us with one more song yes -- what do you think forthcoming about it. Good question you that you know that it can be mania particular thing candidly. Yes. And that turns our New Yorkers are wearing a disparity that. Well I would say I am. That pressure. That's got to be. Just. What everything in. Organizing stronger in the strong second currently we released this summer. Artists are produced and. Thanks man. Thank you so much for being here alternate routes take a lack. The men. What did out of do. What did NASA T who. Been playing now. The nation and you. Ms. Mariano. The phone you green. Showed me on a city keeps its sting and. We use a answer the town an album of snow. And I am. Currently sit in the and me. Mountain using tax. Things. On our community. You show me only seen. Them. I think. Eight is today. And me team. Science. Out of it's. It's time magazine's. He. Argue it's time now that. Stone. Soon. Him. I. Its own. Andrew two. Greig is paying me. And then. It's and okay. This game you. Evening. And oh yeah. And hanging. News.

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