Meagan Good Talks New Book, 'The Wait'

ABC News' Sabina Ghebremedhin talks to the actress at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards.
4:42 | 02/26/16

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Transcript for Meagan Good Talks New Book, 'The Wait'
Email at ABC news alert here and black women like to rally. Actually it's that black women in Hollywood that we actually in every child that aren't. Actually I had let him eating many many years that that means. Big snow. They vary quite quiet and let him. It's important because in as a as an entertainer in this industry it is really hard to beat a woman in general. This incident black. And opportunities. In the past have been far and few between and I think now we're kind of equipment you know line of living things and things really changing but. It's an incredible event because it acknowledges that and it brings them together and encourages and support each other Lebanese and other acknowledged. But the people have achieved in inches it's incredible and the commitment to being part. And presenting this afternoon and explaining. That and long time and it's hard you know you've got it. And so an event like this can help you blurted out you're mingling with all the it's community it's community to support each other in that way it's. Every time I come here admittedly do and that has its top members give their testimony. And noble intention is really just to bring them together and snowy weather and how much we have in common how we're on the same exact journey how these. Group all of us how you know that this thing we can do as recently that it be all the way. And that's Chris Rock actually management at the Alex box is on black Sunday evening. Where we might work black. Ali incredible people are coming to add I know Sunday. Oscar satellite nuts in the topping everybody's mind. I'm black and patiently and I think. In history the only thing that I have exchanged or shifted because a conversation. An aggressive conversation started yeah like being at about authored it. That happened. I asked that they did you know it's it's not so much Oscars so light. As much as it is you know how that is right and that you know has an argument today as an infrastructure. It's that it's need work like that it is. Evil and that executives we eat where people on the diversity and directed against it people who are in position to advocate. They're making it legally you know. Well it's kind of guy. It's open every so. It's. Not an end. Mosque aren't what a year it's not that young mom. Up on eaten as well on. You know I'm Indian exit. And that's where my focus. I want. Affected adults and a that this generation. And I want to encourage. Women in and it just an advantage. Just 111000. Where the treatment and where the whatever got past but. Getting. And while I do it in think it's important conversation I ask somebody that he added tactical teams you. You know I think reality to be doing everything we can't be epic. Across the way. But if all the leaks I. And it is about you know. I didn't like that you love and attention that you like and what we did is talked a lot about how in the waiting period. Whatever is meeting but rather it's weird thing rather than loving. And now that times have built a didn't really understand what we are beginning. Against him that time is little preparation time about every lead wherever it is that we line and and it's not about sitting back waiting. Preparing yeah. Yes it's it's about government out and it's not a lot about how we practice Seles seeded when he got married and how that really stick to. And our lives because we've definitely and let them be isn't isn't valid economic and right things but it was based on EB. Learning each other and it intimately mostly spiritually. It is yeah like changing resolutely to share with others. Here all of Himalaya nightmare. You don't need it coming up we're here with me in the they actress in Hollywood actor can't sense Blackmon and I'll Atlantic. City and ABC news.

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{"id":37232968,"title":"Meagan Good Talks New Book, 'The Wait'","duration":"4:42","description":"ABC News' Sabina Ghebremedhin talks to the actress at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards.","url":"/Entertainment/video/meagan-good-talks-book-wait-37232968","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}